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Dec 062011


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Light Side or Dark Side?

by Maer

Well, the NDA is lifted, a zillion people played the mega-beta weekend and we can now make informed decisions on what we plan to do with our characters at launch.

We chatted about Empire versus Republic a couple weeks ago and why we were choosing our particular factions.  I’m going to play my main on the Empire side, but that doesn’t mean I need to be completely Dark Side in my decision choices.   Since we actually get the option to choose our course of action, our choices will be reflected as points for either Light or Dark Side.

I’ll probably make a few Dark Side choices, but I’m seriously considering going Light Side for my main.  I love contrast in my characters and the thought of having a “good” Sith intrigues me.

Of course, I didn’t get far enough to know exactly how that would play out through the higher levels.  And the temptation to chuck someone out an airlock may prove to be too much to resist.  I may be seduced by those Dark Side cookies since I’m totally convinced ours are better than those old Republic cookies – which I suspect are made with dirt.

Another thing I’m curious about is how my character will look with the Dark Side choices I make.  Since I’m a Sith Pureblood, I already have cool eyes.  I’m not so sure I want my beautiful girl’s face marred, though.  Yes, yes, I realize I’m being vain and I’m ok with that.  I like my characters to be beautiful.  So, if I end up getting completely seduced by the Dark Side, I’ll probably turn the option off that shows the Dark Side corruption.

Which, of course, is another possibility – stay beautiful, but very, very, very evil.  So many choices and the days and hours and minutes are ticking by, so I know I need to make that final decision sooner rather than later.

One thing I noticed, was how my decisions affected my companion’s affection for me.  I suspect I’m going to be buying lots of presents because playing to please my companion is not my style.  I’ll play to please myself and hopefully make enough money to buy enough presents so my companions don’t rise up against me.

No matter which way I go, I’m going to have a blast doing it.  Probably literally.

OK, your turn.  Are you going Light, Dark, or Grey?


  7 Responses to “My Two Credits: Light or Dark Side?”

  1. I am going to make choices as they come and see where it takes me. If I end up uglier than I expected, I will leave the option turned on. I think that will be part of the fun for me, to see the visual effects of the choices I have made.

  2. So, so was headed to the Dark Side. I enjoyed it far more than the Republic side, but then, BioWare trashed my hopes and dreams and I did not get an invite to the last beta. Not the wisest of marketing moves, as many who got a taste were denied further. It would have been so much more respectful to allow all who had beta experience in the game to enter the last day…I felt the emporer’s pathetic laughter as it haunted me each time I tried to log in all weekend hoping to somehow slip past the system, only to be denied.

    My pathetic whine aside, the game has potential for a long love affair. I am just angry with Bioware now, so…I will have to search my feelings in the force, channel my rage and see if I can get a lightsaber in Hello Kitty.

  3. Well, in an attempt to make my path slightly less clear and avoid the temptation to choose something just ’cause it’d be a light side or dark side choice, I actually turned the ‘show the light side/dark side icon’ option (I’m not really sure what the checkbox says, exactly) off on my interface and have been making choices depending on the persona that I have come to associate with each of my characters.

    So, on my Sage, who I ended up playing as highly empathetic, paragon of the Jedi, I went almost completely lightside. This will probably be the route I go with my ‘main’ come December. 15th With alts, though, I will probably head more into grayish, or darkish paths.

    I must admit that the ‘mwahah, I’m evil, now die’ playstyle option when it comes to Sith characters is the least appealing to me, and not something I can keep up for very long, so straight, all dark side is not something I’ll be likely to play, ever.

  4. Dark, my bounty hunter is going as dark as possible…I have always played good and in this I want to go evil

  5. I will be playing Republic at launch, and during the last beta weekend I tried the dark options for a Jedi Knight – and I felt like I was being such an eejit, it was really uncomfortable! I know I’ll be going light side!

  6. Nice read 🙂 <<– My review 🙂

    I plan on going dark I am all about the power of the sith and making anyone that is below me ( which is everyone ) to pay for being in my way as I rise to power to destroy the republic and bring order to the universe.

  7. Sith viewpoint isn’t all about “mwahah, I’m evil, now die.” It’s more about the stronger should dominate the weaker. If you’re not stronger, you need a) to make yourself useful, b) a patron, c) hope to escape notce, or d) some combin.ation of the above.

    For those familiar with the old AD*D alignments, Sith is Lawful Evil rather than Chatic Evil.

    There is a method behind the madness.

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