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Dec 072011

Star Wars: The Old Republic has announced a change in the start of Early Game Access! Early Access will begin two days earlier than previously announced. The complete details can be found here: SWTOR Updated FAQ and Preload Info.

Of note: There is NO GRACE PERIOD. While the news for Early Access is beyond exciting, it is tempered with that news. So, what does this mean? Those who bought hard copies (Collector’s Editions, as well as Standard Editions) will not be able to play once Early Access closes down, until they receive their games and input their game codes. One can only hope that this gets changed and a grace period of some type will allow those gamers to continue playing.

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  8 Responses to “HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!!”

  1. They can keep their extra two days of headstart, what I want is a 2 day grace period. Even with overnight shipping I won’t get my copy from Amazon until 12/22.

  2. I agree with you Xerus I even upgraded my amazon to prime and they are still not giving me the option for release day delivery.

  3. Yes, my excitement about the extra days of early access are a bit dampened by the news of no grace period. Makes me start rethinking the whole CE versus Digital Deluxe version. I am hoping Bioware will find a way to make this right.

  4. I knew I forgot to check somewhere in my long list of SWTOR bookmarks. There’s so much focus on the good news that early access will start early that the issue of 2+ days of lockout for many has been swept under the rug.

    My best guess is that the extra days of early access was meant as a consolation gesture to those receiving a physical copy through snail mail. I’ve never ordered a physical copy of a game I wanted to play right away from an online retailer until SWTOR, but there were a number of factors influencing my decision, causing me to see it as a reasonably sound one:

    We’d been assured a grace period and my chosen shipping method ought to have guaranteed me no more than a 3 day wait for the physical copy of the game. It was SWTOR and I wanted all of the bells and whistles. I ordered a Collector’s Edition. Unfortunately, up here and Canada, the only way to lock in a CE order AND receive a pre-order code on the 21st of July was to order from an American online retailer. EBGames Canada, the only Canadian retailer with CEs for sale from a point of origin within Canada at that time, had Collector’s Editions available, but they did not have pre-order codes.

    I ordered from Amazon.com and I saw no reason to worry that I’d be locked out of the game – certainly not for more than 24 hours if by some terrible move on EA’s part, we were given a measly 2 day’s grace. With Priority International Shipping, my delivery window was 1-3 days.

    And then in September, the release date was announced. Holiday crunch delivery… Ouch. Still, I (and surely many others) did not imagine for a moment that EA/BW would fail to take into account the delays inherent to snail mail delivery at this time of year when deciding the duration of the grace period. You know, that grace period they assured us of back in July and maintained an assurance of up until yesterday!?

    Two days of extra early access is all well and good, but it is no more or less than those who pre-ordered right along with me on the 21st of July will receive. It does not compensate for the fact that many of the players I intend to play this game will be able to transition from early access to post-launch with minimal interruption while those waiting for snail mail copies like myself will have to decide whether to eat the lockout or alter our long-standing pre-order plans.

    As a member of a hardcore raiding guild, getting locked out of the game for any length of time is a big deal. I want the CE, but more than that, I want to keep pace with my guildmates. I intent to do whatever I have to do to assure that I don’t get locked out, but I shouldn’t have to. I (and many others) should not be in a situation of feeling penalized for our dedication and excitement over this game, but that’s exactly what it feels like. I went big when I should have gone “safe” and now… I’m really ticked off.

  5. I’m a huge fanboy and usually very quick to forgive, even overlook things, but no grace period is wrong. It is really poor customer service. I, like many others, had already decided to order a CE. The stuff in the CE is awesome, but I am seriously thinking I should have gone the Digital Deluxe route. I would have saved money and been assured to not have any interruption in gameplay.

    In the scheme of things, a few days not being able to play the game is small, but it is still a bad idea to not allow a grace period, especially the time of the year the game will be shipping. Honestly, early access is great, but when the game is live, that is time I bought and unless the servers are down or I happen to be experiencing technical difficulties, there seems to be no valid reason that gameplay should be stopped.

    Where is Sunny, from Sunny’s Diner, to weigh in on the legal side of the issue? 🙂

  6. I have to admit, I am quite surprised by this turn of events. After reading this post from Stephen Reid: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=724271 Anyone ordering the CE is likely to be very upset by not having a grace period to get the game.

  7. This makes me so sad. Even with priority international shipping, I get to wait five to ten days for my game. I suppose this is what I get for insisting to play the game while in the red zone, huh?

  8. I am not putting one way to buy/order the game over another, but would EA make all those that ordered their CE through Origin wait? I would hope not, because the gamers that get the CEs to any game, are usually that uber-fan base. Just from a marketing and customer service side of things, it would be stupid. These are folks who have pre-ordered well in advance and shelled-out some major “coin” and now going to have to wait.

    Not that I will cancel, but could this mean several might drop their CE sets and buy the digital version? That could end up costing EA and Bioware a lot of money. What do the rest of you think?

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