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Dec 092011

This week Samm of TOROCast submitted his CRR HoloScan report and we find out he is a Zombie-head and hates anything Apple.

HoloScanning: SammMoney of TOROcast.com.
Age: 28
Real Name: Samm Carbo
Years in Podcasting: 2.7 (something like that)
HoloScan complete. *Beepboopblip*

Actually you can get a lot more out of me below, enjoy, and thanks ladies for the opportunity to answer some awesome questions.

Q: What was your first video game obsession?

A: For as long as I can remember I’ve been a gamer. I’ve played video games since I got my original Nintendo back in the 80’s sometime. Obviously started with Super Mario Brothers and then progressed further as that time went on. It wasn’t until my best friend introduced me to Final Fantasy II and III (the US numbers) that I truly realized my love for gaming and it was downhill from there. I gained about 100 lbs and turned into your stereo typical gamer.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure, snack-wise?

A: In all honesty I don’t eat a lot of snacks. When I eat I eat quickly and then don’t do anything about what I’ve had to eat. So, I’m not necessarily fat beca… wait, this is what snack do I like not why are you so fat. Uhh, chips?

Q: Describe what you did last Sunday afternoon.

A: Sunday’s are routine for me now, as they have been over the last three years. I wake up I start my conversation with the TOROcast guys we decide what we are going to talk about on the show. Walk the dog a few times before the show, record, edit, and then either play video games with the guys on the TOROcast/Torment vent or work on the website. Sunday’s are my only day I don’t actually work at a physical job so I tend to catch up on other stuff.

Q: What video game have you not yet played that you know you should?

A: Insert list of Bethesda games here. Mass Effect 1 and 2, and Dragon Age 1 and 2. Which is funny because BioWare is my favorite company.

Q: What game did you most recently play? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

A: Battlefield 3, and a HUGE thumbs up, and I mean huge like one of those foam thumbs but like 300 times the normal size. I’ve been avoiding my duties to the TOR beta, and the TOROcast website because I want to get my time in with BF3 before I know I’ll never touch another game again.

Q: What TV show do you watch faithfully and why?

A: Hmm its difficult to say, I am not much of a TV person. I hate commercials as most of us in the world do so I tend to wait for full seasons to hit the internet or Netflix to watch something. Lately though, I’ve gone against my normal rules and have been watching Walking Dead. Since growing up as a kid I was introduced early to Zombies. I would be what some call a Zed Head. I watch zombie movies no matter how bad they are (Zombie Strippers) and buy just about every zombie game to hit the shelf, no matter how terrible.

Q: What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?

A: What’s an iPod? I hate Apple products, I don’t like how proprietary they are. On the other hand I use my Android phone to listen to Pandora so god know what I listened to today last. Probably some sort of Daft Punk music as that’s what I have my alarm set to.

Q: What bad habit do you have that you hope no one notices?

A: I’m a smoker, that’s a bad habit right?

Q: Describe your first Star Wars experience.

A: My first Star Wars experience huh? Well growing up on my street there were three of us that hung out together all the time. One was nerdy, one was a guitarist, and then there was me. My parents are pretty conservative people, not into gaming (although my mom and dad used to play and beat the crap out of Super Contra all the time, I think if they had been introduced to gaming when they were younger things might have been different) so I was never really allowed to sit in front of my TV and play video games like I did when I got my first television. Anyway back to the question, I was sitting in my neighbors basement hanging out with the two other guys, when they said hey lets watch Star Wars. And my statement to that, “What’s Star Wars?” and from there it was all down hill, I became a nerd/fanboi of the Star Wars genre.

Q: Finish the sentence: My first character in SWTOR will be__________ because _________.

A: I’ll probably end up playing a Consular Shadow, but even now that seems to be changing a lot. I had the chance to play high level content while at the latest Fansite Summit as the Sith Inquisitor Assassin. And it was absolutely epic as a tank.

Q: Bonus Question: What is your catch phrase?

A: Jesus, I have no idea. Let me check with Danielle on that one and I’ll get back to you. Ok back… well she has no idea and honestly I don’t either. I’ll tell you what. You tell me your catch phrase and I’ll probably steal it. That’s just how I roll. Wait… that’s the one. That’s how I roll, or “What did I just say?” I usually say the second one when I say something to someone and am wrong and get corrected.

For instance, I say; “the color of the sky is green.” And I am given the reply, “no the color of the sky is blue.” I respond with, “What did I just say?.”

Well there is a look into the mind of Samm, thanks for taking a look at what I had to say. Thanks CRR Cribs for visiting my crib now get the f*ck out. *Slams door in your face.* *Queue awesome exit music.*

Can I give a guilty plug here? Ok, going to anyway. Check me out with the rest of my TOROcast crew at http://www.torocast.com and have a listen to SWTOR’s longest running fan podcast. BAM! Yes, I just did that. Look another catch phrase. I have a lot more than I thought.

  3 Responses to “CRR HoloScan: Samm of TOROCast”

  1. WTF Samm!? How can you hate on Apple that much?! Whatever man. I’ll bet you’ve got old iphones and ipods in your closet. 🙂

  2. I bet he does too, Sunny! LOL

  3. You may or may not be correct.

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