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Dec 092011

To PVP or not to PVP: That is the Question
by Elearic

As a self-admitted PVP junkie, I should start by admitting my bias toward this topic. I understand that a successful MMO offers many things to many people. PVE, Crafting, Exploration, Achievements, and Social Activities, to name a few.

For me personally, however, PVP offers one thing that no other activity does…it is always dynamic. PVP is always fresh, it is always exciting. Craft the same item 10 times and you get the same result (yes, I know you can crit an item in SW:TOR). Run any Operation 10 times and the strategy is the same every time. Run any Warzone or Open World PVP event 10 times and the experience varies wildly.

When I ask my non-PVP guildies why they don’t PVP, I usually get one of two answers. I don’t PVP because I do not have PVP gear and I never have a chance, or I do not PVP because I am not good at it. I see the validity of their reasons, Who in their right mind enjoys an activity in which they do poorly. Wait!!!, I say to them, SW:TOR has solved this problem.

PVP in SW:TOR may been several steps ahead of the competition. They have implemented several key features that may bring a lot of new gamers into the PVP fold. First, the Bolster system, while no system is perfect, this addresses a core issue with PVP, it ATTEMPTS to level the playing field.

Second, Class Balance, we have been told that all classes are within 2% of each other as far as DPS output.

Thirdly, PVP gear, this may be the most important. The information that we have so far is that even with full PVP gear, there is a 10% difference in damage output and damage reduction vs full non PVP gear.

My question to you, dear readers, is three-fold. IF you are a PVPer, how do you feel about their attempts at balancing your favorite activity and the supposed inability to “one-shot” someone. IF you are NOT a PVPer, are you going to try SW:TOR PVP because it appears to be more balanced than other MMO’s. Lastly, Huttball, is being referred to by some as an E-Sport. Would you like to see “PRO” Huttball teams where you could spectate and possibly wager your hard earned credits on?

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  8 Responses to “To PVP or Not to PVP”

  1. Excellent post. I will be PVPing fairly regularly and can’t wait to give it a try in SWTOR.

  2. PVP FTW!

  3. Nice article Mr Elearic.

    PVP is a touch subject for me because in my opinion it normaly gets my PVE play messed with. Some PVPer will cry about a ability being to strong and it gets nerfed then my PVE abilities get messed with. I am of the strong beleive games should not have PVE and PVP in the same game or at least have a PVE server be that abilities are balanced around PVE on a PVP server balance them around PVP. I know that is kind of obsurd and is not realistic but it is what I would like to see.

    Another reason I don’t PVP is I hate to loose and I can get rather violent and act like a 2 yro when I am getting stomped on and killed repeatidly and feel like I am banging my head against a wall. I have repleaced more than one monitor becuase of a fist sized hole in the middle. So for this reason I generally stay away from it. I know my temper and know myself so i just try not to put myself in that position and everyone is happier. I can die 100x in PVE and never be bothered, but in PVP i explode. I stopped along time ago trying to analyze it and just know myself and avoid it. People can say I suck and yeah my reaction times are slow and maybe that is why I get so mad at myself but who knows.

    Now some of my guildies claim SWTOR is different and PVP is so much fun. I may attempt to try it and see. I have come to respect their opinions so I may give it ago but if my angry side starts coming out I will just stop to avoid myself from getting in trouble and hurting anyones feelings.

    Look forward to SWTOR launch and mabe just maybe I can find a game I can pvp in without buying new monitors.

  4. I will be PVP , but not to the will of Pvp meters. Addendum: for a PvE server..

    The gloves are off, for a Pvp server..


  5. My guild is rolling on a PVP server so I need to learn. I’ve always had trouble dueling because I’m a “pusher” and not a “clicker” (or at least that’s what most people say after they destroy me). By this I mean I push buttons to both control my movement as well as use my skills while my opponents are moving with WASD and using the mouse to click skills. Pushing works fine in PVE, but in PVP when your opponent is dancing around it’s very difficult to move with WASD and hit numbers/key combos at the same time.

    Any suggestions, other than L2C (learn to click)? I’m considering mapping skills to the number pad and seeing how that works.

  6. I’m not crazy about PvPing. Mostly because I’ve never been a guild that does it, which means I always have to PuG, which means – being a healer – I die. That being said, I do enjoy doing it every once in a while (when I feel tha dying repeatedly will not ’cause me to bang my head against my desk and weep), and I’ve found that, even if I suck, it helps hone my situational awareness, which helps a lot in PVE, It also makes me learn how to use a bunch of situational abilities that can come in handy in other aspects of the game, which I appreciate.

  7. PvP should simply be players fighting other players in the gear they get playing the game (I.e. PvE gear). One set of gear. The most important thing is that abilities do not get nerfed because of issues with PvP, which most people don’t play.
    An example of this is frost mages in WoW. They’re PvE abilities got nerfed over and over because of PvP.
    I personally like PvP but it is what it is, don’t destroy the heart of the game,PvE, at the expense of PvP.

  8. I like what they’ve done to balance PvP from the couple of beta weekends I had to experience it. The one change I’d like to see them make is to put level 50’s in their own bracket. Not because there’s some super significant bonus they get for being level capped (other than access to all of the abilities), but because I don’t want to be picking on level 10’s when I’m level 50 regardless of Bolster or anything else they put into place. To me, max level PvP should be done only against those in equal standing. While you’re leveling it’s no big deal, but at level cap I want fights where we’re all equal save class choice.

    I fought people in their 30’s and 40’s and wouldn’t have known they were equal to my level if I hadn’t seen them casting spells that were beyond what I had available to me. I didn’t even know there weren’t different level brackets until that happened and I checked the guy’s level to see how long it would be before I got it and noticed my level 12 was fighting a level 39 – and winning.

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