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Dec 132011

Photo-Receptor Focus on:  Classes

by Maer

So to be perfectly fair, I’ll tell you right up front that I didn’t even try a Sith Warrior during my brief, but blissful beta.  I mentioned last week that I went with the Sith Inquisitor, but I did want to try each of the healing classes.  I was about 90% sure that I’d go with the Inquisitor before I went in, but being practical, I wanted to try the other two.

More after the jump…

I started with my Inquisitor and took her to level 11.  I loved her!  She was fun, although a little squishier than I was used to.   That problem was solved when I got Khem.  I loved the lightning spells and storyline.  I loved everything!  Well, almost.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I had a second tab on training and didn’t get my healing spells trained up before I entered Black Talon.  OK, fine, I admit it.  I was a total noob.  I felt pretty silly when I found out about it and disappointed that I hadn’t gotten to practice healing my group.  I was able to gleefully heal Khem, though, later on, so I was pretty pleased with Sorc abilities.  I was settling in very nicely to my choice, but trouble lurked just around the corner.


The next day, I tried the Bounty Hunter.  Do I even need to say any more?  I fell in love with the class and suddenly I was faced with a bigger decision than I’d thought I’d have.  She was fun!  She was sassy!  I knew my way around the game a bit better, so that probably had something to do with it, but I loved her storyline and her abilities.  I took her to level 10, which was high enough to know my decision process was not the slam dunk I’d expected.


My third day in, I started the Imperial Agent.  It didn’t take too many levels to realize that she wasn’t in the running as my main, although I knew I’d thoroughly enjoy playing her as an alt.  I’m not quite sure why that is, either.  Her storyline was cool, she has good abilities, but there was something missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.  Now,` don’t get me wrong.  I fully intend to level an Imperial Agent and I expect to have many hours of fun with her.  I just didn’t connect to her like I did the other two.


Which still left me with a decision to make as to which class I’d choose.  I was leaning toward the Inquisitor, but not by much.  The Bounty Hunter was only behind by a hair.  So Day Four, I went back to the Inquisitor and decided I’d get her high enough to get her ship and then maybe do some more on the Bounty Hunter.


I got my ship, which was awesome!  I ran around all the rooms checking everything out, but deciding I’d have to find a way to silence my droid.  I mean I can only be told my cabin has been repainted so many times.


Since I’d skipped some quests on Dromond Kaas to do the class quests, I decided to go back and finish those on my Inquisitor.  That was when I made my final choice.  I don’t even remember the quest name or line now.  I had to take a report to the spaceport.  I was in the cutscene and my Inquisitor, in a tone of utter disdain and boredom, said something like “I have a report.  Apparently there are monsters in the jungle.”  It caught me so off guard and I actually laughed out loud.  Bam!  Decision made.  Yes, I’m that easy.  Make me laugh out loud and I’m sold.  That task is not as simple as it sounds though.  My sense of humor is definitely odd.


Anyway, my big problem now is making sure I make the decisions that will get me to that point again when the game goes live.  I may have to practice through a couple times to be sure I get that line.  Being the noob I am and with so little ingame experience, it’s hard to tell.  But I want to hear that line again.


So, that’s my two credits.  What’s yours?




  4 Responses to “My Two Credits: Class Wars”

  1. I went into beta and everything leading up to this game, I was all about the Trooper and I still like the class, but I just got into the Jedi Knight class and storyline. So for me, I am creating a Jedi Knight Guardian, as my first character.

  2. RE: Jason Taylor

    Don’t sweat it Jason! I’m a big fan of the play how you want to philosophy of gaming. 😀

    Besides, Trooper or Jedi Knight, all Republic scum burn to cinders just as easily under the might of the Empire.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Thanks Bob! I like how Bioware makes it feel like I can play whatever class I want and still play to my style 🙂

    Oh spoiler alert…The Republic wins lol

  4. LOL…I don’t know about that. My Sith Inquisitor is deliciously evil. That doesn’t bode well for Ye Old Republic. 🙂

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