Dec 192011


Carla and Deirdre talk about early release, grace period in, and queue woes while Roxanne is MIA.


FACT OR FICTION:  Can you pick out the true fact?   This week’s fact or fiction talks about early access, guild server assignments and official launch date changes.

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FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Fri Update 12/16: Final Choose Your Side – Smuggler vs Sith Warrior
  2. Early Access Has Begun 12/15 –   Game time cards, security authenticators (iTunes app), Digital Edition upgrade pack, player guide
  3. Personal Playtime – Deirdre and Carla talk about their in-game playtime.


  1. Reminder about Launch parties –
  2. Thom’s Thought Transmission:  EGA and YOU
  3. HoloNet Links #24
  4. CRR HoloScan – Alan of Alan Shot First –
  5. 12 Days of Christmas – We are on day 6 and will continue to post a new day every day until Christmas day.

SITH OR JEDI:   TEST OF THE PARKING LOT (This sith or jedi question was submitted by one of our regular listeners, Steve)


Thanks from Corellian Run Radio

  • Thank you to soulbendersix, Matthew White, and davalyn for the positive feedback on iTunes.   We appreciate your feedback!

  One Response to “Episode 40: Early Release and Queue Woes”

  1. yours and torwars podcasts are the ultimate que fighters!

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