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Dec 202011


Photo-Receptor Focus on:  First Impressions

by Maer

What a ride this first week of Early Access has been!  One of my goals for the beta weekend was to see if I was going to love my new home as much as I hoped.  It surpassed my expectations.

Comments and more after the jump…

Well, now I’ve moved in!  I’m not even close to unpacked and I’m still finding my way around.  I’m definitely a nooblet…and loving every minute of it.  I’m here to stay and already bought my first six-month sub.

OK, first the things I love – which is almost everything.  I re-experienced those first levels of my Sith Inquisitor.  They were even better the second time around.  I think part of that is because I have a better idea how the game works now.  My story choices are designed to how I want to play my diabolically evil lady.  Oh yeah, I’m going Dark Side points all the way!  And nope, I’m not showing her evilness reflected in her looks, but then I made her look pretty evil all on my own.

The story is even better than I remembered and the things I looked forward to – like that line that made me finally settle on my Inquisitor – were great.  I’m appreciating the voice acting even more this time around.  I’m making choices with diabolical glee and getting rid of my tendency to let someone go free.  I embrace my Dark Side, as well as my inner Geekness.

I got my ship finally.  My real-oh-my-god-I-get-to-keep-it ship!  I sat in my captain’s chair with smile of satisfaction, as I realized this was the “real” virtual thing.

The graphics seem even better than I remembered and I had them punched up to high then and now.  The devs did an awesome job.

Finding datacrons is fun and gathering and crafting is something I always enjoy in a game and this one is no different.  There are quite a few broken nodes, which we are reporting, but overall, the experience is positive.  I was able to break over 80 points in Archeology before I left Korriban.  Not an impressive number, but not a bad one either.

We had some practice PVP, dueling to learn some of our character’s strengths and weaknesses, before we head into the real thing.  I didn’t have a lot of time for that, but at least I managed to win a couple rounds.

As to time, I really am limited, due to the work needed with a large guild.  The guild functions are where the game needs work, in my opinion.  They aren’t unusable, but they’re not super user friendly, either.

The guild list needs to work better.  Right clicking a name does not give me the option to whisper, invite or much of anything else, other than setting their officer/member notes and ranks.

Sorting by rank is not working for me either.  This won’t matter to the majority of players, but many officers, especially in large guilds, like to sort our lists. I like mine by rank, then by name, then by who’s online, with offline in the same order below that.

My Guild List Wishlist also includes a stable list that doesn’t flip to the top every time someone comes online or goes offline.  And the scroll function only works with the side button, so if that worked inside the list, that would be awesome, too.  My guess is that by the time the guild list gets fixed, the main reason I need it will be past.

Overall, I’m beyond thrilled with this game.  I hope you’re loving it, too.

That’s my two credits.  What are your first impressions?


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