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Dec 262011

Noble Jedi Knight, protector of the weak…
Rakish Smuggler, ladies’ man…
Sly Sith Inquisitor, sneaky double-crosser…
Merciless Bounty Hunter, greedy for the payoff…

Contest information after the jump…

Do you know who you will be playing in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Here’s your chance to create a profile of your character and win a Razer peripheral.

Here are the rules:

  1. Create a character profile that describes the name, class, and background of your Star Wars: The Old Republic character. This can be in the form of a short story, a descriptive summary, a fill-in-the-blanks form, a picture, a comic, a journal, correspondence, a video, an audio recording, etc. Use your imagination!
  2. No entry should exceed 500 hundred words or 3 minutes.
  3. Post the following comment on Twitter , the CRR Facebook page or on both!:  I just entered the @corellianrun contest to win Razer gear for #SWTOR at http://corellianrun.com/crr-razer-contest
  4. All entries must be received by January 1, 2012 at 11:59pm CST.
  5. Entries will be judged by Carla, Deirdre, and Roxanne. Our FOUR favorite entries will be declared winners and will receive one Razer peripheral item.

Deadline: January 1, 2012 at 11:59pm CST. Send all entries to us at corellianrun@gmail.com, include any pertinent links. Only one entry per person.

Many thanks to Razer for donating their super elite gear!


Goliathus Control Edition Mouse Pad


Mouse Bungee


Naga Mouse


Anansi Keyboard

  29 Responses to “CRR Contest: Create a Character Profile and Win a Razer Peripheral”

  1. Jedi knight who fights for peace, and yes i will kill anyone who dares to stop me from making peace in the galaxy!

    May the force be with you!

  2. DrossPedantic
    Jedi Consular

  3. At the age of 6 my father pass away, mother was kidnap by the empire. They say I have the force with me but all I can feel is anger and pain. The jedi temple took me in raise me as there own. All I think about is seeking vengeance. I was told by the jedi masters that vengeance is not the jedi’s way. They kept me in the temple not training me because to them I might be corrupted by the dark side. I waited years and years and finally 6 years latter they train me. They say they have never seen any person at the age of 12 hold a saber like a master. I was gifted with the saber, they train and train for another 2 years i became one of the youngest and strongest jedi guardian. At the age of 18 I prove myself to be one of the most heroic jedi there is. My time as jedi I’ve saved 4 planet and millions of life. But still today I can’t let go of my vengeance.I’m afraid that one day my dark side will take over me and I will become something I most hate and fair.

  4. i ment to type fear* am i even suppose to post this here? LOL

  5. i love swtor and love razer !

  6. Are non-US residents able to enter this competition?

  7. What your problem?
    O yes? blah blah blah get the point.
    How much you pay?
    Im here for the money stop talking, i don’t want to know your life?
    The bag or the live.
    Is there a great reward?

    So yes Im Verra The bounty Hunter, i kill for money, i live for money and all, Empire, Rebels, Jedis, Siths… can go to hell i will work for the one who pay more :). I only follow Mandalorians and thats why they pay nice and find me nice works..

  8. Yes! It can be shipped anywhere it is legally permissible to ship to.

  9. Don’t forget, all entries must be submitted to our email address listed in the article to be considered valid entries! It’s great fun to read your entries. Keep them coming!

  10. Alright, I just gave my contribution to the contest, and I hope I did it right. If not, then I apologize for spamming your facebook and twitter page.

  11. Fearless Jedi Shadow, sly and stealthy protector of peace for the Jedi Order and the Republic.

  12. Great contest! Out of curiosity, when will the winners be announced?

    Also I put the statement that I entered on your Facebook page in the comments section of the post about the contest. Was that the right place?

  13. Hierso gunslinger, bold hearted, a little scoundrel, and seductor. avenger of the poors and orphans

  14. Jaden Snow Trooper Vanguard

    Jaden Snow was an ex bounty hunter turned farmer after meeting the women of his dreams at a cantina during one of his many jobs. Together the had three beautiful children two boys and a girl, Seth, Mika, and Robin. For 25 years they all lived in peace at the farm. Until the day, the day when dusk came early with a hail of gunfire, and smoke.

    Jaden had called his sons, who were playing in the field in for super. His wife was finishing the cooking, and Robin was setting the table.

    Seth, and Mika burst through the door, startling the family. Jaden rushed up to see them, to find Seth holding Mika and crying. Taking Mika from Seth, Jaden noticed his son was dead, a blaster bolt wound through his chest. Rage filled Jaden as he lay Mika’s limp body on the hardwood floor. He grabbed Seth demanding to know what happen, and all he could hear was mumbled words of men with guns.

    Jaden herded his family downstairs to the basement, and ran back upstairs. He went to the “forbidden closet” as his children called it. Upon opening it clouds of dust splashed onto Jaden’s face, then he could see his ol’ armor and weapons. He picked up his mandolorian blaster rifle, slapped in a power pack and went to the window.

    It wasn’t long before he saw them, the men with guns. Jaden sholdered his rifle, took aim and began to fire.

    Endless counts of men began to swarm the farm, Jaden took down as many as he could, but alas in vain. The men reached the house, broke upon the door. Jaden continued to fire shot after shot. Tears ran down his face when he finally knew he could’t hold them any longer. More and more men poured into the house. A blaster bold hit Jaden, and everything went dark.

    Jaden awoke coughing, smoke filled his lungs. He stood up and opened his eyes to gaze upon the engulfing flames that were set upon his house. Ignoring the pain in his abdomen Jaden ran to the stairs to check on his family. The sigh nearly made him pass out. There bodies piled up like dead live stock. He fell to his knees and began to cry.

    Soon the flames were around him, and he was ready to let them engulf him, when he felt a hand grab his arm and began to pull him out of his life. Jaden wanted to scream. no let me die, but the words seemed only to bulge in his throat.

    Clear of the house the hand let go of him. Then once again the hand touched him. A reassuring grip upon Jaden’s shoulder, but this time it came with a voice “The Empire will play.”

    From that day forth Jaden Snow became A trooper in the Republican Army.

  15. Garris Draygo, The idiot smuggler from Coruscant. Garris was the son of a wealthy senator of Coruscant. He lived his life without a care, getting everything he could ever want just by asking his father. He was the gullible sort, and easily lead astray when the prospect of fame and fortune was put in front of him. His older brother had realized that Garris had a natural talent for piloting.

    His brother had gotten into some gambling debt with a few unsavory characters, but a few spice runs for the low life’s could save his hide. He asked Garris if he could fly a ship for him to Nar Shaddaa. Garris was curious why at first but his brother quickly convinced him that he would be paid well, and of course no one else was good enough to do the job. The ruse had worked and Garris was off. His blissful ignorance seemed to keep most authorities at bay, only being boarded once by a careless inspector.

    He had safely arived and delivered his package. His brother was impressed and continued to send Garris on these smuggling runs to pay off his debt. Once it was paid off, his greedy brother began to use his brother more, now making a decent profit off of his skills. Garris had one day caught on to his brother after finding the smuggling compartment aboard his ship “The Rusty Maiden”.

    Confronting his brother, he demanded to know why he had done it. To bad for Garris, he was easily confused to believe he had done wrong. His brother told him that no legitimate business will hire him anymore now that he had known about the operation. He would be forced to smuggle for the rest of his days for his brother. Garris ran away from Coruscant, leaving his father behind, never to speak to him again.

    Now, after a steady career of smuggling, Garris finds himself running a shipment of weapons for some Butcher guy he had been hired by. He makes his way to Ord Mantell to drop off what he hopes is his last shipment. He had finally saved enough to start his own business. Everything would be ok after this, assuming nothing goes wrong…

  16. Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle
    Slaves work the sands
    Sweat dripping to Masters command
    Coated in darkness we toil

    Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle
    Force Strength gives new
    Masters build malice within you
    Treading through darkness power gained

    Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle
    Power and renound with Lightning Strike
    Universe trembling from my Wisdom’s might
    Dark power, destined, at bay

    Sizzle Sizzle Sizzle

    Ode to Inferno
    Feared Sith Sorcerer
    Writer Unknown

  17. The Sith Lord Hextor Infernal,
    Can not keep his anger internal,
    With corrupted young Jaesa,
    They will kill his master,
    For theirs is a bloodlust eternal.


  18. I did a synopsis of my entire legacy. It’s running about 1800 words + family tree, but it’s a very good read, i promise. 😛 Could we work something it? It’s about 230 words per character, so 8 chars. Lemme know!

  19. Remember to read the rules of the contest, and not post your entry here. Really nice stories up there, I hope you manage to mail them to the right people.

  20. If you mean for the contest, please follow the rules listed. Thank you!

  21. does my entry still count if i have the game but cant play it due to pc technical limitations? also is this one of those contests that is” valid in all 60 stares with the exception of rhode island”?

  22. LOL
    Yes, it still counts if you “can’t play it due to pc technical limitations.”
    Since I don’t know what 60 stares will do for you, I would have to say it’s not valid. HAHAHA

  23. When will the winners be announced?

  24. When do they announce winner(s)?
    They better have not partied in the New Year too much and move it back to the 2nd :P. lol!!

  25. As soon as we get all the submissions read. We have had a tremendous response!

  26. It’s not over till midnight CST tonight, right? today is january first, and it is currently 10 AM CST. So i still have 14 hours to turn in mine, correct?

  27. That’s correct!

  28. Have the winners already been announced somewhere?

  29. No, they haven’t been announced yet. We will announce them as soon as we make contact with everyone.

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