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Dec 272011


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Choosing Which Race to Play

by Maer

Choosing the right species to play can be involved and take a lot of thought.  There are people who look carefully at the stats and advantages each race gives them.  They figure out every little detail that will give them the edge they want.

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I’d love to say that I’m one of those people, but I’m not.  I greatly appreciate those brilliant players who theory craft and figure everything out to the nth degree.  Unfortunately, my brain simply doesn’t work that way.  I don’t think I’ve ever played any race in an MMO for any other reason than fun and looks.  I certainly never played one just to get an edge in the game, although I have friends who do.

For me, everything is interconnected – class, race, looks.  I have an overall idea of what I want for my character and I choose each option according to that idea.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the choices of races I get to play.  I also like the different options within each race, although some of the hairstyles are a bit weird across the board.   I’ll be going into more detail on that next week.

Choosing a race for my main was not difficult at all.  I mean a Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer?  Well, I had to go Sith Pureblood, of course.  With only two classes able to play the Pureblood and one of those a class I doubt I’ll ever play (the Sith Warrior), it seemed the obvious choice for me.  I wanted her to be beautiful, but evil and I think I achieved that.  She looks arrogant, but elegant and her attitude actually makes me laugh at times.  She just seems so bored by it all.  The voice acting is quite good on her and I’m enjoying it a lot.  How much of that is class and not race?  I have no idea, but I’m having a blast, so it really doesn’t matter to me.

My Bounty Hunter is a Chiss for no other reason than I like blue people.  Yeah, I know, it’s not a well-thought-out reason or anything, but hey it’s the only reason I have.  I’ve had a hard time getting her exactly right and I’m on the fifth incarnation of her at this point.  Part of that is the weird light on Hutta that doesn’t let me see exactly what I’ve done.  So I take her to the Fleet and put her in bright light.  That caused me to delete and redo her several times.

I like how the Chiss look, especially the red, glowy eyes.  Oh yeah, and I like the blue hair I gave her, too.  She’s sassy, my little Bounty Hunter.  I’ve mostly been playing my Inquisitor, but I have gotten a tiny bit of play on the Hunter.  I’m going to enjoy playing her when I get my Inquisitor a bit higher and I’m ready for Alts.

My Imperial Agent is probably going to be a Cyborg.  I just haven’t been enticed by the other species.  And I’m avoiding Humans because…well I’m Human in real life and I prefer to play aliens.  I might look at another race down the line, but for now, it’s Cyborg.  I like the different Cyborg machine options and it took a long time to settle on just the right one.

As to my Republic characters, I’m not even close to playing that side.  There’s so much to see and do and experience on the Empire side of things, that I haven’t given much thought to future Alts.  No matter what, though, I’m sure I’ll have fun choosing and deciding just what will fit the personality of the characters I choose.

So, that’s my two credits on why I picked the species I did.  Your turn.  What species did you decide to play and why?


  2 Responses to “My Two Credits: And the Races Are On!”

  1. Good reasons. Personally, I almost exclusively plan on playing Humans/Cyborgs. There’s a reason every villain and hero in Star Wars is human. The experience is far more relatable that way. Also, when I see a Pureblood, all I see is another Pureblood. They all look the same to me. But when I see a Human (or Cyborg), I see the intricate differences from character creation far more clearly. At first glance, all Chiss look the same to me, but each human looks unique.

    Also, looking forward to your segment about hair options. My friends who play female characters agree that there are only two or three hairstyles that don’t look completely ridiculous.

  2. I’ve always said that if we can relate to Optimus Prime, or Ironhide, or Starscream, then we can relate to any character no matter how strange.
    When we relate to a character in a book, we can’t see what they look like. We relate to their experiences, their emotions, the way they talk and act, etc. The same applies to movies. You may go and see the latest Batman film because he looks cool on those posters, but you probably walked out thinking about the situations he was put in, and how he chose to respond.

    Bottom line is, if the writing is strong, then players would be able to handle a more alien looking avatar. Oh and here’s a shocker, if they decided they couldn’t handle it, they would simply re-roll! So Daniel Erickson, as much as I love most of your work, this decision just doesn’t fly. I want my female Cathar Trooper, and there’s no good reason why I shouldn’t have her already!!

    Also: the Cyborg race really should be named “Human Cyborg” race. Cyborg’s are not just human no matter what character creation says. For this reason I will steer clear of the Cyborg race for every class except the Imp Agent, which is the only class that it feels “right” for to me. So far I have used every other race except for Twilek, which I will use if I ever re-build my Inquisitor. 🙂

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