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Dec 302011



This week we highlight, Jeff, of TORWars.com.   We find that Jeff loves misspelled Atari games, roasted Jawas, and zombies.

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Q: What was your first video game obsession?

A: I had an Atari when I was young – so pretty much every game on that.  Also, my dad had an Apple II, then an Apple IIc (major upgrade), and I remember playing an RPG called “Odyssey: The Compleat Apventure” (and yes, that’s spelled correctly) when I was a kid on that. Freakin’ awesome. I even remember some of the bugs in that game.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure, snack-wise?

A: Roast Jawa. I know it’s fattening, but it’s delicious.

Q: Describe what you did last Sunday afternoon.

A: Our family is actually very religious.  We spent most of Sunday at our local temple worshiping Cthulhu (like all right minded people should be doing).

Q: What video game have you not yet played that you know you should?

A: Mass Effect 2. Based on the way mi esposa replays that thing, that game is evidently crack.

Q: What game did you most recently play? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

A: Left 4 Dead and LFD2 – I know their a few years old, but I just recently got around to playing them. I’d give both a nice thumbs up, because shooting zombies in the face is good fun.

Q: What TV show do you watch faithfully and why?

A: The Walking Dead, because the first season rocked. (I’m becoming concerned that this interview is developing some sort of undead theme.)

Q: What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?

A: The Yub Nub song, sung by the Ewoks at the end of The Return of the Jedi. That song is an unrecognized classic.

Q: What bad habit do you have that you hope no one notices?

A: I’m sorry, I was picking my nose. Could you repeat the question?

Q: Describe your first Star Wars experience.

A: I was 12 and went to see Star Wars with my neighbors and friends. The line went completely around the movie theater – Star Wars mania was totally taking over, and this was the very beginning of it. Very cool.

Q: Finish the sentence: My first character in SWTOR will be__________ because _________.

A: Badly gimped because I have no idea what I’m doing.

BONUS QUESTION: What is your catch phrase?

A: “What could possibly go wrong?”


Thank you, Jeff, for being such a great sport and sharing with us!

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