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Jan 142012

Each week we will spotlight a member of the SWTOR community and get him or her to answer ten slightly off-the-beaten-path questions. Feel free to answer the questions yourself in the Comments section!

This week we highlight, Brehon of Bootleg Radio.   We find that Brehon’s first video game obsession was Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate and has a very messy desk.

 Comments and more after the jump…

Q: What was your first video game obsession?

A:  Dating myself here; without a doubt Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate.  The story was simply phenominal and change everything for me in regards to games, from what I wanted out of it, time willing to spend on it and the sense of accomplishment that follows.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure, snack-wise?

A:  I am moody with food a very love hate.  I don’t actually like food and hate to eat it.  When it comes to gaming, anything quick and not greasy.  Pretzels or apples gets the job done 🙂

Q: Describe what you did last Sunday afternoon.

A:  Slept, did some clean up from the holidays and played the living daylights out of TOR, I mean come on! 🙂

Q: What video game have you not yet played that you know you should?

A:  Skyrim – however I am not willing to invest in another game that requires so many hours of play.  Due to the goals I have for TOR, nothing else will be allowed.

Q: What game did you most recently play? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

A:  TOR – thumbs up, but I have to toss in a thumbs down for some bugs that should never have made it past beta AND more important for the stupid qq and other wow culture things that have invaded our community.

Q: What TV show do you watch faithfully and why?

A:  I don’t watch TV at all, that said my wife and I enjoy snuggling up and watching “Modern Family” when we decide we want away from our computers.

Q: What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?

A:  Oh boy, I have the world’s oddest iPod with a tremendous eclectic collection… the last two songs were: Barbara Streisand’s “Illegal” which was followed by Boogie Down Productions “Philosophy”.  Yes, I am old and odd 🙂

Q: What bad habit do you have that you hope no one notices?

A:  I have a very messy desk.  When I did my first video, I cleared out some but more than anything I cleared the camera path! 🙂

Q: Describe your first Star Wars experience.

A:  I will never forget it.  My Dad came home and said we were going to the movies to watch this new space movie which was released that day.  I was four and in the back seat watching as he stopped in front of the theater.  My brother was leaning over as by this point we were caught up in his excitement which was thick in the air from the moment he first mentioned it.  When my Dad left the window there was this huge smile on his face from ear to ear and he damn near ran to the car.  About half way through he jumped in the air and clicked his heels.  Now you have to understand my Dad is not a small guy (6’3″ 300lbs) and I was only slightly distracted by the fact he could jump that high in the air.  The movie was of course Star War: A New Hope.  I was hooked forever.  That Christmas I even got the Death Star.  Star Wars has been a part of my life for 36 years at this point.

Q: Finish the sentence: My first character in SWTOR will be__________ because _________.

A: My first character in SWTOR will be (is) a Jedi Knight because I must have the classic story.  In addition he will be one of the most hunted and thus killed because of all our nemesis guilds on Vulkar Highway

Q: Bonus Question: What is your catch phrase?

A:  People don’t change they simply become more of who they are.  Or… “Detur Digniori” by Sir Walter Scott


Podcast Personality: Brehon of Bootleg Radio (Bootleg Media), Galactic Underground, Protocol Droids, which can be found at www.bootlegradiostation.com and very soon www.bootlegmedia.

In game I am known as Narvakhan, Guild Leader and Jedi Knight Guardian of Unconquered, Republic guild on the Vulkar Highway.  Unconquered is the scum of the Scum & Villainy group (of guilds) located on the  Vulgar highway.

Thank you, Brehon!

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