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  • Blood Tithe – Sith Empire Guild

As Star Wars: The Old Republic has passed its one month anniversary, server communities are really starting to take off. Today we look at one guild that is dominating in PVP on their server and making a call out to any Empire and Republic guilds to join and/or challenge them on their server. We will look at Blood Tithe’s beginning and why they want to get more competition…not just for them but the server.

Archammes will tell us more about Blood Tithe after the Jump…

  • Guild Q&A

How did Blood Tithe get its start? Is this the first MMO for the guild?

Blood Tithe actually started at launch as the guild Risen, with the intent to be a casual collection of players on a low population server…really a no hassle, no hurry atmosphere.  After a few weeks though, it became a concern that the original guild leader and officers were not logging on at all.  So we talked amongst the guild about reforming, as we really wanted it to be a guild decision.  We decided to move forward, and Blood Tithe was born.

It’s the first MMO for the guild as a whole, but we’re full of MMO veterans, all the way back to Ultima Online, so there is a really good mix of old school gamers mixing with the new players that have patiently waited for a Star Wars game of this magnitude.

What games has the guild or most of the core members been a part of or playing now?

Some of us have been playing MMOs since 1997.  We even have a member that was present in Ultima Online when Lord British was assassinated!  Some of us have played together in previous MMOs as far back as Everquest,  some of us play with roommates and other  groups of players that have migrated games together, so there are sections that have played together before, and brand new people that have really gotten close since release…it’s just a ridiculously fun atmosphere to log in to.

What server and type of server does Blood Tithe call home?

We play on the Keetael server, an Eastern Time zone PVE server, which currently has a really low to standard population, even during prime time.  We would really love to see an influx of players to the server, especially Republic.

Blood Tithe is known for their PVP, is this something your guild was planning on? What is the guild’s best PVP zone?

It just sort of happened really…even when we were still under the Risen name, we realized that we were dominating warzones when the match was a majority of Risen players, to the point where in Empire v. Empire Huttball matches, you’d see “not Risen again” in General chat, and the next thing you know the 120 second countdown started.  We just sort of realized, “hey, we’re pretty good at this…I wonder what happens when we queue as a group.”  The next thing you know, we’re getting leveled, getting in to some of the PVP gear, designing tactics, coordinating on Ventrilo, and viola!  We started recruiting non-guild players that were constantly in matches with us, sort of snatching up the talent when we saw it, and we’ve become a very efficient and coordinated team that has leveled and geared and played together to a point where we have achieved a sort of server domination.  When you put levels and gear together with teamwork and coordination, it’s very hard to beat.  I’d say we’re probably most dominant in Huttball…we’ve just got such a great system of constantly progressing the ball forward that by the time you’ve reached who you thought was the carrier, someone else already has it across the endzone.   We’ve actually been called some really nasty things by opposing Empire teams for running 6-0 games, and to this we’ve simply responded, “Hutters Gonna Hutt!”

Check out this video of some of their PVP experiences. Notice the 6-0 scores at Huttball. Later in the video we see them at Voidstar and Alderaan Warzones. They seem to be able to back up their PVP talk 🙂


Blood Tithe has sent out a challenge to any Republic and even Empire guilds to take on your guild. Besides of your guild’s PVP experience and dominance the reason for the challenge is to encourage growth on your server correct? Can you explain this more to our readers?

It’s almost axiomatic that a majority of players will flock to the higher population servers because that’s where the “best” economy is, the “best” raiding guild, etc.  To be honest, smaller servers like ours are usually the first to be cut or merged when games downsize.  The thought that Blood Tithe could get scattered because our server numbers don’t necessitate actually keeping that server live is a bummer.  We like where we’re at…partially because its where are friends are, and partially because we’re currently at the top of the dog pile, and plan to stay that way.   An influx of players would not only give the server additional stability and improve its droopy economy, but would provide additional competition for everyone.  And practice makes perfect, the only way we get better is if we have more competitors to sharpen our skills against.  And since PVP is one of the better sources of experience points in the game, everyone wins with more PVP.

If someone, like me, is looking to improve their PVP play what are some things they can do?

Most importantly, know your class…your best damage abilities, crowd control, escape tactics and healing…there is no shame in running away if you come back and kill them later!  If you’re mostly queuing solo, chat up the people you see in warzones most often, especially healers, and encourage group queues.  In PVP, it pays to travel with friends…3 vs. 1 is only fun when you are the 3.  Compliment match healers, and don’t be afraid to let them know you voted for them as MVP…healers need love too, and when you’re nice to the healer, the healer is nice to you.  If you’re playing with a pretty dedicated group/guild, then it’s all about teamwork.  Huttball is really the only warzone with room for an individual standout as a carrier…Civil War and Voidstar require communication and teamwork to keep the other team in check.  Be verbal with your team, don’t try and be a one man show, and always remember to fight on the objective.

What class/advance class are you playing and what level?

Archammes is a Sith Inquisitor, advanced class sorcerer, currently at level 45 with a PVP healing build…he’s a pretty beast healer, and it usually takes 3+ people to bring him down.

Speaking of classes is Blood Tithe recruiting and if so what classes are you all seeking?

We have kept to our casual gamer roots, and Blood Tithe is openly recruiting all classes and levels.  We’re a little light on our PVE side, and so that’s the area we’re trying to bolster right now…it’s all well and good that we have plenty for PVP, but we don’t want our friends that prefer PVE to miss out on anything the game has to offer, and since advancement is a guild effort, we want to make sure that everyone is seeing and experiencing what they’re paying for.  We want to keep both sides of the guild happy.


Besides PVP, what aspects of SWTOR does the guild work to overcome? How has Blood Tithe taken to the Flashpoints and Operations?

Our PVE side is advancing well, and we’ve currently downed four of the world bosses, on Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Taris and Alderaan.  We like these encounters because they don’t require an hour of fighting through trash mobs to get to the boss, so people that are on time constraints due to work, school, family aren’t penalized because they can’t spend 2-3 hours raiding…it’s like being able to open a cereal box and dump it all out for the toy.  Our higher level PVE players are exploring the upper flashpoints, and really looking forward to the Rise of the Rakghouls!

How has the game been? What issues or bugs has Blood Tithe encountered?

Honestly I think the biggest complaint I’ve seen guild wide has to do with the lack of ability to queue for warzones as an eight man ops group.  In games like World of Warcraft, you could queue with a full premade team, and so you could have all your tactics planned out with a group that understood them, and everyone can be in voice chat for faster communication…you can’t do that in SWTOR, so a lot of the time we queue as four man groups and just hope we all end up together.  The only other issues I’ve heard rumblings about are the numerous Light I, II, and III drops that we get on Empire side.  I mean really, who uses those?  You get excited seeing a blue relic drop, then realize its light III and it instantly becomes vendor fodder.  Other than that…Huttball air vents…those things are atrocious.

Is the release of new content in patch 1.1 a welcome surprise from Bioware or do you think it is too soon?  What is the guild’s thought on the patch fixes and content?

Most of us are really satisfied with what Bioware brought to the table…we feel they took their time and put out a pretty polished game.  The nitpickers and “hardcore” players will always find something wrong with the way a company patches or implements content, but we’re not going to gripe about content we don’t have to dish out an extra $30-$50 to enjoy, and if Bioware wants to fix mounted emotes first because its easiest, we’re cool with that as long as the bigger stuff still gets fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

If there are folks looking to join Blood Tithe or seeking to become an Ally or even a worthy Adversary, how would they get in touch with you?

Well there is always the website, and while it’s not fancy, I tend to check it a lot when I’m in game.  Other than that, in game is probably the best bet…there’s always someone around as we have several European players, and usually one or more of the officers are on, and we’re more than happy to answer questions.  We probably favor adversary to allies right now, we want more Voidstar and Civil War games!  So to all you Republic out there, queue up!


So does Blood Tithe have a bit of bravado when it comes to their PVP ability? Perhaps but they do back it up in their gameplay and their wins. I like the fact the guild is reaching out for more competition not just for bragging rights, but also to promote their server community. I want to thank Archammes and the rest of Blood Tithe for letting us learn more about their guild.

Does your guild want to step up and take on Blood Tithe or maybe join the ranks of their guild and help dominant? If so get in touch with them at their website or look them up on their server, Keetael.

If you would like the get your guild highlighted here at Corellian Run Radio, drop me an email at jason@corellianrun.com. See you all next week on Guild Checkpoint!

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