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Jan 312012


Photo-Receptor Focus on:  Eternity Vault: My First TOR Ops

by Maer

A little over a week ago I had my first SWTOR raid experience.  It took me awhile to get to level 50, but I finally made it and geared up my Sorc for operations.  I was excited to see how raiding in TOR would compare to other games (which shall remain nameless) that I used to play.

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I love raiding.  I’ve been a raider for almost six years now and it’s an important part of my gaming play style.

Wondering what TOR operations were going to be like, I was thrilled to be raiding again and hoping ops would meet my expectations.  I love the chance to work with other people in a large group and take out bosses.  The social aspect, as well as the chance to progress in endgame content, fascinates me.  Being an experienced raider, I wanted to be sure I was as ready as possible.

Gear as high as I could get it?  Check.

Stims?  Check.

Medpaks?  Check.

We gathered outside the entrance to Eternity Vault and waited for our ops leader to give us the go-ahead to enter.  Sixteen people stood still or danced or chatted or hit up a guild crafter for extra consumables.  You could feel the anticipation and excitement.

Then it was time to go in.  I won’t spoil the fun, so I’ll leave out specifics and just talk about my general experience.

Being back in raid felt like coming home.  It didn’t matter that I’d never raided with the folks in my new guild before.  Because we had people who had never raided much before, I was ahead in that department and felt comfortable in my role.

We listened as our raid leader went over our rules, explained the first fights and gave out assignments.

Then it was time to buff up and begin. As first ops go, it went pretty well.  We had some wipes in the beginning, as everyone settled in and adjusted to each other.  But folks learned their limits and boss mechanics and we got that first boss down.

The second boss went much smoother.  We wiped once, discovered the “fire bug” (no spoilers, so I’m leaving it at that) and then downed that bad boy.

All in all, it was a fun night.  However, the quest is bugged and only those in the group who had the kill shot got credit for completion.  Tickets were opened.  It’s a known issue, so they got closed pretty fast.

I can tell I’m going to love ops and I’m quite excited about the new ops group I’ve joined.  TOR definitely meets my raiding expectations and I look forward to progressively more difficult fights.

That’s my two credits on my first raid.  How was yours?




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