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Feb 022012

HoloNet Links #31

We start off this week’s article with a bit of news from yesterday on the official game press release, after just about six weeks post-launch Star Wars: The Old Republic has sold over 2 million copies, with nearly 1.7 million of them as subscribers! That is just amazing to me. The article goes on to break down some of the “shocking” numbers reached at just past the one month marker:

  • Over 239 million in-game hours, this equals 332,000 months or roughly 27,000 years in-game time.
  • Over 20 billion NPCs killed (This includes the docile animals my nephew enjoys to target)
  • Over 148 billion credits spent (Most of my help in this was spending them on crew skills)

I don’t know about you, but to me those numbers are pretty hard to comprehend. All I know is that this game is beyond addictive and I just love it!

More links from the past week & of course some fun after the Jump…


  • SWTOR Video Tip

This week we are going to get schooled on playing Voidstar. We will see how not only learning the map, and teamwork are not just helpful hints, but the best way to start coming away with wins in this Warzone. Pokket from MMORPG.com provides us with this helpful guide. If you liked this video head over to MMORPG.com for her video column “Game Face” and also check her out on her TwitchTV.com channel streaming her SWTOR adventures and PVP matches.


Dev notes

  • Georg talks about changes to Drops in Patch 1.1.2

GeorgZoeller Public Test Server -> 1.1.2 PvP bag changes.

Let me just point this out, since there’s confusion about it.
The 1.1.2. bag changes have reduced the RNG element on drops DRAMATICALLY. Exactly what you guys asked for.
Instead of hoping to get specific item tokens, you now get (more) commendations that you can turn into an item of your choice. That is a lot more deterministic and reliable than opening bags and hoping for a token.
— Georg


  • Rich Vogel talks to us about how they deal with Bugs and Exploits

In the new Developer Blog, we hear from Rich Vogel. He talks first about the differences between bugs and exploits in games and then how they approach at taking care of them. Exploits, of course are ways a player uses a bug or bad code an as unfair advantage. This is basically using something in-game that was never intended to be done. These threaten game balance between classes and balance in the economy within the game. As Rich explains these are usually dealt with immediately once they are confirmed.

He goes into more depth on how they deal with bugs and how it is not as easy just to fix one thing. It comes down to maintaining a balance of a stable game. I urge all of you to read the rest of this article and find out what all goes on in the never ending battle with bugs.


“Our most important goal is to make sure you continue to have fun playing our game and we will do everything in our power to make you feel that you are getting your money’s worth every month. Thank you very much for playing!”

Rich Vogel
Executive Producer

  • Stephen Reid answers concerns about the Guild Summit

StephenReid General Discussion -> Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit

Quote: Originally Posted by Fiachsidhe

How are you not excluding people, if only a tiny sliver of your player base can even apply, and then you have to be selected? You’re excluding most of your players before applications even begin!

We’re not excluding people because, as we’ve suggested several times in a number of threads today, we’ll be open to feedback and interaction during the summit from everyone – not just those attending. We’re not ready to announce further details on how that will work yet, but we will be soon.
Naturally, we can’t host a summit and invite the entire population of the game to attend; it’s physically not possible. I can understand your feelings that those ‘in the room’ have a stronger voice than those out of it, but we’re taking that into account in our planning.

Quote: Originally Posted by Bregah

Also, like someone else said, this announcement gives the impression they’ll start ASKING what people want in March, and then start coding/implementing it.

There are plenty of guild-centric features already planned and many are in development – for example guild banks, which we’ve talked about for Game Update 1.2.
We are certainly not holding back on development of these features until the summit happens, although we do hope that during the summit when we talk about future development, we’ll get some validation from the community as a whole (and not just those attending) that we’re on the right track. (And why are we waiting until the summit? Well, the development team isn’t quite ready to talk about many of these features yet, but we’ve challenged them to ensure they are by the summit.)
Finally, I appreciate the feedback in this thread, but I’d ask you to remain constructive in your comments.


  • A fix to a heal that was never suppose to be for Sages/Sorcs

CameronWinston Classes -> Salvation/Revivification Discrepency (Sage/Sorc AOE Heal)

The extra ‘large’ heal at the beginning of Salvation was always unintended, and was removed as part of this fix. The ‘double’ tick at the beginning was corrected but still appears visually. This issue will be further corrected in an upcoming patch which should make the ticks read much more clearly and be more evenly spaced out.

The design intent of this ability is 11 ticks of healing over a 10 second period to all applicable taregts within the area (Which is also how Revivification works). Hope this helps clarify!


  • Georg fills us in on changes to Crafting & how it will impact the Galactic Economy

GeorgZoeller Public Test Server -> Crafting Profession Changes in patch 1.1.2

I wanted to drop some notes on the changes made to the BioChem profession in the patch (1.1.2) that just went onto the Public Test Server, how they fit in the big picture and how we are proceeding forward with crafting professions in endgame in general.
First off, we removed the requirement to have the BioChem profession to use Energized and Exotech stims and adrenals. This was done to (a) remove pressure of players to pick up BioChem for optimal combat performance and (b) to open up the sale of BioChem products to a larger audience on the Galactic Trade Network.

Additionally, we’ve reduced the effectiveness of the BioChem exclusive Rakata Stimpacks to be equal to Energized stimpacks. Their intended benefit is the cost savings they provide over time, not an increase in power. We are also in progress of reviewing the creation costs of many consumables in the game against the economic realities (acquisition cost of purple mission materials on our live servers) and will likely make adjustments to these in the future.

It is our intention to gradually, over multiple patches, reduce the impact of situational consumables on endgame combat resolution and shift the factors which determine the outcome of combat more towards personal skill. As part of this effort, specifically for PvP, we are also working on changes that will reduce the gear related power difference between new characters at level 50 and players in full PvP gear. We feel that at the current time, this difference is too high.

On a more general note about crafting, our changes to make BioChem consumables freely tradeable are just a small first step as part of a larger scale effort to extend our crafting gameplay, for all professions, into the endgame.
Major changes are currently on schedule for the next major content patch, such as extractable basemods (armoring, barrel, etc.) from purple items, critical crafting successes on orange outfits, more bind-on-equip schematic drops for artifice and other professions, increased relevance of augments, better reverse engineering chance, and other improvements. We want to create significant incentive for players to engage in the crafting economy – as provider of goods or supplier – without requiring players to take up a specific profession as a ticket into endgame.

Long term, our plan is to evolve Star Wars: The Old Republic’s game economy to a more player driven model, strengthen and improve the GTN and embrace the game’s extensive appearance customization throughout the game. We have a long list of improvements planned for that but we’re also anxious to hear from you. Feel free to use this thread to give us your feedback on the topic!

GeorgZoeller Public Test Server -> Crafting Profession Changes in patch 1.1.2

As stated, we are working on making all crafting professions fully endgame viable. We’ll talk more about specifics, like Armstech or Synthweaving when we have specifics to announce.

The reason BioChem is called out specifically in this note is because this patch changes how it works and we want players to understand why that is the case.

I am happy to hear these changes are coming to the crafting professions. Making all the crafting professions viable rather than one or two being must have for endgame is a much better system. Let’s just hope that the Public Testing will go well and it will move to the live game soon.


  • Stephen Reid clears up the fabled White Crystal that shouldn’t have been…yet?!

StephenReid Crew Skills -> Artifice – Where to Find a White Lightsaber Crystal (And other rares)

Hello all – you’ve obviously already seen my other post regarding the appearance of the White Lightsaber Crystal.
I’m sorry the end result of this ‘red herring’ has disappointed a lot of people; all we can do is apologize here and set the record straight.
I talked to the development team regarding this and I wanted to reassure all of you who are looking for this crystal that it will be available in the game eventually. At this time we can’t give you any more information on when that will happen or how the crystal will ultimately be obtained, but rest assured when it’s able to be found, we’ll let you know (but depending on the method of obtaining it, we might not give you a road map!).
To WraithAscendant: thanks for starting and maintaining this thread, as a lot of people have gotten enjoyment out of it! I appreciate you updated the original post – you might also want to change the thread title. (If you have issues with that, let us know.)


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

A Happy Groundhog Day to everyone. I am hoping that the groundhog did not see his shadow and brings us closer to Spring! This week we welcome a new writer to Corellian Run Radio. Daniel Sperelli will be bringing us his weekly article, Force Lore. He will be helping us all learn more about the history of that Galaxy far, far away…that we all love. Check out his and all the other articles from the past week. For your benefit we have the articles listed below.

01/27 CRR HoloScan: “Jeffrey” of TOROCast by Carla

01/30 Guild Checkpoint – revisit with The Brotherhood of SWATH by Jason Taylor

01/31 My Two Credits: My First TOR Ops by Maer

02/01 Bioware to host Old Republic Guild Summit by Jason Taylor

02/01 Force Lore: Where It All Started by Daniel Sperelli

02/02 Episode 45: January Writers’ Roundtable – podcast


  • SWTOR Video Fun

Now most weeks I have been showcasing music videos using in-game footage or the cinematic trailers. All of those have been very well done and creative, but this week I came across something a bit different. It is video utilizing in-game footage, but a bit more than piecing together footage to a popular song…this one is a movie short or a “filmette” if you will. I don’t want to give much away, but huge kudos to Lektrobuzi for this creative SWTOR video. Let us know what you think of this video in the comments below.


Still asking for anyone to submit your original work related to SWTOR. This is your chance to get published. Your submission could include in-game footage, music video, video parody, game tips, fan fiction, creative artwork… As long as it’s related to SWTOR the possibilities are endless – NO SPOILERS, Please.

Send any of these my way to get highlighted in future HoloNet Links articles. You can email me at jason@corellianrun.com, or you can leave link suggestions in the comments below, or in the Facebook group. See you all next week!

  2 Responses to “HoloNet Links”

  1. Jason,

    One of the more important metrics that’s been missed is logged time.

    Since launch, right at 1 million people will log in per day, averaging 4 hrs/login (per day) play time.

    The above metric alone is fantastic. It means that Bio’s got double the base needed for a very profitable business model and that time in-game is anywhere between 8 minutes and 8 hours per player.

    That’s a great hook to have per customer and (as long as the service keeps up with demand) should provide us with another MMO that could last us an easy 5 years.

    Cheers Bioware!


  2. Great stat Duncan!
    I think Bioware/EA is making a lot of good moves, but they just need to follow-through and not fall short on things like customer support etc.
    Thanks for the comment!

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