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Feb 082012

First Guild Summit Coming Soon!

Deirdre & Carla are joined by Rich Fisher from Empire for Life Podcast and EGO Networks as they talk about the upcoming changes headed our way on February 7th in the form of patch 1.1.2, first guild summit, and much more.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction talks about SWTOR being the fastest growing subscription MMO ever, quick start videos, and the guild summit.

More Episode #46 and Comments after the jump…

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Busting Bugs 1/31: http://www.swtor.com/blog/developer-blog-busting-bugs-and-fixing-exploits
  2. SWTOR Continues Meteoric Rise 2/1:  http://www.swtor.com/news/press-release/20120201
  3. Weekly Patch Notes 2/3: http://www.swtor.com/blog/weekly-patch-notes-update-february-3rd-2012
  4. New Community Blogs (Weekly Q&A & Dev Tracker Summaries) 2/3: http://www.swtor.com/blog/new-community-blogs-weekly-qa-dev-tracker-summaries
  5. Learn the Basics 2/3: http://www.swtor.com/news/%5Bnews-category%5D/20120203
  6. Personal Playtime


  1. Next Patch Feb 7th: http://www.swtor.com/blog/scheduled-maintenance-february-7th-2012
  2. CRR new writers:   Timothy De Block & Daniel Spirelli – Daniel’s new column “Force Lore”

SITH OR JEDI:   Test of the Chatty Patrons

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and you decide that it would be a nice day to go and sit at your favorite outside restaurant. The waitress seats you next to a very nice, albeit chatty, couple. You make polite conversation and then open your newspaper to relax and read. The chatty couple get progressively louder and in doing so try to continue to make conversation with you even though it is quite apparent that you don’t wish to join in.  Do you:

  1. Put your newspaper away and politely engage in conversation.
  2. Give one or two word answers but clearly avoid engaging further going so far as to give body language that show’s you’re not interested in conversing.
  3. Throw the newspaper down on the table every time they talk to you and passive aggressively state that you really wish that there were more people in the world who were respectful of other people’s need for quiet time.


Announcing Guild Summit: http://www.swtor.com/news/news-article/20120201

Special thanks to Rich Fisher from EGO Networks for joining us for this podcast.   Be sure to check out his Empire For Life Podcast!

We would also like to thank RipN8R, Secret78Agent and Boss of the Saw for the positive reviews on iTunes.  THANK YOU!

Remember guilds, if you are interested in being highlighted, please contact Jason at corellianrun@gmail.com

Thanks from Corellian Run Radio!

  7 Responses to “Episode 46: First Guild Summit and More”

  1. About transfer to PTR:


    Love your show.


  2. Thank you for listening and for sharing that link! I knew it was something they were working on, but it sure would be beneficial to them if they put it in sooner, than later. 😉 After all, it is to help them (well and us too! LOL).

  3. Another great show. Throughly enjoyed listening!

    So, reading between the lines I’m guessing Roxanne will not be on CRR in the future. I wish you could say a few words about that on the show, but I understand that there may be circumstances or privacy issues that prevent you from doing so.

  4. Roxanne is getting kicked in the butt by real life work. While she will not be a regular part of our show, we hope she will sneak in an appearance from time to time. She isn’t even finding time to play much of the game! *gasp* LOL Seriously, we miss her but totally understand her job really keeping her busy.

  5. Thanks for letting me know, Carla. I hope things calm down for Roxanne real soon.

  6. If Deirdre was getting the message “you must complete missions before getting this” (or something like that), it means that her quest log is full.

    Love the show.

  7. As Praemorior said, the message that you must complete a quest before you can get this quest or use this datacron is occurring because your quest log is full. It sounds like it’s referring to a prerequisite for the quest or datacron but it’s not.

    This may sound odd with datacrons but it happens because SWTOR handles opening the datacron as a temporary quest, so you need room for it in your quest log for the duration of the datacron cinematic. Clicking the datacron starts this “quest” and finishing the cinematic completes it, and the quest reward is the stat bonus or shard, codex entry, and xp.

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