Feb 272012

CRR Writers' Roundtable


We are proud to announce a new episode of a special segment here at Corellian Run Radio. It is our Writer’s Roundtable. We are targeting this segment to be the last show of the month each month.

This segment we introduce a new writer to our staff, Sam McLeod.   We have 3 of our current writers, Maer, Jason and Sam, joining Deirdre & Carla. In this segment, we discuss the pulse of SWTOR and more.

  2 Responses to “Episode 49: February Writers’ Roundtable”

  1. Things I wish they will announce:
    Space Combat Operations
    Vehicles on space ports and orbital stations.
    A Jawa companion for the Republic.
    Race change along with new races unlocked through legacy system (I have a ton of leveled alts, and I will kill myself if they release playable jedi wookies or jawa troopers).

    I’m a altoholic and I’m feeling kinda punished by BioWare for having leveled my alts too soon.

    Now changing subject a little, I’m seeing in pre-50 bracket warzones on my server, a lot of troopers and consulars (and theirs counterpart). To the point the I ran several matches with only troopers and consulars on my team (guilty, I’m leveling a PvP focused trooper), against only bounty hunters and inquisitors on the imperial side. The unbalanced classes are becoming really visible.

    Awesome show as always.


  2. Thank you for another great show!

    My top 3 fixes are: making crafting relevant/better/more sophisticated, better GTN & Mail, and addons/mods/macros. If I had to pick one I supposed it would be crafting, but I do really want my add ons. BTW, if you are looking for show topics the state of crafting (a/k/a how to fix crafting) is a suggestion. Across alts, I have all mission and gathering professions to 400 and 5 of the 6 crafting (no lolArmstech)

    I may be wrong or have misinterpreted Carla but I think she misspoke – there are three auction houses – Imp, Republic and the Hutt neutral AH on NS.

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