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Feb 282012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: DPS

by Maer

Purple lightning crackling from above, the sounds of explosions and blaster fire – let’s face it:  DPS in SWTOR is fun!

Now, I’m not an expert in DPS.  In fact, I went into healing because my DPS was just always at that edge of almost not being good enough.  Which meant I was struggling like crazy to stay in the raid.  Besides, when it comes to DPS, I make a very good healer.

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But I have to admit that I am absolutely loving being able to rain my purple lightning down in heroics, as well as heal.  And “Death from Above” on my little Bounty Hunter is to die for.  And do they ever die!

So, what exactly does it take to be good at DPS?  As with the other two roles, having good gear, situational awareness and knowing your class’s abilities is extremely important.  Know your class spells/shots.  Know which stats to stack for your class and spec because that varies and can make a big difference.  Have your CC ready at your fingertips.  And watch your threat.

Probably the biggest challenge for a good DPS player (meaning not me) is walking that line between pouring out damage and taking threat away from the tank.  The player who crosses that line often dies because they take the boss’s attention away from the tank and onto themselves.  Losing anyone is never a good thing.  Without a threat meter, this challenge becomes even more difficult and I feel for DPS in SWTOR.  They must learn to “feel” that point where they need to scale back.  And scaling back is often not something DPS like doing.

I think, in this case, not having access to those DPS charts in SWTOR is awesome.  We can still get a feel for who is doing a lot of damage, but there’s none of that, “I’m .000008 DPS ahead” mentality.

However, we still have the overachievers who pull threat and they’re a healer’s nightmare.  They require so much more healing than they should.  We often fail to keep them alive because they are not geared to survive too many hits from a boss.  Besides, it takes away force that we may need for the trickier portions of a fight.

I do love healing DPS who do know how to walk the line and not cross it, though.  They are a joy to watch in a fight, too.  Well, as much as a healer can watch anything besides their little boxes.

Personally, I found the battle to stay on top of everything as DPS too stressful.  Keeping up DOTs and slamming a spell that fraction of a second it becomes available was a challenge with mods.  I cannot even imagine the difficulty of maintaining that without them!

I have tremendous admiration for those super players who crank out DPS and make it look easy.  After all, they are the ones doing the killing in our little triumvirate of roles.  It definitely takes team work, though.  And I love when a team gets to know each other and works together.  It’s why I raid.

Anyway, that’s my two credits on DPS.  What’s yours?



  2 Responses to “My Two Credits: DPS”

  1. For me, being a strong DPS player doesn’t mean having the big numbers every single time. Sure, when I think back to the days of WotLK, entering Naxx for the first few times, I set the precedent for our guild on how to DPS bosses without big threat. But I was a hunter running with a very experienced tank, with whom I had played with all the way through BC, and I could dump threat very easily. Looking at the Damage meter, I was usually #1 or #2. Even when I was behind in gear going into Icecrown, I still managed to stay in the top 4. Now, with TOR, I’ve shifted over to tanking more and I’m not up to par on ranged DPS. My big thing is, know your class inside and out, that way you know what’s going to “pop” on a target and what’s going to “boom” on a target. Being a smart DPS is being a strong DPS. If you die from aggro, it’s probably your fault.

  2. Well, as purple lightning DPS, I’d like to say, IT IS SO MUCH FUN! lol More often than not, I cross that line into “oops, too much”, but with the help a great tanking and spot-on heals, the hard line can be a bit more gray.

    That said, it IS harder to judge that line without the Meters, but it is more fun. The guess work of throwing down some mob dropping DPS gets me going! Line might be here on one fight and over there on another. Might be right here with one tank and a light year away with another. Every fight is a challenge because you don’t know if someone is going to fat-finger their taunt too early or too late. Maybe they don’t expect you to do something and they can’t catch up or you get those really lucky crtis at the top of a fight and get owned. Judging the capabilities of the people you are running with against your own desire and capabilities is the toughest part of any group.

    I’m extremely lucky to have surrounded myself with folks who read me well and in turn, I can read well. I can say that of the many games I’ve done with other folks, the group I run with in TOR is by far the most comfortable and most capable. I’m just glad that I can keep up my end with consistent (when I’m not bugged) DPS.

    So, here’s to a great team! And a dead Soa! lol Keep it up guys and thanks for the opportunity to kick some butt.

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