Mar 142012

Update 1.2, Guild Summit & More!


While Deirdre is busy studying for a big test, Carla is joined by our very own Maer and special guest, Medros from All Things Azeroth.   They discuss the 1.2 Update, the Guild Summit and much more!

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction talks about patch 1.2 items from companion conversations, confirmation dialog when choosing your legacy name, and abandoning bonus quest on Tatooine.

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FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  1. Now Available in the Asia Pacific Region –
  2. TOR partners with J!inx –
  3. Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic –
  4. Coming in Game Update 1.2 – (see below for community buzz)
  5. TOR on the Big Bang Theory –
  6. Weekly Patch 3/9 (1.1.5) –
  7. Personal Playtime discussion


  1. Wall Street Journal article:
  2. Holonet Links  –
  3. Force Lore: The Esseles –
  4. My Two Credits:  SWTOR Staying Power –
  5. Guild Checkpoint –

SITH OR JEDI:   Test of the Outrageous Pug Group

You’re a healer in a PUG and the tank is being an outrageous jerk. Though there have been no major problems, the tank is constantly demanding instant debuff cleansing and faster heals but unwilling to slow down when pulling mobs. It gets to the point where they are calling you the “worst healer in the game” even though you’ve asked repeatedly for them to slow down. Even though you’re doing a great job, the two other members of your PUG, don’t speak up to support you and one of them even complains about a slow heal they’ve received. Suddenly, the tank pulls a few too many mobs to handle easily. Do you:

  1. Heal everybody like a pro, sacrificing yourself in the process to show them how good you really are.
  2. Just do what you can and if there’s a wipe, blame the tank.
  3. Port out asap the minute he pulls and let the bitches die.


1.2 Update & Legacy –

Forum section for the Guild Summit to make your comments:

Thank you to Medros from All Things Azeroth for guest hosting with us today.     We would also like to thank Hexejager & Grimkov for the positive reviews on iTunes.


  One Response to “Episode 50: Update 1.2 & Guild Summit Info”

  1. Someone should let Medro’s know you can right click on your chat tabs and modify what information the game sends you. You can add New tabs to show only guild chat and whispers. It’s pretty customizable.

    This feature was in at launch, although there was a bug where you could stop seeing guild chat if you did make change… this was fixed mid January.

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