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Mar 202012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Space Missions

by Maer

When we first found out space missions would be on rails, I have to admit, I was very disappointed.  There wasn’t going to be any way I could lose myself among the stars because my ship was tethered to this pre-determined path.  I couldn’t go off and explore to my heart’s content.  And I didn’t see how the missions would be a challenge.  Well, I was partially wrong. For me, anyway, the advanced space missions are a definitely a challenge.

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Once we went live and I got a chance to play, I found that I actually enjoy my space missions.  My Sorc’s ship has all the latest technology and every purple I can lay my hands on.  Even still, there are missions I’m not able to finish – yet.  I get closer every attempt and I’ll eventually beat those.  In the meantime, I have fun with the baby missions.

While the rails are there and you can’t go off on your own, you do have to maneuver around obstacles.  So far, I’m able to do that part well.  It’s very rare that I’ll actually run my ship into something.

Also, I’m doing well on the bonus kills.  Those took a bit longer to get down every run, but I finally managed it and usually with lots of time to spare.

I do wish I could get my torpedoes to work correctly.  Every time I almost do, they jam and don’t go off.  I’m quite sure this is operator error, but I happily don’t care and just keep shooting away.  I have tons of missiles and my regular guns, so I’m good to go on ammo.

As to a favorite mission: I don’t really have one.  The mere act of getting in my ship and blowing stuff up is enough to keep me content.  I’ve gotten adept at avoiding rocks and chunks of ice.  I have the voices turned down and my music turned up and I go through blowing up anything in my way.

One thing I noticed is that either I’ve greatly improved since my Sorc had only Level One ship gear or the Bounty Hunter ship is actually better at missions.  I get almost as far on the baby Bounty Hunter with Level One ship gear as I do on the Sorc ship with all her fancy, schmancy, top of the line ship upgrades.  I have more testing to do on this before I can really decide which it is, but right now I’m leaning to the Bounty Hunter ship being better.  I’ve heard others say the same thing, so I don’t think it’s all my imagination.  (Hope not anyway.)

Overall, I enjoy the space missions.  They’re difficult enough for me that I’m still working on some of them.  And I’m looking forward to that moment of accomplishment when I get one more mission completed.  So, right now, I’m a happy camper.

Would it be better to be able to fly off on my own?  Well, sure.  But I don’t see that happening, so I’ll fly my ship on rails and shoot anything that moves and just have fun blasting away.

That’s my two credits.  What’s your?


  3 Responses to “My Two Credits: Lost In Space – Or Not”

  1. At the beginning, I did enjoy a lot the space missions. After a while, it became a little bit repetitive. I only wish we would have team space missions for 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 players, it’d be so amazing! It could be missions with multiple ships or a single mothership with multiple gunners, the possibilities are nearly endless. 🙂

  2. To Sam: Rumors are abounding about “Guild Capital Ships”. Does this mean group space missions? Or is this going to be another place for players to hide away from the cluttered space stations? Hard to say and there aren’t many details…

    As for the topic at hand, I’m either very passionate about blasting through my space missions or I’m of the mindset that they’ll wait until I make time for them. Even on rails, with my companions chattering away and the music adding intensity, I’m blasting my way through the enemy, even if I have to run it more than once. I give the system a 3.75 out of 5 stars.

  3. When I first started playing space missions I loved it and looked forward to the next batch of missions that would be available as I leveled. Now, however, I feel very bored with the system, especially after doing the daily every day since launch. I still do them just for the commendations but they’ve become rather tedious. James Ohlen hinted at something big coming up in regards to space missions and I’m very much looking forward to that.

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