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Mar 272012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Legacy 1.2 and the Guild Bank

by Maer

Upcoming patches always generate a lot of talk, speculation and rumors.  Legacy 1.2 is no different.

One of the things I was most interested in was the guild bank.  Bringing that in is awesome and finally there will be some relief for guilds.

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As an officer in a very large guild, I was curious how it would work and so off I went to the Public Test Server (PTS) to check it out.  The bank will be great.  It has ninety slots and a log to see who has deposited items and a fabulous ledger for credit deposits.  However, there are a few things  I hope Bioware looks at before they release the patch.

First off, don’t plan on throwing things into your guild bank immediately.  Your guild must have at least fifteen members.  Also, that first tab isn’t free, as it is in so many MMOs.  Raising 600,000 credits for the first tab is very simple for the large guilds.  Even for guilds, such as mine, that are spread across multiple guilds, we can easily afford that first tab.

Unfortunately, the smaller guilds may not have it so easy.  Especially those made up of players who work and only have a few hours to play at night.  Sure, you can make that in several days of dailies.  But not everyone has the time to do those and will have to dedicate time just to earn the credits.  I sympathize with the frustration I’ve read from some of them on the forums.

Also, the cost of each tab goes up and is higher than the one before.  The second tab is one million, the third is currently two million.  That’s pretty pricey when that first tab fills up and believe me, those ninety slots will fill up quickly.

That makes me question why Bioware didn’t do as other MMOs and make that first tab free.  One suggestion was that Bioware is simply discouraging players from making player bank guilds.  That could explain the size requirement, as well as the charge for that first tab.  Although, I’m not quite sure why Bioware would even care if someone wants a bank guild, that’s one working theory I’ve heard.

So, start saving your credits now, if you haven’t started already.  You’re going to need them.

The bank limits reset once a week, which I also hope gets changed to a daily reset.  Since I haven’t played zillions of other MMOs, like some of you, I can’t say what’s “usual”.  However, I’m used to a daily setting and thought that was quite common.  So again, why not just use a daily reset that will make the players’ lives much easier?

Last, but definitely not least, is the ability to allow the guild bank to pay for repairs.  That’s really awesome, but completely useless as it stands.  Maybe it’s being designed as a credit sink, but I can see this getting out of hand very quickly.  Our guild has no intention of turning this feature on, if it stays as currently designed.

Why not?  Well, it’s simple really.  Unless there’s a reciprocal amount going in, even a wealthy guild will hit zero credits in no time.  The best way to do ensure that is to put in a system where a percentage above the player’s credit rewards goes directly to the guild bank.  Yes, yes, I know I’m thinking of the “W” word, but let’s face it.  That was an awesome system and it works.  And if something works, why not use it?

Let’s say the percentage is 5%.  If a player earns 100 credits, they get their 100 credits, but the guild bank gets 5 credits.  Win/win for everyone.

So, overall, guild banks will be a very, very welcome addition for Legacy, but they still need some work before the patch goes live.

That’s my two credits on the new guild banks.  What’s yours?


  6 Responses to “My Two Credits: Legacy 1.2 and Guild Banks”

  1. Morning Maer,

    Regarding this:
    < < < < > > > >

    My guess here is that BW’s limiting the number of tickets created due to theft by hacking, irreconcilable differences, or simply, someone going off the reservation…a great time/cost saving maneuver until they get their internal CS software up to “the game that shall not be named” (GNN).

    That said, and once BW ramps up their CS (which it seems that they have, my last swap only took 4 days instead of 3 weeks), I can see this weekly limit being reduced to a daily limit.



  2. @ Maer: Weird, but the text I was referring to from your article didn’t copy/paste.

    Hopefully it’s clear that I was referring to your Bank Limits point.

  3. Great article Maer! I loved reading about your actual experience with Guild Banks in PTS! I think that information will help other players and their guilds 🙂

  4. Duncan, I think you have a good point on the limits issue. I’m sure there are several reasons and this is probably another one. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    Thanks, Jason. I’m pretty happy to be getting the guild banks.

  5. Great article, Maer! I hope that the weekly limit for guild member withdrawals is changed to daily so that we (as guild leaders) can better manage the guild bank withdrawals. As it stands now, weekly limits will be set really low as to prevent hackers from stealing guilds blind.

  6. The first guild bank tab in WoW costs gold so I just assumed Bioware would do the same.

    I have purchased the third personal bank tab on several of my toons and it costs 400,000. So 500,000 for guild tab does not seem that high. If it were much lower, there would be even more incentive for creating personal guilds to store your crafting items in. For me, it is currently not worth the effort to find and purchase the 15 guild signatures. Hopefully, a market will evolve where people sell/discard guilds as they move on.

    The WoW way is not controversial but adds a tiny bit to inflation; the guilded and unguided pay the same and the % is fixed. The EVE Online way is the corporation sets their own tax rate and comes out of the players share. More sophisticated but the howls of protest would be loud.

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