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Mar 292012

HoloNet Links #39

James Ohlen is again asking for the community’s input. This time the subject is Open World PVP. I know that there are many, many people that have some strong feelings on this issue. The important thing to remember is to be constructive with your ideas and try and limit the number of posts to his Twitter, @JamesOhlen or the new forum thread. Speaking of the new thread, there will also be a poll regarding Open World PVP. So if you have had issues with Open World PVP and have a suggestion on how Bioware can improve it…now is your time to act.


A PTS Warzone Event tonight, & much more after the Jump…


First, here is the poll question James Ohlen is wanting your input:

What kind of Open World PVP excites you most?
You can vote in the attached poll. Here are some more details on each type of objective:

  • ‘Raw’ Open World – faction vs faction, with no faction population restriction mechanics AKA ‘true’ Open World PvP. Factions claim objectives.
  • PvPvE balanced – bolstering the underdog faction through NPCs, turrets, etc. Factions claim objectives.
  • Faction population capped – strict balancing in place between faction populations in objective areas. Factions claim objectives.
  • Guild based – everyone is your enemy except players in your guild. Guilds claim objectives.

As of 3:30pm noon EST March 29, 2012, PvPvE is leading with 48.76% of the votes so far.


  • Amber Green is reminding testers their focused feedback is needed

Please be sure to check out the follow posts by Amber, especially those of you on the Public Testing Server. Bioware is wanting your focused feedback on the new systems that will be coming in Patch 1.2, like UI customizations, Guild Banks and for all you PVPers there is a special post for a Warzone event tonight March 29th, 2012. Be sure to read the post fully to get the time correctly for your time zone.

AmberGreen Public Test Server -> PTS Testing Event 3/29: Warzones

On 3/29 from 7PM CDT (5PM PDT/ 8PM EDT/ 1AM GMT/ 2AM CEST/ 11AM AEDT) until 9PM CDT (7PM PDT/ 10PM EDT/ 3AM GMT/ 4AM CEST/ 1PM AEDT), we invite all our PTS testers to queue up for Warzones! Our developers will be observing this event and are looking for bug reports and feedback from our PTS testers. If you haven’t tested Novare Coast, the new Warzone, now’s your chance to check it out and provide your feedback! All you need to do to participate is queue up for (and play) Warzones on PTS during the listed hours. We appreciate your participation and are looking forward to seeing your bug reports and feedback in this thread (we’ll open it up when the event begins)!

So if you feel PVP needs some help then logon and help make a difference. Paraphrasing Smokey the “Gamer” Bear…Only you can help prevent PVP issues in Warzones! 🙂 Below are the rest of the posts by Amber, regarding focused feedback on bugs with the UI customizations and Guild Banks.

AmberGreen Public Test Server -> PTS Testing Focus: UI Customization

Greetings, testers! We want to encourage everyone on PTS to test our new UI Customization options in the game and post any bugs you find in this thread!

We have been avidly reading the PTS forum to gather feedback and bug reports, but wanted to post this thread to encourage testers to post any bugs they’ve found in this system (even minor ones) if they haven’t done so.

Characters of any level can test this system, so please do try it out and let us know in this thread if something isn’t working correctly. Thank you for your participation on PTS!

AmberGreen Public Test Server -> PTS Testing Focus: Guild Banks

Greetings, testers! We’d like for everyone on PTS in a guild to help us test the new Guild Bank feature. Though we’ve been reading the PTS forum for bugs and feedback, we’re looking for some more testing of this feature.

The next time several members of your testing guild are online, we’d like for you to have several people use the Guild Bank at once to help us uncover any bugs in the system. Please have several guild members perform Guild Bank operations simultaneously – changing permissions, depositing and removing items, and any other activities you can think of involving using the Guild Bank features.

Please post any bugs you find in this thread. Thank you very much for helping us, test this new feature!


  • Stephen Reid “alludes” to possible in-game events in 1.2?

Stephen Reid is the best at answering questions and hinting at things, but without giving away full answers. To his credit this is his job to deal with us, the community and answer our many, many questions. Now saying all that, you can read his below posts and replies to questions on the subject of events in SWTOR. I gathered that there will be events, but to the nature, the amount of notice and duration of said events…who knows, well they know just not ready to reveal what is behind that curtain just yet. What do you think it means? What are some possible events you would like to see in-game? Let us know in the comments below.

StephenReid General Discussion -> GM/Dev Hosted Events in SWTOR?

Thanks for the questions, everyone. I chatted with the events team and got a few more details for you.

Quote: Originally Posted by dosadnik

1. Are you going to announce like “Today we are having the [insert name here] event” or is it just going to happen.

2. Is it going to be more like a 1 day thing or more like a 1 week thing?

We’d like it to be a surprise, so we probably won’t announce it in advance. Heck, we’ve said too much already. 😉

It won’t just be a day, but we can’t tell you the total length right now – mostly because it might be extended depending on popularity.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mephane

I don’t like the idea of stumbling into a one-time event, playing along, doing whatever there is to do, and then end up learning afterwards of the things I did not see or know of.

That’s fair. Knowing our community, I fully expect every aspect of any event to be quickly dissected and the details spread far and wide very quickly. In fact, it’ll probably be tougher just to avoid spoilers!

That said, we’ll monitor the community reaction during the event and if it seems people are ‘missing stuff’ we’ll try and ensure that the method of seeing (or getting) that ‘stuff’ is made clear(er) so people get their chance.

Also, right now our initial event does not feature any ‘rare drops’, so hopefully that’ll ease any RNG pain. 😉

Quote: Originally Posted by Felioats

I rather like the events I’ve seen in another game, which are unique quests, monsters and loot surrounding a story that’s only around for some-odd weeks.

I think you’ll like our event plans then. 🙂

With that said, I want to manage people’s expectations. The events team has been working on this event (and future events) but they’re a small sub-team of the main development team. So I’m afraid to say…

Quote: Originally Posted by JPLaro

Big planetary battle!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic planet size pvp and pve!

… that is a bit outside of their scope.

We still think you’ll have some fun. Roll on Game Update 1.2!


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • SWTOR Music video

I was looking for a music video for this week and saw, Crimson Nova Girls – Music Video (SWTOR). Already it fit what I was needing to find and a nice bonus, it utilizes in-game footage. Although this video is really hard to describe, there is no denying the creativity, even in using their own voices and not to mention time that went into making it. Now that is said, you just have to watch the video for yourself. You can tell the guild has a good time, and from the locale in the footage they have played their way up in the game. Bottom line the video might make you laugh, but I’m sure it was fun to make…bottom line having fun should be the reason we play games.


  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This week we welcome another new writer to the CRR family. John Yim aka Ghoztt is our new writer and will be bringing you a look into Operations with his article entitled Operation Information. So if you are looking to better understand how to gear up and the ins and outs of Operations, be sure to look for his article! The March Writers’ Roundtable podcast was also this past week. If you missed it or any of the past week’s articles…we have you covered with the links below. Please don’t forget to leave our authors your comments and suggestions in the article comment thread.

03/25 Operation: Information – Introductions by Ghoztt

03/26 Guild Checkpoint featuring The Older Republic by Jason Taylor

03/26 Episode 52: March Writers’ Roundtable – podcast

03/27 My Two Credits: Legacy 1.2 and Guild Banks by Maer

03/28 Family tree arrangement & Legacy Benefits by Jason Taylor

03/28 Force Lore: Ord Mantell by Daniel Sperelli


  •  SWTOR video of the Week

Many of you may read my Guild Checkpoint articles. This week I interviewed The Older Republic. They mentioned one of their guild events as being a running race. It was held on the planet Tatooine and with all the typical race necessities: a starting line, a finish line and various checkpoints to insure it was a fair race. There was one small twist to their race, it was called a “Nekkid” race. The contestants removed their bulky armor down to what the game would allow to be removed. It was all in good fun and definitely different. Below is the video highlights of the race, and is all set to the theme music from what else…”Chariots of Fire”


Is there a particular topic in SWTOR you would like us to cover? Have you seen a helpful site for questing or just an entertaining SWTOR link? If so please send them to us here at Corellian Run Radio and it might just get highlighted in future articles. You can email me at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can leave link suggestions in the comments below, or in the Facebook group.

That’s all for this week on CRR’s HoloNet Links. See you all next week!

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