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Apr 032012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: TOR – High Fashion?

by Maer

This week, I’d love to talk about the gorgeous fashion designs and how awesome the speeders are.  Only I can’t.  Because those fabulous designs don’t exist in the TOR universe.

How my character looks is important to me.  OK, I know some eyes are rolling, but hey! I’m female, after all.   As beautiful as the graphics are in landscape and building design on some planets, the design of most gear is – lacking.  Seriously, the gear ranges from unimpressive to downright ugly for the most part, especially for my beloved Sorc.

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I want to look snazzy in my gear.  I want fabulous designs and gorgeous colors.  There’s precedent in the Star Wars universe for flair in wardrobes, too.  So what if Queen Amidala is three thousand years later.  The point is, she had an awesome wardrobe.  I want to wear stuff like that.  Oh, yeah, and I want my clothes to have special effects, too.

We have gorgeous architecture on Alderaan and some incredible views on planets.  That night sky on Ilum is awesome.  This tells me there’s tons of artistic flair in this game.  If a building can be cool, then I should be able to be cool, too, right?  (No, I do not wish to look like a building.  Actually, I already do.  Or maybe a helicopter or something.)

When you spend hours and hours in ops getting tier gear, you want it to be worth it.  Mostly, I get a new piece now and simply shake my head and sigh over the lack of imagination.  I figure I’ve done well if I can say, “Well that piece isn’t too ugly.”  I did like the glow-in-the-dark effect on my crafted robes, but they also made me look fat.   They really did!

And OMG, I am so sick of grey and black.  Color, folks, give me color!  Oh, yeah, and another thing: the guys get pretty A-line dresses that flatter their waists and the girls get straight dresses.  Huh?  Girls should have the pretty waistline and not just in the midriff tops, either.

My Columni gear is a case in point.  It’s grey and black and silver, but the patterns are bland and unexciting.  I have a skirt with this thing hanging off my belt (or my waist anyway) that makes me look like a hippo.  I get a cute little midriff top, with shoulders that are ridiculously ugly.

This is a game.  Every aspect should be fun, including gear.  New gear should come out and make people say, “Oooh, I want to wear that!”   People should be running ops just so they can get that full set and stand by the West Bank and show off.

I like the nice touch of how the Bounty Hunter gear is bashed up in the beginning.  Looking well used.  It fits.  But still my girl could have banged up cool-looking gear.  She gets weird stuff hanging off her clothes, too.  And her jet packs or whatever are sad…just sad.

And while I’m whining about fashion (or lack thereof), let me just add that the speeders also need to have better designs.  I have yet to see something that I had to have right there and then.   Mostly, I’m ambivalent about speeders or I just buy a speeder for status.  Not because it’s so gorgeous or different or cool that I must immediately have it.  Oh, and I have a total of two speeders.  This from a player who had over one hundred mounts in the Game-That-Thall-Not-Be-Named.

All this brilliant imagination that Bioware has is nowhere evident in fashion and speeder designs.  I’m not quite sure I understand why either.

So, if you’re listening, Bioware, please, please, please make my clothes prettier.  If you’re stuck for designs look at Queen Amidala’s costumes for inspiration.  And pretty please, give us some better speeder designs.  Something so awesome, I’m willing to run whatever is needed a zillion times until I get it.

/end whine

That’s my two credits on fashion.  What’s yours?


  5 Responses to “My Two Credits: High Fashion?”

  1. @Maer Great article as always 🙂

    I have to agree about wanting armor to look good but be high end stats too. I think some of those areas will be addressed in Patch 1.2. There will be the color matching option and also the ability to remove high end mods and put them in that awesome looking orange armor you like and of course looks good 🙂

    Now if they just had something for the speeders. Maybe add a crew skill schematic, for a one time use item, that would change a color or add a stripe etc. Seems like Underworld trading or Cybertech thing…Just a thought.

  2. Thanks, Jason. Yeah, I know the color changes are coming, which will help a little bit. I just wish they’d also come up with some better designs that actually look good. So far, I don’t have any orange gear that I feel more than ambivalent about. I have yet to see any gear that makes me want it on any character. I mean none. I’m sad.

  3. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly!

    I think it is inevitable to compare TOR to SWG and in SWG I made over a million credits on robes (hood & and hood down in matching colors sold well). Just robes. Also my gowns that were designed to remind of celestial bodies or events. And these were for superficial reasons only. There were no stats or benefit from wearing them except to look dramatic. I now have to resort to sticking my sorc in her lower end socketed gear simply to not have to wear those ugly pointy shoulders. *sigh* I miss having options.

    I semi-lovingly call my speeders vacuum cleaners because well that is what it looks like I am riding. Or perhaps lawn mowers.

    So much potential….I hope some of it is fulfilled.

  4. The look of the gear is definitely lacking. Suppose you’re role-playing on a Imperial character. How are you suppose to look BA when you look like a skittle? And the circus cone hat? Puh-lease! I want spiky shoulders, skulls for helms, and heavy boots to crush heads with! Wait! That’s from another nameless MMO… Still, I’d like a bit more epic looking for a character that’s suppose to be the star of their own Star Wars story.

  5. I agree. I think BioWare is struffling to make the game playable and add in things that should have been in the game at launch (see 1.2 patch) to worry too much about fashion or design. Ultimately I think this will be what keeps it from being a MMO that sticks around or continues to grow.

    While I love the story aspects of the game, in the end there has to be cool stuff to strive for and without it players will get bored. I think you gave some great examples of what is needed, and soon.

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