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Apr 122012

As everyone is still taking in all the new content, arranging your UI, guilds buying tabs for Guild Banks and depositing items into them…not mention everyone else tackling the new content – Novare Warzone, Explosive Conflict: Operation, and The Lost Island Flashpoint. Bioware keeps on giving, this time with free gifts!

More details on gifts after the Jump…

I’m sure some of the gifts were planned, but also maybe to ease the pain of no Ranked Warzones – yet and also the update mishap yesterday that had some needing to reinstall the game and then update today.

So what do we get…well provided your account meets all the requirements, they can be found here in the official release.


  • Legacy Tautaun Ram pet – anyone meeting account requirements
  • 30 days of FREE game time for level 50s – anyone meeting requirements and having at least one level 50 character.
  • Free 7 days of gameplay for former players – returning to the game between April 13th and April 19th.

Once again for a complete rundown of the gift and requirement details, go to the official news release site.

  3 Responses to “Bioware delivers new Patch & Surprises”

  1. The free tauntaun. Nice.

    30 days free game play for valued customers. Not so nice. Bioware seems to have lost sight of what a valued customer is. Someone who pays for your product is a valued customer. I think the way this was presented is an unconsidered consequence.

    Do I have a level 50 character? No, but I have purchased the CE and have been playing, and therefore supporting the game, since early access. Will I quit because of this decision. Probably not, but it does leave me a little disappointed in Bioware’s view of what a “valued customer” is.

  2. @KiFi I can understand, I do not have a level 50 and also bought the CE.
    The reason, in my opinion, for giving those with level 50 characters is to make up for not having Ranked Warzones. Those at level 50 are directly impacted by that and it is also stating that hopefully in about a month they should be phasing in some of the Preseason Ranked Warzone options.

    I am no way close to being a hardcore player, but the hardcore level of player, typically, has a lot to do with the longevity of an MMO game. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything from Bioware, but to give out a free pet, a free month and even a free week to former players does show they care about a wide range of players.

    Now I just need to get myself in gear and take one of my many alts to lvl 50…in case of a nother gift lol 🙂
    Thanks again for the comment!

  3. It’s been changed. Now all you have to be is legacy level 6. That includes a lot more people!

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