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Apr 172012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Legacy – The Good

by Maer

Legacy 1.2 is out and there is so much to love about it!  Sure, there are some things to not love, too, but I’ll catch those another time.

It will take me a while to check out all the cool stuff, but I already have two new pets and I’m working on the others.  There’s a lot of good stuff, so let’s get started.

More after the jump…

First up, let’s talk money and how Bioware really listens to its community.  Thirty days of free game play.  It started with just the level 50 players, but when many protested that they’d been too busy playing alts and enjoying those stories, Bioware listened.  They changed it so anyone who has been playing enough to complete Chapter One and reach Legacy 6 can also get their thirty free days.  They even gave folks extra time and you have until April 22nd to get there.

One month free to so many players is incredible.  Especially when you put it into terms of hard cash.  Let’s say one million players take advantage of this.  That’s roughly 13 – 15 million dollars in revenue that they’ve given away.  Personally, I find that incredible.  Of course, they’re counting on that goodwill to pay off with more subscriptions.  Still, it’s not something you see in the gaming world very often.

This is truly a company that listens to its player base.  No gaming company is perfect, but it’s nice to see one that not only listens, they change!  None of this, “Well, that’s the way it is. We don’t care what you want/think.”  I really love this about Bioware.  So, if you haven’t finished that first chapter and gotten to Legacy 6, you have a few more days to get there for your free thirty days.

The new UI is a sweet improvement and I love it.  I liked the layout before, but there were a few things I wanted to tweak and now I have my perfect UI.  Like that tooltip that was attached to my mini map and always seemed to be in my way.  Not anymore.  Now, I’ve separated them and that tooltip is over on the left above my companion bar.  I also reduced the overall scale a smidge and then individually set the sizes of things like target of target (OMG, I am soooo loving that!)

The new dailies on Corellia are a nice change from Belsavis, although I’m still doing the Belsavis dailies, too.  I spent a lot of money before 1.2 came out on speeders, the +41 crystals for some alts and other things that would be going away.  Now I need to build my credits back up again, so having new dailies is a good way to add to that.

The Tatooine event is loads of fun and I have my little crimson and pale rakling pets, which are darling.  I like the crimson one best, but then my main is a Sith Pureblood, so I could just be partial.  If you haven’t checked this out, I encourage you to do so before the event ends.  I haven’t seen an end date, yet, so you should have time.  Almar has posted a guide for the event over on the SWTOR site.

There are all sorts of pets to be found and I know I’ll be spending a lot of time working on the rest of them.

There are just so many cool things that I simply don’t have space to cover them all in one week.  I encourage you to check out Legacy and begin exploring for yourself.

That’s my two credits.  What’s yours?


  2 Responses to “My Two Credits: Legacy – The Good”

  1. The 30 free days came as a huge and welcome surprise. I don’t think anyone was expecting that at all. All the features are nice but there’s only one thing I was looking forward to, that of the new operation. What did you expect? 🙂 So far I’ve not been disappointed with the challenge it has presented.

  2. We poked our noses in the other night and got them bloodied. My ops group is very casual, so we need to get a bit better geared before we go back.

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