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Apr 242012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: SWTOR Events

by Maer

Game events!  I adore them.  I run around gleefully completing my list of things the first few days, long before the end of the event.  I spend hours finishing dailies, participating in boss kills and collecting whatever there is to collect.  Events are a main ingredient in my recipe for a successful game.  So how does SWTOR’s Rakghoul event stack up?

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First, let’s examine the overall event issue.  We definitely need more events in general.  They keep things going; give us a change from the normal in-game activities that can get boring after a while.  I can’t encourage Bioware enough to include more – a LOT more events.  They’ve made a good start and they need to follow this one up.  And sooner, rather than later.

We’ve all heard that Bioware doesn’t want to use our real holidays in the Star Wars galaxy.  I get it.  I really do.  And I agree.  But we must have some sort of holidays/events or we, as a player base, will lose interest and stop playing.  It’s all about new content and not just in patches.  I hope Bioware knows this and has many more planned.

Personally, I’d like to see a new event every six to eight weeks for a year.  Too much time in between and ennui starts to set in for me.  They can establish which holidays/events are the ones celebrated in the Star Wars galaxy and repeat those the second year.  Special, non-repeatable events like the Rakghoul event can be sprinkled in for extra fun.

This brings me to the second issue: the Rakghoul event itself.  Overall, I’ll give high marks for this event.  The dailies were fun and interesting.  The new pets I got are darling.  However, due to real life time constraints and not knowing how things worked, I missed out on several things.  It’s my own fault.  I should have done more research and gone into the event prepared, as I usually do.

I’ll know better next time, but I missed my title and I missed the last piece of armor.  Since this is a non-repeating event, I’m basically out of luck on this.  Again, my own fault, but the closet completionist in me was not happy.

I also missed out on most of the customizations for my companions.  This was not entirely my own fault.  I farmed (not bought) my DNA samples.  Yep, I spent hours in fleet getting infected and dying and doing my dailies for several days, anyway.  Off I went to buy nine boxes.

This should have given me nine customizations, right?  Nope, they weren’t unique.  So, I ended up with three Makos and two each of three other customizations.  Four “usable” customizations for alts that may or may not make it to fifty.  And nothing, nada, zip for my poor sweet Sorc’s companions, at all.

Bioware dropped the ball on that one.  I’d much rather have not had boxes at all and been able to choose which customizations I wanted to purchase.  I’d gladly have spent more than the twenty samples to do so.  Wasting precious hours only to end up with duplicates was disappointing.  Especially since my time had been limited to begin with.  Bad choice on Bioware’s part and I hope they take note and don’t make that same mistake again.

You could also use your samples to buy very cool green crystals with a black core.  This didn’t interest me much since I already have my purple light saber, but I must admit, it was pretty cool looking.

The last item from the vendor was the pale rakling.  A darling, ugly little guy.  Although, I must admit I prefer the crimson one from the dailies and find him irresistible.  Yes, I did get both.

Overall, Bioware did well on this event.  A few things that could have been improved, but it was fun, which is the point.  Now, if only they won’t make us wait too long for the next event, I’ll be even happier.

That’s my two credits on special events.  What’s yours?



  9 Responses to “My Two Credits: SWTOR Events”

  1. I agree! This was lots of fun and I want more events, I ended up with hundreds of DNA samples to spend and had a blast with this. The one thing I would change is the same as you– those customizations, heck even if they cost twice or thrice as much but only gave random unique ones useable by your faction would have been great. Either way I’m glad they did this event and I’m looking forward to future ones.

  2. @Snakedoctor I agree with you and Maer, this was a great event! I found myself really looking forward to doing the dallies.

    I played that “other” MMO and I played the events, but never felt I was able to fully participate because I was not max level. The way they scaled this event it had several levels of players able to enjoy get those DNA samples, even inventing a new sport…feverish fleet jumping 🙂

    Can’t wait for future events!

  3. It was not omgunsub, but it was annoying that all my bank alts, who were never going to do the event, kept dieing in front of the GTN/cargohold. It was even more annoying when they still died today after the event was over. Bioware and I have different definitions of “over” apparently.

    I also thought putting a boss in the PvP zone was tacky. Saying you are going to be a PvP only game is fine although it obviously dramatically reduces the number of customers you will have. But why have PvE servers and do stuff like this? It seems inconsistent.

  4. I LOVED this event! I actually looked forward to logging on to do the dailies to see what piece of armor I would get next! I have to agree with @Hagu on the whole GTN/cargohold infecting thing. I think if you zoned out of the Tatooine zone, the infection should have been removed. Maybe when the droid scans you before you get on your ship, it inoculates you or something. I think the event should have stayed on Tatooine. It would have been a lot more entertaining.

    While I believe there needs to be a reason to go into the PVP zone there on Tatooine, I don’t agree that an event boss should have been placed there. There are too many people that don’t PVP that should be “forced” to PVP to get the boss down or title.

    The companion customization kits were a NIGHTMARE!!! I farmed DNA samples until I was green and got 4 of Andronikos and 4 Mako and could never complete the set or get what I needed for my Imperial Agent or Sorcerer. Seriously thought needs to go into allowing us to “select” which kit we get if they are in the next event.

    I thought it ROCKED that the pets were not BOP. THANK YOU BIOWARE!! That was awesome! I could farm the DNA and send the pet to my alt.

    Too bad the armor was BOP instead of legacy. I have no need for it since we still can’t seem to get medium and heavy armor for anything. BIOWARE… we need social gear that is something more than light armor please! I want to use some of this by modding it, but since it’s light armor, it’s pretty much useless to me.

    Overall, outstanding event! We need MANY, MANY more! Thank you, BioWare!

  5. Loved it, and I understand some people being upset with a WB in a FFA area, but for me, and being lucky enough to be in a large guild of active and amazing players, was able to down the boss and get the title without much grief.

    However, the life it brought back to the Smugglers Den was awesome for one who casually enjoys PvP. Again, I think having a guild/friends really helped make this part enjoyable, but boy was it.

    The armor set is cool looking, just wish it was Heavy, like it looks. I would endgame with that look for sure.

    I loved how it was scaled to level and just about anyone who’d been playing for a couple weeks probably had at least 1 character that could participate.

    Overall I give it an A-. The only real issue I had was (like OP, due to my own lack of research) the companion customizations. I wanted Elara and Bowdaar. Well I got Elara, but then was kinda sad since we can’t hide companions head slots, the only time I see it, save for unequipping her helmet, is during cantina/ship cutscenes. Until I was told that the customizations were for humans only, I wasted 160 DNA samples buying box after box. 3 Corso’s, 2 Mako’s and a couple Sith companions later, I decided to go for the crystals only, which look awesome imho, but if I bought the SWTOR Naga Id be upset that my “exclusive” crystal was offered up as such an easy reward to get.

  6. I really loved the event, it was unexpected. Overall, it was well done and well thought. The only issue I had was with the infected companion costumizations. I ended up with 5 Kira Carsen, 2 Corso Rigg, 1 Malavai Quinn, 1 Andronikos Revel and 1 Mako… and I’m a sith juggernaut! 😛

  7. I guess I’m in the minority, but I am glad it’s over. (Although, like Hagu, my definition of over isn’t yet met since some *%&$ are still infecting me in wzs.)

    Personally, I loathed the fact that people kept infecting me all over the place. I didn’t really want any of the stuff or to do the quests, so it was just an annoyance as I would get infected in, or right before a wz, only to have the DOT break a channeled activity at the most inopportune moment unless I forked over another 2K for more vaccine. I think if you’re going to create a mechanic whereby people can grief other people endlessly, you should give me the option to kill them any time one of the infected griefers comes anywhere near me. 🙂

    That being said, I do agree with your general points. This tendency BW has to make rewards a totally random proposition — like when you turn in 24 commendations on a planet only to get a BOP item your class can’t even use — is annoying to say the least. If I have to do a lot of work to get the items I need to turn in for a reward, the reward should at least be usable. If it’s going to be 100% random, make it easier to collect the items.

  8. I know I’m a bit late for this discussion, but I felt compelled to add my thoughts.

    Loved the event, as it seems most (except for poor Khord) did. I think it was very well thought out (for the most part). The dailies were fun, if a bit long. It was a serious time commitment, and as a quasi-casual gamer this event basically guaranteed that all I did while the event was going WAS the event; there was no time for anything else. It was so fun that I didn’t mind it, however.

    I was amazed at how dedicated all of the players were to it as well. On our server at least (Space Slug) the population on the first day of the event was the same as the last. The way that Bioware (very wisely) added a new daily with a new gear reward for each day kept it fresh.

    I also think that it was genius to re-offer the gear at each daily opportunity. The first couple of days I thought I didn’t want the set, and took the DNA, but the game kept offering it as if to say, “Are you sure? It’s pretty cool. You sure you don’t want this?” Eventually I relented and decided I wanted the set after all (marauders are fickle), and if the dailies had been handled the way they are in *ahem* other games I would have been S.O.L. As it is, I still got the whole set and have been internally thanking Bioware ever since.

    I will jump on the hate wagon for the random customization thing. My sister and I were very fortunate in that we (eventually) got the customs that we wanted most, but neither of us could get the full set. I say “eventually” because the ONE custom my sister wanted (Andronikos) for her ONLY CHARACTER was the only one she couldn’t get for the longest time, and both of us worked to exhaustion to get it for her. It didn’t appear until mere hours before the end, so at least we got what we wanted, but it was a close call.

    I have a very dark place in my heart reserved for all the things I could never get in that other game (the Baron’s mount, drakes of various kinds, the Horseman’s mount), a game I had played since beta. I spent (literally) years going after those rewards only to be screwed by the RNG. I can’t describe how happy I am to have finished the rakghoul event with everything I wanted from it, including the title. The customization boxes almost started another dark list for SWTOR, so I hope they avoid that system in the future, but so far SWTOR remains darkness free!

  9. It’s never too late to post, Sawboss. 🙂 Thanks, everyone, for your feedback! I always love hearing what everyone else thinks. It’s nice that I’m not too far off the norm on this one.

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