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Apr 262012

HoloNet Links #43

This is NOT the computer tech you are looking for...

Star Wars: the Old Republic first in-game event has ended, although vendors still carry plenty of supplies serum for any remaining cases of the Rakghoul infection. Now sources are trying figure out if the Rakghoul infection somehow is responsible for Carla’s computer issues, but that’s another case altogether. So what was your take on the Rakghoul event? Maer gave us her thoughts in her article and wanted to hear your opinions.


Find out who else wants to know your opinion on the Rakghoul after the Jump…



  • James Ohlen wants to know your thoughts on the Rakghoul event

He is coming to the community again and wants your opinions. This time is it about the recent Rakghoul event. What did you like? What did you think needed some changes or completely taken out? James also wants your input on future events. What type of events would you like to see in SWTOR? Is there a specific planet or Star Wars theme etc. you would like to see used? All you need to do is send your thoughts, please make them constructive, to his Twitter account @JamesOhlen or the official game Twitter account @SWTOR or you can submit your thoughts on the past event and ideas for future events to the official forum thread. We at Corellian Run Radio would also love to hear your ideas for future in-game events. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

  • Dev Tracker Blog

Here is a link to this past week’s dev tracker blog. A quick and easy way for you to catch up on the past week’s developer posts. For instance, did you know there are more than two egg spawn points for a very special pet? Give the Dev Tracker Blog a glance, you just might be surprised what you find.


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This week has been pretty wild with the live in-game event, computer issues hampering CRR podcast this week (I am still thinking we blame the Rakghouls), but on the bright side Daniel is back with Force Lore. So while things are a bit hectic, CRR will soldier on. I urge you to take a look at this past week’s articles in the links below. Please take a moment to leave our authors your feedback in the article comment thread. We love to hear from you!

04/20 Operation: Information – Karagga’s Palace Tips and Tricks by Ghoztt

04/23 Guild Checkpoint featuring Serenity by Jason Taylor

04/24 My Two Credits: Legacy – SWTOR Events by Maer

04/25 Force Lore: Satele Shan, Part 1 by Daniel Sperelli


  • Mandalorian Girl shows us a different side to her writing talent

Many of you, who follow this article, know I enjoy fan-fiction, fan-art, and heck almost anything the community members create. One of my favorite fan-fiction writers is Mandalorian Girl, her ongoing saga about a Mandalorian learning the ways of the Force is just amazing and recommend it to anyone out there. Now this week she has posted something different, but no less creative…she has shared with us a poem. I will let the work speak for itself, but please let her know what you think of it on her site! The artwork I found by *overdrivezero on DeviantART.com

Ode to the Sith

By mandaloriangirl

He moves with a purpose,
exuding strength and might,
eyes looking onward,
toward the enemy in sight.

No fear in his heart,
just a whisper on his breath;
a curse to his opponent,
in his eyes, is only death.

His anger rises swiftly,
on his conscious, no remorse,
just a hunger for the violence
as he calls upon the Force.

His hand goes for the crimson blade
that rests upon his hip,
his fingers spread, as lightning bolts
rip from his finger tips.

He feels the fear around him
as the conquered try to flee;
he hears the screams of anguish,
but ignores the tearful plea.

He continues his assault,
they will die or they will yield;
a testament to power
for the empire he will build.

He moves among the fallen;
living legend, walking myth;
all hail to the Emperor
and bow before The Sith!


  • Blog for all of those Juggernaut Tanks (Jedi Guardians can look to)

image via Thrown Gauntlet

Yesterday I came across a Twitter follower’s site, Thrown Gauntlet. Being the curious person I am, I had to see this site. I found a blog all about tanking in SWTOR, from the perspective of a Sith Juggernaut. The site’s creator goes by Burek and has done an amazing job. Not just in providing a site dedicated for a specific class and role, but also includes very helpful video guides. He is not afraid to voice his opinion and say what he really thinks about a game mechanic, specific stat argument and whatever he thinks needs to be said in regards to the game or this class. This site is well put together and is easy to read. I especially love the use of graphics with Burek’s witty captions. Not only do I recommend this site, I suggest you bookmark and tell your guild leaders or OP leaders about the site. It can only help your tanks get better and that helps everyone! Below is just one of his video guides, all about using Force Push for the Juggernaut and Guardian, which also goes into other classes’ knockbacks.


It is a short HoloNet Links this week. As you read this, I am travelling on my way to the USQRA wheelchair rugby Nationals in Louisville, KY. I’m coaching the RHI Indy Brawlers, and we are playing this Thursday night to make our way into the final spot into the National tournament…win and we’re in! It is amazing a lot of the same tactics needed for a successful PVP match, Flashpoint, or Operation run…communication, knowing your role, and being ready on time are all needed to be successful in wheelchair rugby. I am hoping, no I know the team will “down the boss” and have no wipes 🙂

A little motivational speech using in-game footage & a music video using the song by the band Sick Puppies, “You’re Going Down.”


This song can apply to a specific boss in-game, task/chore at home or in our rugby team’s position taking down the team and moving on to Nationals… See you all next week!


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