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May 032012

HoloNet Links #44

Have you seen this Jedi Master?

The Jedi Master was last spotted prior to Patch 1.2 and Rakghoul Outbreak. This reporter went in search and started at the Jedi Temple on Tython. After surveying the on-going struggle with the Flesh Raiders, I made my way to the Jedi Temple. Everyone seemed to be going about their business as usual. I was told to meet the very Jedi Master, Master Muheeda, I was seeking to receive training. Upon reaching the upper level of the temple and making my way to the Holocron Library, I saw Master Muheeda…or was it?

More on the Jedi Master Mystery, UI feedback wanted & much more after the Jump…



Immediately the difference was quite clear…Master Muheeda had grown hair, in fact gray hair, his eyes were a different color and he now had facial hair…wait a minute he was not even a Rodian!!!


I questioned the Master about his specie change. He would only shake his head. As any good reporter, I had to find out the truth…so I continued to question this so-called Master Muheeda.



This must have struck a nerve, ah ha now we will get answers…or in this case he poised himself to attack a member of the press, namely me! Luckily for him I had another meeting to conduct back on Coruscant with a member of the Galactic Senate.


The case still remains a mystery. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the “real” Master Muheeda, or have noticed any other missing people in the SWTOR Universe, please contact me in the comment section below.


  • Bioware wants your feedback on UI Features

Below, Amber Green has started a thread in the forums for you to give Bioware your input on the User Interface. They are also interested in ideas for additions to the UI system in future updates. As before, please make your voice be heard on what you would like to see added to the UI, but be sure to make your suggestions in a constructive manner 🙂

AmberGreen General Discussion -> UI Feature Feedback Request

Hello everyone. Now that you’ve been able to use the UI Customization features implemented with Game Update 1.2, the developers would like to request your feedback. In this thread, please post to let us know what UI features or functions you would like to see implemented in the future.
We are already working on a few areas based on your feedback, such as additional hotbars and more customizable buff bars. While we do not have an estimate for when these features will be implemented, we are hoping that more great ideas will come from you!
Thanks in advance for your thoughts. We’re looking forward to seeing your suggestions.


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

This past week we did not have a podcast, but good news…Carla has her computer back!!! That means you all should be hearing a new podcast from Corellian Run Radio very soon! In the meantime please take some time to check out the great articles from the past week. Take a moment to leave our authors your feedback in the article comment thread. The writers love getting your comments, feedback or ideas for future articles. Maer’s article has really sparked some interesting feedback and we would like to hear your thoughts also.

04/27 Operation: Information – Explosive Conflict Review by Ghoztt

04/30 Guild Checkpoint featuring Defenders of The Faith by Jason Taylor

05/01 My Two Credits: Legacy – The Bad by Maer

05/02 Force Lore: Satele Shan Part 2 by Daniel Sperelli

Remember tomorrow is the 4th of May, or better referred as May the 4th Be with You day. Be sure to wear something that shows your Star Wars love, or maybe you have something more elaborate planned. One way you can show your Star Wars to fellow fans on May the 4th Be with You…send them an e-card from starwars.com. We would love to hear how you plan on celebrating in the comment section below!


  • Republic Trooper article on Combat Medic Changes

There have been many changes since Patch 1.2 has been released. Many of us, probably have not read all the patch notes as in-depth as we should. One area that is sometimes overlooked is class updates, especially if it is unclear or maybe not your class. This past week Mike Kern, from RepublicTrooper.com, wrote a great article about the changes to the Advance Trooper Class – Commando, specifically dealing with healing/combat medic changes. Mike does a great job of looking at each of the changes and breaks down exactly how it will impact the Commandos out there playing the role of healer.  Here is a quote from Mike.

“This patch changed my Medic in one very fundamental way. I found myself DPSing a whole lot less and concentrating on healing a whole lot more. It has taken me away from a “dual class” to a more focused class. I have to carefully consider my healing rotation and throw out my damaging abilities on the rare occasions I can spare the Ammo.”

If you want to read more of his in-depth article and more of his conclusions head over to RepublicTrooper.com and read his article.


  • SWTOR video

Guns & Roses’ song Civil War is used in this week’s video selection. Highlighted in the video, by Boshodoman, are the many conflicts throughout the game starting with Ord Mantell. It does a great job of being an entertaining music video with in-game footage, but also brings home the meaning of the loss that goes with any war or conflict. Now, I am not about to make a political statement, nor do I think that was the full intent of the video. That said it does cause a person to think about it a moment, just like the game has you thinking about the tough choices you make in the game. I am all about having fun and enjoying things for the sake of enjoyment, but it never hurts to think a bit about what each of our choices lead to both in-game and in everyday life. Okay, now without any further “soapbox” debate.


That is it for this week’s HoloNet Links. Is there a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR you would like us to highlight? Maybe you or someone you know deserves to be highlighted in our SWTOR Community Spotlight if so please email us at corellianrun@gmail.com or you can leave your links and suggestions in the comments below, or in the Facebook group.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes for our wheelchair rugby at Nationals! This is a great community…May the Force be with you all! See you all next week.

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