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Photo-Receptor Focus on: SWTOR Wish List

By Maer

Over the course of writing this column, I’ve mentioned things I’d like to see in the game.  Since we just recently chatted about the good and bad in Legacy 1.2, let’s now look at what we’d still like to have in the game.  Here’s my own Wish List.  This week, anyway.

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10.  Barber Shop – Yes, yes, I’m still singing this song.  I want to be able to change the style and color of my hair.  I like contrast in colors and my choices for hair color for a Sith Pureblood were all rather dark.  I wanted light and I’d like some other styles.  I only have a few styles I actually like and I tend to use them more than once.  Not good.  More colors and styles for all races, please.

9.  More Costume Choices – I love outfits.  I love color and diversity.  I don’t feel I have either one, yet.  The colors are drab for the most part.  I don’t expect us to get pirate outfits and such because they don’t fit in the SWTOR universe, but there has to be something that will give us more choices.

I like to be able to hold guild costume contests.  I can’t do that in TOR.  I’d also like to see the modded pieces have better style and color.  I have yet to find my Level 50 outfit that makes me feel good.  My Columni gear is just sad.  And makes me look fat.

8.  Better Speeders  – I’m still riding my first Level 50 speeder because none of the others makes me want to hurry up and earn commendations to get them.  I bought one of the boats, but only because of the status, not the look.  I’d like to see more variety in styles and again brighter colors.  Also speeders need to be faster.  Lots faster!

7.  More Pets – What I have are awesome.  They’re cute.  I want more.  I want pets that fly behind me.  I want colorful pets, too.  (Someone give Bioware the box of 120 crayons and take out the blacks, greys and browns, please.  They can have them back later on, but they need to master use of the reds, blues, purples, etc. first.)

6.  Props, Please! – Toys! I need toys.  Balls for games, special drinks that give fun effects, picnic baskets – something, anything that can be translated into fun times at guild events.

5.  Special Events – I loved the Rakghoul event, even though I missed part of the achievements.  I think we need more of these.  We also need better explanations, so we know what all is out there to do.  Google failed me in getting all of the information until too late.

4.  Annual Events – We need these.  Recurring events, with multiple tasks, quests, bosses that we can participate in and look forward to each year.  Eight to ten a year minimum would be good.

3.   Flight on Planets – Yep, I want to fly.  At max level, I want to skip over what I ran at Levels 10, 20, 30.  I want to soar above it all.  We have space travel.  Flying should be available.

2.  Crafting Improvements – We got a start at this in 1.2.  That trend needs to continue.  And gathering needs to be more fun, so I’ll want to spend time doing that.  The whole crafting thing was a great idea that just needs something to punch it into being fun.

1.   Merge Servers – We’ve dropped players from the usual attrition after a new game launches.  Even though we had several very large guilds on the Republic side at launch, we are now very light on that side on our server.  It’s time to consolidate and merge us with another server that has a high Republic presence.

That’s my Top 10 Wish List and my two credits.  What’s yours?



  9 Responses to “My Two Credits: Top 10 Wish List”

  1. I miss the costume customization that City of Heroes/Villains offered back when I used to play. The variety there was awesome and I’d love to see SWTOR get to that level. One thing that I would like to see that wasn’t on your list, Maer, would have to be Target of Focus Target. That might seem like a redundant option since we have Target of Target but it would really be useful to have. Healers could focus the boss and see who it is targeting while healing other players and dps could focus the tank so they know kill order (personal gripe). Thats the ops guy in me talking but that would certainly be useful option to have.

  2. 1) A functional open-world PvP area
    2) Chairs you can sit in!!!!

    All others dwarfed by those two…

  3. I’m concerned about implementing flying in the game. It would make the figuring out the holocrons obsolete. I think if they do add it, bioware would need to move to more challenging locations like the one on the fleet where you need to do several steps to find it or just remove them. What’s the point if you can just fly to them now?
    I’d like to see a LFG but server only, in 1.3 they are offering free server transfers to higher level plays from low population servers to higher population servers. I think this will take care of the long waits for LFG and keep the servers community tight.
    I’d like to see a friends list where I can put friends from different servers on and I can group with them. I play on a PvP server and a few friends aren’t interested in that so they play on PvE servers. I’d like to play flashpoints, operations or warzones with them.

  4. Good point, Niki. I actually hadn’t thought about the datacrons. I wonder if there’s a way to make those non-flying areas though. Like mini-instances. Some of them feel like that anyway. Although there are a few, I’d happily fly to. Nar Shadda, anyone? 🙂

  5. Maer, it was like you read my mind! S-c-a-r-y! :O
    Cool article as usual.

    10. Barber Shop
    Agreed. I’d also add a plastic surgeon.

    9. More Costume Choices
    Agreed. I’d also like a costume interface like in LoTRO.

    8. Better Speeders
    Agreed. Faster speeders but maybe with some zone exceptions (ex.: Fleets).

    7. More pets
    Agreed. I always liked the vanity pets. It’d be even better if we could take care and nurture our pet so that one day, it could be our mount (ex.: Tauntaun baby).

    6. Props, Please!
    Agreed. I’d suggest Pazaak and other gambling games on Nar Shaada. Also, ingame radio channels.

    5. Special Events
    Agreed. It brings a lot of fresh air and more activity.

    4. Annual Events
    Agreed. It’d be nice to have some annual events based on the actual star wars universe festivals.

    3. Flight on Planets
    Agreed. I don’t know how they should implement it though.

    2. Crafting Improvements
    In every mmos I’ve played, I play some music, chat and/or watch a movie while I farm some mats. I do the same thing in SWTOR and it works very well for me so far.

    1. Merge Servers
    This one should be their first priority, hands down. About three weeks ago, I rerolled on the Jedi Covenant and it’s like playing a whole new game! I wish every players could experience it.

  6. In decreasing order

    1) crafting & economy improvements – 200 mails and 50 GTN entries is quite inconvenient.

    2) Non-combat mods – this is really part of #1. I have twice as many crafters in WoW than my half-dozen in TOR and it is still easier. Being able to see what inventory is where is so convenient. Modded tooltips – when I see the tooltip of an item, I see how many each character has in their bags, bank, mail and GTN. Similarly, if I mouse over a schematic, I can see what characters know it. Plus GTN add ons are sorely needed.

    3) Web Access – a way to get my characters gear and inventory from the web. A way to get my realm’s GTN from the web. This is nearly as important as #2 and probably is a lot easier to implement. If I could download an XML file of my account’s inventory and known schematics, I could check it on another computer or the iPad even if it were not available in the tooltip as it should be. #3.5 is iphone/ipad access to GTN. I guess crew missions as well although that will probably make them worth much less.

    4) More character slots – I was out in November – 6 Imps one per crafting profession, IMP & Pub bank alts.

    5) copy 2 great non-RMT RL$ ideas from WoW – battle net accounts and annual subscriptions. A way to bind two accounts to the same legacy. So I can keep a GTN alt logged in while I am leveling a toon on the second account. Or dual-box. $15/month to buy 8 extra character slots would bring howls from the customers. Allowing a few people to have twice as many if they pay $30/month.

    Annula subscription – $20 for an iPad ap would cause the rabble to complain. But no additional cost if you sign up for a year allows them to feel the dreaded RMT is not here while EA get $ benefits.

    6) in combat macros/mods. At an absolute minimum mouse-over healing macros.

    7) events – I find I like the monthly DMF in WoW. Not near as annoying if RL schedule causes you to miss it than an annual or one-time event. But far less of a job to grind than dailies.

  7. One thing I have wanted to see since the first time I got a companion; I would like to see my companion riding with me in taxis and, if the speeder permits it, on my speeder with me. I grow attached to my companion, and I hate feeling like I am leaving them behind when I hop a speeder or taxi.

    Also, let the damn NPCs move around more. I feel so sorry for them always standing in the same place. They gotta be getting tired by now. =P

  8. I like it the way it is. (Mostly)

    Crafting needs a re-work but after the other games you want this molded from i do not want to farm mats for hours this was not “fun” for me.

    More pets “eh” ok ill go get them as well and they are nice and all but not real high on my list of things this game “needs”.

    World Events Id Sign off on but not as many as you were requesting. one every 6 months would sufice.

    On Planet Flying is not neccesary when you are at max level because you should have all the speeder loations unlocked and i feel this is sufficient.

    Faster Personal Speeders i would agree with and i beleive that all previous bought speeders should be as fast as the highest skill level earned.

    Props .. i could see how some people may want these but again not something the game “needs”. However they will probably implement this before they fix anything else.

    Options for customization i.e. barber shop plastic surgeon is definatley something i would be interested in tired of looking at the same face hair style color etc FOREVER.

    Over all i am happy with the direction that SWTOR is going. I am afraid that all the things that we want it to be more like will cause it to be just that, the other game and i hope bio ware stays to what they want not what wow heads want. I left those games because i wanted something fresh something different and now we just want it to be like other games no thanks. we dont need flying mounts we dont need pets and props, we need to just go with it as it was dezined wich is what it is. If this game however converts and adds addons and flying mounts and lfg tools etc. i might as well go back to Rift, WOW.

    If it isnt broke dont try to fix it. if it is broke dont ignore it and throw new broken things at me. Fix what is broken already then move on.

  9. I love your list! Like Void, I think having too many events will diminish the excitement of them and make them feel more like work. I think having an event 6-7 times a year (every other month) is about right.

    I HATE the boxy speeders that block everything, espcially the elevator button. They are entirely too big (espcially for one rider). I would love to see changes in that area.

    Crafting. What can I say? I LOVE crafting. I love having my companions go off and do their job and bring me back goodies, but I want continued improvements to crafting. 1.2 was a good start but keep on improving! LOL

    With the LFG tool headed this way in 1.3, I would really love to see something done about traveling from planet to planet. While there was finally an option to avoid the space dock between planets when leaving a planet, we are still forced to go there when traveling to a planet. Please remove the space dock altogether. Move those NPCs to the planet and get rid of if, PLEASE.

    I love, love, love your list.

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