May 282012

Highlighted Guild

  • Order of Coruscant – Galactic Republic

Many stories of success start from meager beginnings and grow from there. We look at this week’s guild, Order of Coruscant and they are a perfect example. Order of Coruscant was started before the early release period with only single digit number of members. Since then the guild has grown into one of the larger Republic guilds on their server. What is their secret for growth in Star Wars: The Old Republic? We will look into this and also talk about their leadership, not to mention their extensive event calendar.

More about OOC’s history, growth & love for SWTOR after the Jump…



  • Guild Q&A

How did the Order of Coruscant get its start? This guild has been around since pre-launch. How has OOC found the SWTOR experience since pre-launch, through launch and up to the present? Has or does the guild played other games?

* Order of Coruscant started out in Beta, three months before early release by six people. We have now become one of the largest active Republic guilds on our server, if not THE largest (Have yet to find out actual statistics). We were originally a group of gamers that have played various games together starting with Star Wars Galaxies. Our last major game, World of Warcraft, saw our members as part of the guild JustUs League of Dalaran. To date, our members find SWTOR to be one of the best games we have played. There have been a lot of changes since Beta, some for good and some for bad. For example, we do miss the ability to upgrade commendations to the next available type at a 2 to 1 ratio. We love the story, and we love the gameplay. We, as a guild, have high hopes for this game, and we know that there is work yet to be done… We will not be leaving any time soon!



What is the name of the server and server type the guild is located? What faction is Order of Coruscant, primarily associated with?

* We are located on the Master Zhar Lestin, which is a PVE server. We are mainly Republic!



The guild does have an association with an Empire guild. Can you explain how this works?

* When Order of Coruscant originally started, we had a sister guild. It was Imperial and had its own guildmaster and officers. Due to how many Imperial guilds exist; they could not really get the ball rolling, since our guild members were mainly staying on the Republic side. We broke off and the other guild dissolved, and we set up a guild specifically for Imperial characters of our guild members named Imperial Alternative.



The guild has a very unique backstory. Can you share it with our readers and how it came about?

* I wouldn’t say we have a unique backstory, more of a solid foundation. We have come full circle in our gaming experience because the majority of the founders in the guild started gaming together in Star Wars Galaxies. Here we are now, almost 10 years later, back inside of the Star Wars universe and we love every minute of it.



With such an in-depth backstory does the guild participate as a role-playing guild? Is there a place for RP gamers in OOC?

* This is actually an ironic question, and I will explain why. When we first started reading up on SWTOR we saw how story based the game was going to be. We also saw a very large roleplaying community beginning to grow. While we love feeling part of the game (Kudos to Bioware for making that happen) and we love the way we get to experience life through our character’s eyes, we are NOT a roleplaying guild. We do not discourage role-players from joining us, but as a guild we do not role-play at all. When Beta came around and it was time for creating a guild, we decided that we wanted the name to fit the game, as well as show that we were not role-players. Therefore, Order of Coruscant was born. Its initials, OOC, mean “Out of Character” in the roleplaying world.



From researching your guild, I have found it to be a very close, almost family like guild. How does this translate to gameplay in SWTOR?

* This right here is one of the greatest things about being a member of Order of Coruscant. We have grown more and more in numbers, and even though we are currently sitting at 310 members (Yes some of those are alts, but not as many as most think), we remain a pretty close knit group. Whether we are talking in guild chat or in Ventrilo we treat each other as family. We even believe in the “Pay it forward” system. If a guild member needs something, and we can get it for them, they can pay that act back by helping out another guild member in need. That system has worked out very well for us.


Besides being close, you all have to be the most organized guild, especially with your calendar. How much work is it to organize that? Is there one or are there more that work on it? How does having everything clearly planned, out to the hour help with running the guild?

* We actually do our best to provide the tools our guild needs to get things done. Our website, Facebook page, and Ventrilo helps us make things happen. The hierarchy of OOC is the three guildmasters, who run the major decisions for the guild… our Guild Council, who handles the day to day affairs of the guild… and our Captains, who deal with the weekly planning for guild runs and events. By utilizing all the available people and tools at our disposal, it has been pretty easy to make things happen. The only issue we run in to at times is organizing events for lower level members because of the wide ranges of levels we have throughout the guild. In that case, we utilize more of the “On the fly” method of gathering people for groups. It seems to work out better that way.



What would you say is OOC’s personality as a guild? Sometimes the casual label is looked down upon, how does OOC embrace casual while keeping members and above all having fun in SWTOR?

* Actually, casual is the only way to go to be honest. We do not have anything in our guild that is mandatory to be a member. The only exceptions to that rule are the ability to be in Ventrilo during Operations runs and 8 person team PVP, once it is put in. Other than those, players can come and go as they see fit. If they RSVP for a guild run that was announced, and they miss that group, that’s ok… there are always more that we can pull from. We do not believe a player has to be in guild runs X amount of hours per week or they are out. That is not what this guild was founded on. As far as our personality goes, we are very passionate gamers and are here to have fun… any way we can get it!


What are some things in SWTOR that have attracted guild members and folks to join the guild to play this game? Are there areas that have frustrated or caused members to leave the game?

* Well, first and foremost is that… its Star Wars! We get a lot of people who have played the game simply for that. The storylines are fantastic, and really makes you feel like you are part of the game… not just playing it. Bioware has brought some unique qualities to the table that gives us great hope for its future. As for frustrations, sure… there have been some. We are gamers after all, and gamers are sensitive at times when their game is messed with. PVP changes, gameplay mechanics, and the hope for certain content to be released with an upcoming patch that didn’t quite make the cut are all things that contribute to this. It is the same with many MMOs, and those that have left we hope the best for them.



Is the guild excited for the new Group Finder feature coming in Patch 1.3? What are some things the guild or yourself would like to see in Patch 1.3 or 1.4?

* Group finder will be a bigger help for lower level members in my personal opinion. It may also contribute to some of our level 50s who want to run content on the fly. Are we excited for it? Sure we are! Anything that brings players together to enjoy the content more is well worth it! As for what we would like to see with 1.3 and 1.4: Less cosmetic changes and more content additions, cross server PVP, 8 person team PVP groups, more level 50 flashpoints with Columi token drops and Rakata pieces, and personally… for myself… Fix space!  I have never been a fan of the space content, and even James Ohlen calls it “The Space Game” instead of just Space. I would like to see more than just a mini-game space on rails simulator and have them bring the “Star” back to Star Wars.



Is Order of Coruscant recruiting at the moment? If so what classes/advance classes does the guild need?

* Order of Coruscant is always recruiting! We accept all levels and classes. If we do not have a spot you can fit in, we will make one. We are currently working on fleshing out a 3rd Operations group for PVE content… and we are always looking for people who enjoy PVP as well!

OOC has a spot for you...ready to join?


For people wanting more information about the guild or wanting to apply for membership into OOC, what steps do they need to take? Who should they contact in-game or via website/email?

* Well first, if you would like to join Order of Coruscant… please make sure you have a character on Master Zhar Lestin. We have actually been contacted by people on other servers wanting to join us. To join, you can either ask a member with our guild tag over their head (we are kinda all over the place) or feel free to send an email to If you are a guild master looking to form an alliance with us, send an email please and someone will contact you asap.


In my opinion, Order of Coruscant holds true to an important principle of being willing to assist others or “pay it forward.” That kind of thinking might seem old fashion, but it seems to be working for the guild Order of Coruscant. This is something we all can do for each other and not only inside the confines of the game world. Thanks to all the members from the Order of Coruscant. I want to thank one of the Co-GM, Eric Phillips. He was very generous with his time to get all the questions to the guild and answered…mind you this is during Memorial Day weekend. That is just a taste of commitment and if the guild is half that committed casual or not, this guild is one you would have fun playing SWTOR. Be sure to check out their website for more information about their guild story and their event calendar.

Does your guild have a unique way of playing SWTOR or something that sets your guild apart from the rest? Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP let us all hear about your guild! So if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!


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