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Jun 042012

Dr Muzyka came to the stage during EA’s presse conference during E3. Not much, if anything was expected to be said regarding SWTOR during this convention. This assumption was wrong. After giving an update on the game and how well it has been doing in only its first 6 months, he then went on to talk about the future. He confirmed the following items coming soon to SWTOR:

  • Free to play through level 15
  • New planet – Makeb planet with storylines based around the Hutt Cartel
  • New Companion – HK-51
  • New playable specie – Cathar
  • New level cap and abilities
  • New Operation New Warzones and Ranked Warzones
  • LFG (Looking For a Group) tool

Yes, there is no timetable on these additions, but for a new MMO to be giving out this much content is huge and also confirms that BioWare and EA commitment to see this game to continue to grow. There are improvements needed in the game, but they are listening.

  11 Responses to “E3 Announcement”

  1. I just saw the video about the E3 announcement. I’m pleasantly surprised about everything. All those things (beside LFG), are they planned for Update 1.4?

  2. excited!

  3. OMG! Awesome, but did he have to say “soon”? LOL I love the additions I am hearing, how about you guys?

  4. He did not give any real timetable, but he did say this year.

    The major thing I took from the announcement, was they are listening and are working to make changes, fixes, and content. The one item that surprised me the most is raising the level cap, but it really needs to be done. In fact, I would like to see less XP given for quests, pvp, etc. It shouldn’t be a grind, but it is fairly easy for people to level up…not to mention with Legacy System updates coming, players will be able to get more XP for certain game mechanics they choose.

    Bottom line, this was an unexpected bit of good news! 🙂

  5. I agree with the XP part. You can level so fast in SWTOR, it’s borderline ridiculous. Since they can’t lower the xp gain rate from lvl 1 to 50 without players going crazy against it, I think they could do it from lvl 50.

  6. @Sam They could change the XP rate. It would be just a matter of changing the equation in the code or increase XP requirements for levels, but I doubt they…although if there are developers reading, please consider the XP rate 🙂

  7. Yes if they are erading consider the XP rate and leave it alone. Just one more thing that would break this game. Also If and when this game goes free to play it is eccepting its fate that no one is willing to pay to play this game that you will give it away for a little while. This is a game ender for me. Yay for new content new planets new abilities but somehow i think it will be broken out the box and there will be even more bugs to fix without fixing the current bugs.( what this game has bugs? oh wait thats page 9) Sorry to be a troll or negative nelly here but what else am i good for. Oh and a LFG tool for the people that wanted it, i dont want to hear any one cry when it doesnt work right or you still waited for hours for people to use it. Also i dont want to hear that it cost you a crap load of credits in repair bills because the pug groups you joined thru the LFG were 12 year old kids that are on their dads account and have no idea how to play the toon and you wipe every pull. So thank you bioware for new “buggy broken” things.ok iam now ready to laugh as you comment on my post and yell and flame me for my negativity. Void out!

  8. yeah, SWTOR definitely has a high XP rate and I’ve been “rested” 99.9% of the game at this point. I think a XP rate change would be helpful to slow things down a bit, especially since things like WZ and Space effect it. If you do a lot of PVP you can get over leveled real fast which I think for some people was not desirable. I personally didn’t mind being a little over because as a Jedi Knight it made me feel more epic being able to confidently go in and take on large groups at a time, I’m lvl 50 and still finishing my Class Story. 😛 For others though it can lead to wanting to skip large chunks of planets just to get to the next area/challenge and thus miss out on the great content that the game does have to offer. Anyways, I’m looking forward to all these additions and can’t wait for “soon”!

  9. @Void Thanks for your opinions and comments.

    I do have a question, why is giving levels 1-15 as incentive meaning the game is ending? Did you or others think that WoW was going away when they gave free trials of level 1-20 for free?

    In this economy and the number of MMOs every company will try several marketing plans and for a subscription based game that would include giving a trial period or in this case levels for people to try the game. TSW is not even out and has sent offers to Beta testers for in-game items and also free game time…this is an offer for free game time on a game not even released. The companies that do not change their tactics in this economy and flooded genre, will not be around long-term.

    As for bugs, what game has no bugs? I am no hating on your comments just asking questions. If you do know of a game that is bug free let me know so I can buy or sign up for it 🙂

    Does the game need changes, fixes and address endgame content?…yes. I do think this announcement at E3, which nobody saw coming, is a huge step of addressing that they are listening to the community and are committed to improving this game for the long-term. I also think the pay model will evolve. That does not mean free-to-play, but I do think EA and BioWare both have shown they have had success in micro transactions, like vanity items – pets, looks, speeders etc.

    Keep the discussion going. Thanks for all the great comments 🙂

  10. I left after the promised Rated WZ’s were promised and then scrapped for Legacy crap. Fluff over game functionality I always say! Way to go BW.

  11. while I understand the frustration of that @Jamie I think we would have all been more pissed if Ranked WZ released in 1.2 and were broken/buggy.. I think Bioware has done a good job at trying to give us quality over quantity.

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