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Jun 252012

Highlighted Guild

  • Maven – Galactic Republic

Many of us are getting ready for June 26th so we can update to Patch 1.3. The big news is Ranked Warzones are coming to SWTOR in this patch (Many are saying, finally). It just so happens, as SWTOR is gearing up to make some needed improvements to PVP, this week’s guild’s focus is PVP.  Maven is a group of gamers that strive to excel and dominate in all aspects of PVP while being respectful and not acting like “elitist jerks.”

More about the PVP focused guild Maven, after the Jump…


The word Maven, in fact means expert, but that doesn’t have them acting like jerks, they keep their egos in-check and prefer to let their wins and scores reflect their skill rather than cheap words. We will learn how this PVP guild was started, their approach to PVP and even their thoughts on improvements that could be made in SWTOR.


  • Guild Q&A

How did the guild Maven get its start?
Maven was formed in Rift under a different name (Absolution). The Co-GM (Taugrim) and I of Maven were in a guild that had the typical crap guild issues so we decided to transfer our characters to another server. We were enjoying the game but not enjoying our play time within that guild. So, I looked elsewhere to see if we the grass was greener on the other side. We knew several players from other games that I knew me and Taug had played with in the past. So we made the move and a few people followed. We created Absolution on the server we checked out the 1st time we transferred. During that time Taug and I briefly discussed guilds and all the issues that come with running guilds, how it’s a hassle to find good guilds every time a new MMO comes out. Taug and I both had both played lots of games in the past- been in lots of guilds- so we decided to go ahead and make a full effort at running our own guild and see how it goes. Our time, on that 1st server we transferred to didn’t last long before the server went south so we decided to look for that green grass again and transferred the guild to a new server. The guild name Absolution was taken so we had to come up with new guild name. We spent a few days talking with the current guild members about a new guild name and we just couldn’t settle on a name, then Raust mentioned Maven, it like it was BAM!, everyone liked it right from the start, wasn’t no need to look any further.


What type of server/faction and server name is associated with the guild? Is this the server the guild the game on?
Maven will always choose some type of PVP server, mostly RP-PVP. We find the players much less annoying on a RP-PVP server. But I’m going to be honest, SWTOR has opened my eyes up to the possibility of playing PVP only type servers. The Fatman server has a great community and has been the only server in the game that has been full to heavy on server status from the beginning.
When SWTOR was launched, we started out on Jung Ma. We had been playing with some players Taug and I knew from other games, a guild called Irony. At the time we made that 2nd transfer, Rift players were dropping like flies. They had released a patch that totally destroyed PVP with class-balance issues. So we spent a lot of time grouping up with Irony just to fill groups. When SWTOR was launched we decided to merge with Irony on Jung Ma. Jung Ma in the beginning had a major faction imbalance that Taug and I knew from the beginning would be a problem. So before we had even gotten close to level 50 we made some Republic characters on Ajunta Pall and got Maven going. After playing on Ajunta Pall for a couple weeks, we knew that was the server to play on- a server we decided to make our home.


How did the guild react at first to the thought of transfers? Since switching to the destination server how does Maven think it went and how does the game feel since the move?
Honestly, the server transfers couldn’t come fast enough. All of Maven (that was still playing) couldn’t wait for the transfers. I personally was a little surprised why they merged the RP-PVP servers to Jung Ma. Transfers went perfectly with just a little trouble getting everyone transferred over and tagged, but that was a given. Jung Ma now is a blast, competition is simply outstanding. Republic and Imperial queue-pops are fast. The game is at a great state at the moment, even though there are a lot of players still unhappy with certain things and there are a couple class-balance issues, the game is still ticking along. How long though? Well, that depends…


Maven is a PVP guild. What does it take to be a PVP guild successfully?
Respect, patience and a whole lot of determination with some skillful players that communicate with each other about the good, bad and the ugly. Communication is the key in any guild. Not leadership or how many members you have. It’s what those guild members do as a team.


Some people hear PVP guild and automatically assume the negative. What are some common misconceptions associated with being a PVP guild?
That we are all Elitists? That we are all kids wanting to be something that we’re not? Yes, PVP- types have gotten a bad rep because of those types of players and there are a lot of them. But not all of us are like that. Maven is a mature guild, a lot of the members are actually 30 plus years of age. We actually like going up against those types of players.
I think it all comes from the competitiveness of PVP in any type of game. PVP attracts certain types of people…those people are the ones that thrive on the competitiveness of a game to have fun. When you have the “other type” trying to PVP, for the 1st time or whatever, things can get ugly. Honestly, there is nothing you can do about it really, it’s something that will always be there. Game developers of MMO’s can’t put in different levels of PVP like there is in a lot of the console games. You know easy mode, hard mode etc, etc.


Even though Maven treats each other as family, what requirements are there for guildmates?
When we recruit someone to the guild, or when we have open recruitment, we look for like-minded people. People who love to PVP, have good communication skills and can take a little criticism. Once we get them running with us, we check out if they are mixing with our current members and see if they fit in. We have some great people in the guild, all of us are very easy to get along with so that’s usually not an issue at all. Last, but not least, we look for people who show us they can PVP. If you’re going into matches and freaking out, back peddling into walls and off cliffs or into fires, off soloing most a match or in world PVP… you’re not a Maven.

Some responses as to why members chose Maven:

Maven chooses people not just on the basis of their PVP ability, but with an eye towards creating a long term community of friends. Ultimately SWTOR, or any other game, is just a pastime, and people will eventually move on and become interested in other things. What lasts are the relationships you build. I love playing with these guys (and gals), but I also like hanging out in vent and fooling around on the fleet as much as I like winning Warzones. But I do really like winning Warzones. – Nallard


I picked Maven due to the players. These guys are students of the game, they are constantly learning and testing to perform their best. When I got into the guild, I quickly realized that while we are all competitive, this really is a family oriented guild, that realizes real life commitments and issues come first. I have been very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful “family”. Maven has always been one of the most respected guilds on the servers we have played on and that is largely in part to the type of community we have built with players that respect one another and the other players of the game. – Sojourn201


What aspects of PVP does the guild embrace in SWTOR?
Team work, it’s the most important thing in an MMO. One player’s skill will affect an outcome of a match, but a team of players working as one will be unbeatable. It’s not always about the DPS.


Is the guild excited for Ranked Warzones in Patch 1.3? Besides Ranked Warzones, what are some areas BioWare needs to address in PVP?
We lost a lot of players because there was no ranked or full 8-man queuing. Those that are still playing SWTOR are extremely excited about Rated Warzones, I’m hoping that when they are released, a few of our guildmates come back for a little bit of competition.  As for Bioware and what they need to do, I could go on and on about… and so could most of my guild mates. Bioware did a great job on the release of SWTOR, but have failed keeping their PVP customers happy.


If your guild were in charge of Open World PVP in SWTOR, what changes and/or incentives would Maven make?
Open World PVP can be a lot of fun, there are lots of things Bioware should/could have done to make it more appealing for players. Ilum had a great set up, it’s a beautifully built map. In my opinion, it they would have had more objectives on the map instead of just controlling set points and getting a buff from it. They could have a lot more quests along with those objectives as well. Ilum was lacking in a lot of ways, that’s why they bailed on it. We were out there daily though, banging away at it, we had a lot of fun and I know other players/guilds did too.
Players have set up World PVP events which are awesome, but I think it’s hard to get everyone to do World PVP at a certain time on a certain day. We gamers that thrive off of PVP need those Word PVP maps to go out and have fun all the time, not just for a daily/weekly or once a day. Should be something to do whenever we are bored at any time… and get some type of reward for the time spent out there World PVPing. Not just a buff, not just a fluff title or gear.


Here are a few ideas for Open World PVP a few members in Maven:

Well no one is going to like this answer, but my fix would be, I kill you I can take your stuff. It doesn’t have to be all your stuff, but cash, 1 item, just something. This will never fly in today’s MMO generation so my alternate answer would be a zone like isle of Quel’danas in WoW in the BC days. This zone had daily quests that every faction needed and it was a relatively small map. There were constant battles. At first it be a sort of “truce’ but then some rogue would get antsy and gank someone. Then the ganked soul would call it out in general chat and before you know it, u had world PVP going on. If SWTOR did something like this and gave some decent rewards for killing people (maybe get 10 ranked WZ commendations per 5 people killed subject to diminishing returns so people don’t farm each other all day), I think it will definitely bring open world PVP out. – Kish


After the giant failure that was Ilum I would start again with a couple small changes for Open World PVP. The first thing I would do is create a place close to the PVP vendors on the fleet where players can duel each other. I don’t think they will ever save Ilum at this point its reputation has gotten too bad. Now if they created a similar PVP area with a faction cap would still not solve the problem. Waiting in line to play your game is just not fun and would only frustrate people who have imbalanced servers. They need to incorporate a bolster mechanic that improves your stats when you are outnumbered. – Gildartz


They need to revamp world PVP all together there needs to be a common needed resource in the zone to bring people there. Maybe give ALOT more valor commendations for killing people or something. (When asked if incentives would help OW-PVP) I’m not much for trade skills so I would care less but I’m sure if you needed like say fuel for a guild capital ship and it was in the enemy’s base or something it would be interesting. – Zelek


What does the guild consider to be its greatest accomplishment to date in the game?
Maven has become one of the best and we’ll continue to be one of the best in whatever game we are playing, and we’ll do it with class and style.



Is Maven recruiting? If so does the guild look for specific classes/roles?
Maven is not recruiting at the moment, but we are always keeping our eyes out for players that really shine in PVP.


If people are interested in learning more about the guild Maven, how would they contact or get best get information?
The best way to find out about us, would be to join our site. Post on our public forums, look through our site. Our site will be continuously evolving just like the guild will be. Other than the site, contact any member in game, if we’re not in a match that is.


Thanks goes out to all the members of Maven for their help and responses to my forum questions. I would especially like to thank Warzdak, the guild’s GM for taking all the time to help make the article possible. I wish nothing but the best to the members of Maven in SWTOR as they make their presence felt now on the Jung Ma server and in everything they do outside the game.

Is your guild going to be a force to be reckoned with in Ranked Warzones? Or maybe your guild focuses on progression? Whatever your guild is good at or takes pride in why not share it with the rest of the SWTOR community? To get the word out about your guild, all you need to do is email me at jason@corellianrun.com along with your guild’s website address and we will see if we can get your guild highlighted on Guild Checkpoint at Corellian Run Radio.


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