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By Daragg
Intro by Ghoztt

With patch 1.3 released, we now have the ability to add an augment slot to all 14 pieces of gear.  In most cases, this is an increase of 252 to your main stat and 168 additional endurance.  This is huge!  I began to do the legwork on researching what it takes to make the augment slots but fortunately a guild-mate of mine already did most of it.  He wrote up a nice piece for those who were still unsure about what you will need in order to make these augments.  Hope you enjoy it! – Ghoztt, the shameless collaborator.

By Daragg

Augmenting your slots will not be free or cheap.  People who are willing to go that extra way to make their toons better, either in heals, dps, or tanking, should prepare to dish out some credits to make this happen.  Depending on the server, you could be looking to spend around 100k credits for the augment.  Then the augment kit will be an additional 100k+ depending on who is selling them.  Lastly it’ll cost you another 30k per piece of gear you will be augmenting.

You will be saving yourself some credits if you have already took the time to get some of your gear augmented.  What is nice is some gear is usable for multiple specs (I.E. Sith Sorc.).  If you need someone to change to heals mid raid (with the 1.3 legacy perk), they can use some of their off pieces of gear that are already augmented. That way they won’t have to augment their off piece.  Some of you may be thinking if it’s really worth going for these augments.  Well, for both PVE and PVP styles of play it is necessary to do it. The stat increases to everyone’s main stat (aim, cunning, willpower, strength) affects multiple secondary stats. So, why wouldn’t you make your toon better?

Who can make them

The three professions that are able to make the augment kits are Armormechs, Synthweavers, and Armstechs.  As for the rest of the professions, they can still make green items and RE them to get the Augmentation Slot Component to make the kits.  The only thing you’ll have to do is find a person that can use them or sell them on the GTN.  Also, to make the Augments themselves you’ll need grade 6 blue grade slicing mats.  Items that will not yield the augment component are stims, adrenals, and armorings/mods/enhancements.  Of course, in order to save some credits you may be able to purchase items off the GTN that are made by other players in order RE them and get the components required.

Materials required

Getting the components for different tiers of augment kits is fairly simple:

  • MK-1 kits require level 10-16 green gear.
  • MK-2 kits require 17-24 green gear.
  • MK-3 kits require 25-32.
  • MK-4 kits require 33-40.
  • MK-5 kits require 41-46.
  • MK-6 kits require 47+.
  • Note: MK-5 and MK-6 both require appropriate grade 5/6 slicing mats in order to create


For Armormechs, the required materials to make the augment kit will be:

  • 2 Subelectronic Data Modules (slicing grade 6 mats)
  • 10 Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
  • 2 Durasteel
  • 2 Thermoplast Flux
  • 2 Zal Alloys


Synthweavers will require:

  • 2 Primeval Artifact Fragments
  • 2 Subelectronic Data Modules
  • 10 Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
  • 2 Cortosis Substrates
  • 2 Upari Crystals


Armstech requires:

  • 2 Subelectronic Data Modules
  • 10 Augmentation Slot Component MK-6
  • 2 Durasteel
  • 2 Thermoplast Flux
  • 2 Zal Alloys

***The time required to make each of these is 25 minutes each, due to the Kit being of Blue quality.

Applying the Augment

After you obtain the kit that coincides with your augment level, you will then travel to your crew skill area to find the Augment table. There are two tables on each faction’s fleet. Once you approach the table you will click on it and it will open the workbench.  From there you will click on the upper right hand box to select which piece of gear you would like to augment first.  At the bottom of the workbench is a button that reads “Add Augment Slot”. There you will select which MK augment kit you would like to add onto your gear.  Applying the augment kit to your gear will not be free.  Each kit will cost a certain amount to apply: MK-1=1000, MK-2=2500, MK-3=4000, MK-4=6000, MK-5=15000, and MK-6=30000.

Ghoztt here again! I’d like to take the time to thank my guildmate Daragg for making my life easier this week by putting together this article.  As you can see, it is a bit of a hassle to augment your gear.  You may only be able to afford to do a few slots a week, but the gains in stats are absolutely phenomenal.  This all goes back to min-maxing your slot items to gain as much benefit from the items that are out there. So save up those credits and augment, augment, augment!

Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

  4 Responses to “Operation: Information – Augmenting Gear”

  1. Thanks Daragg and Ghoztt. This is very helpful!

    Question: Are there any drawbacks or cautionary tales to keep in mind? For example, I have a mix of mostly Rakata and some Columi gear. I’ve been wondering what gear to augment first taking 4-piece set bonuses into consideration, or if I want to remove those Rakata/Col mods and put them into more attractive crafted gear and add augments to those instead. I assume you can change out the actual augment (the mix of the installed stats) as often as you like once the MK-6 augment slot is part of the gear piece.

  2. Hey Thross! Thanks for the comment. The only drawback of augmenting your gear is that it can cost a lot of credits. If you can’t do them all at once then augment your best pieces first as they are less likely to be changed out. No sense in augmenting a columi piece if it is only going to be replaced with Rakata or better the following week. Now then, if you want to take out the mods out of your set bonus gear then keep in mind that the Columi/Rakata pieces don’t transfer set bonuses. It only applies to Campaign gear and the set bonus is actually tied to the armoring piece. If you don’t care about keeping set bonuses then, by all means, swap out the mods and augment them. Once the item is augmented you can swap out any augment into it at will. That’s actually pretty reasonable, around 15-20k if I recall correctly.

  3. You can make MK-6 with level 47 or higher. I made all of mine with level 47 gear.

  4. I blame Daragg for not doing full research! 🙂 Thanks for the correction, Mia. It would appear that the high end Grade 5 materials will indeed yield MK-6 augment components. I’m not sure if that was changed since it was on PTS since thats what this article was originally based on but it is good to know that you can make them with 47 stuff too.

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