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Jul 022012

Highlighted Guild

  • Alpha Imperium – Sith Empire guild

At some point in our lives’ we all have gone through tough times and had to make changes and adapt our goals. This can happen to players and guilds alike. While changes in the gaming world may not be as important, they are not easy and take work to see through. This week’s guild, Alpha Imperium is working through changes from population drops to now character/server transfers. Though the guild has had to adapt their goals for the time being they remain determined and eager to meet the challenges head-on.

More on how Alpha Imperium is adapting for the future after the Jump…




  • Guild Q&A

When did Alpha Imperium get its start as a guild? How did the guild come about the name for the guild?

The guild formed in 2003 on Star Wars Galaxies, it was meant to be a guild who was more interested in creating a community where everyone was welcome, not just those who fit into a more elite category based on play time, gear or ability.  Through this mentality we are able to have a group of players who are able to help out those who are new to the games we are involved in or help those who may not understand what to do when getting to endgame.  In terms of entering into a new game it also provides us with a group of players who are all figuring it out together, and are able to meet and overcome new challenges quicker and easier.  We don’t want to discourage casual players, but rather provide them with a community that will be able to meet their goals on their terms.



What faction, server location and type of server did AI decide on and why?

The guild was originally placed onto the Death Wind Corridor PVP server.  PVP had a place in Star Wars Galaxies so setting up on a PVP server was the most logical choice, initially however there was a strong PVE component to the guild running Operations, however since the decline of server populations we have migrated to focusing primarily on PVP content in the game, and working towards building a core group of players for Ranked Warzones, and hopefully when Bioware is able to get it together, Open World PVP.



With the development of the Legacy System does the guild have a presence on the opposing faction to gain more Legacy benefits?

Alpha Imperium started out life as a Imperial only guild, with the plan to eventually set up a Republic side on another server, but this was before legacy was announced, then when Death Wind Corridor was hit hard by declining populations, we looked at our options and decided to move to the Fatman, since this was only a short time ago now, we all were aware that transfers, or mergers were likely and decided instead of re-rolling on the Imperial faction we would look at starting on the Republic side.  Given the legacy content, we were hoping that when mergers happened, our Imperial and Republic sides would be able to merge, but this didn’t happen, and we went with the original vision of the guild having separate guild factions on separate servers.  We are still hoping to bring these sides together in the future.



The guild has a philosophy of 4 areas each member of the guild must strive to uphold?

Our code of conduct is in place so all our members have a good in game experience and that others playing in the game will have a good impression of us and the guild.  We feel that this benefits the entire community that we are part of not just ourselves.

When it comes to participation we expect that all members are available for all other members.  This doesn’t mean that we don’t have single player moments in the game, just that if someone needs help there are others around who are able to provide assistance, or instead of many of our members queuing for warzones solo there is then encouragement for them to group up.  This allows us to be more competitive and also get to know one another’s play styles.

Our communication section is just that, we have tools in place for our members to be able to communicate effectively, both in and out of the game.  This includes our teamspeak, our website and in game chat.  When we are using these tools we are better able to organize and coordinate guild events such as fight nights, PVP, or operations.

The ownership section covers the fact that the guild is an in game community.  That if we are all in game we are better able to create our own content, and that each member may help guide the direction of the guild, by recruiting more players, helping one another out in terms of leveling and gear so that at end game there is a better equipped group of players who can participate in all aspects of the guild in game.



Along the same lines as the previous question, how does the guild leadership work and how does the system of promotion or demotion work within Alpha Imperium?

Right now AI is going through server transfers, and we find ourselves in the same position as many other guilds, we’ve lost players along the way and are currently in the process of restructuring and rebuilding around a core group, most of us have been playing together since soon after the game came out and there are some who have been with the guild since its inception in 2003.  Right now all new members who are coming in to the guild will be placed into the Initiate Phase, this will help us to get to know each other and determine if our goals and play styles will be compatible.  After this phase is complete there is the Member rank, they have a little more responsibility, and we ask everyone of this rank to contribute, be it in crafting, donations to the bank, or helping initiates feel welcome into the guild.  Veteran is an extension of this rank, but for those who have been around for a while.  After that we get into our Squad leaders, and these are people who have more responsibility in encouraging people to group up for Warzones, or operations, the goal is for these players to be contributing to the guild community every time they log in, however most of our members regardless of rank are happy to do this anyway.  Our officers are around to help recruit new players and to help everyone find their place within the guild, these positions are offered to players who we have trust in and who wish to have the responsibility that comes with the rank.



I came to find out you are the interim GuildMaster, how has this new job been to undertake? What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome and what has been the biggest reward in this position?

This came up more from necessity, guild transfers came about at a time while our guildmaster had taken some time away from the game because of a new addition to his family.  The biggest obstacle right now is reorganizing on the new server, making sure we are all finding our place again, getting the bank setup, and making sure everything is in place for our guildmaster’s return, we all want to make sure that everything transition as if nothing happened at all.



The guild also has multiple groups to cover the major gaming aspects in SWTOR. Can you tell us what each section is called? How do these inner groups function within the guild?

Because the guild has been in transition and has shrunk down to a core group of players these sections of the guild aren’t being used.  Death Company, the Legion, and the Trade Federation are now being made up by everyone in the guild.  These were in place to give the guild presence in all aspects of the game, working on getting the harder achievements, and titles.


As it states on your website, all members can be in Operations, but what does it take to be in Legion, the guild’s high level progression and Operations group?

This is the area that probably suffered the most with the population decline, because PVP functions so much better on high population servers the migration to the Fatman in a way separated our core group of players into PVP and PVE, some of them left the game, some of them went on to other things, and some stayed on Death Wind Corridor and found new guilds.  Since transfers we’re starting to see some of them come back again, and we’re hoping to get some weekly operations going right away.



The next group is Death Company, the guild’s premier PVP unit. What does it take to make it in Death Company? What different types of PVP does Death Company oversee?

Death Company used to be our core group of PVP’ers, but since the move to Fatman the focus of the guild has changed to a balance between PVP and PVE to one that focuses almost entirely on PVP, so in effect Death Company is now everyone in the guild. While gear is important to stats in grouped PVP, communication is essential, we find most Warzone losses come about from a lack of communication.  Moving into ranked Warzones we expect all our players to be in the teamspeak channel.  Right now we’ve go a solid group of players, and we’re mostly running Warzones, but still hoping that Open World PVP will materialize in the near future.



Having mentioned your PVP group Death Company, have they had much chance to participate in Ranked Warzones? Does DC have their own goals during this pre-season period in Ranked Warzones? 

Because we are in a rebuilding phase getting enough people online at once to participate in Ranked Warzones is a little challenging, this should be happening soon as we have a number of players in the leveling phase, and to better enhance our abilities we are focusing our goals in this area to recruit some more players into the guild and also look to build some relationships with other guilds in our same position, and from my own experiences in the Ranked Warzones I think there are a couple large guilds who are able to put together multiple teams, and a number of smaller guilds who are just falling short of the 8 online.



The other inner group is the Trade Federation. How does this group work to help the guild? How much did this particular group like it to see Guild Banks added to SWTOR? Are Guild Banks functioning as they need to be?

Again this is another area where most of our members are participating.  Most of the focus right now is crafting consumables to help out when we are able to queue for ranked warzones, having the medpacks, stims, and grenades available to all members participating.  The guild bank has helped out immensely in this area, when we have resources our members don’t need to fill up their own storage, or to mail them to members who have them, it’s all in one place for everyone.  I don’t see much of a problem with the way the banks in the game have been set up.



Has the Trade Federation found the augment system to be a good addition to the Crew Skills/crafting in the game? What are some areas crafting might be improved?

Augments have been a great and our crafters who make them are in constant demand within the guild.  I think we’ll still have to see how the augment slot kits work out, many of our members generated a good deal of income from augmented items, and now with the legacy bonus to craft, and the augment kits it’ll be interesting to see how their income works out after the market price of the kits levels out.



Now with all this organization in the guild some might think, “Where is the fun?” I can verify that your guild has made a conscious effort to focus on not waiting for content but to create your own. What sort of events have the guild hosted to help show that Alpha Imperium doesn’t wait they lead?

Many of our events have been internal.  We used to do Friday night fights where we’d all meet up and place bets, and have a 1v1 ungeared tournament, I think we’d all like to get back to that on our Imperial characters.  It would also be good to work with some guilds from the Republic side to start organizing some weekly events in the smugglers den.  I know there has already been some of this going on, but Open World PVP needs to be coming from the users right now, so the more people that are organizing this kind of content the better.



Is the Alpha Imperium currently recruiting? What does it take to make it in your guild? Are there specific classes or roles the guild needs?

Yes we are recruiting.  We are looking for friendly players who like us probably fall somewhere between casual and hardcore in terms of time commitment.  We’d like to find more PVPers who are ready and able to get into ranked warzones right now, so I think that’s our primary focus on who we are recruiting, but we are open to players at all stages in the game.  We all have alts and we are all constantly working on getting them leveled.  In terms of classes what we need most right now are tanks, but again in this rebuilding phase we are open to anyone who feels that AI would be a good fit for them.

How is the best way for players interested or maybe someone interested in your events best find out the proper information?

In game is the best way to get a hold of us at the moment, we are pretty active, especially in the afternoons. Contact Tinarockets in game, or just do a search for Alpha Imperium and ask anyone of us who is online. Don’t forget to stop by our website for upcoming events listed in our forums.


Alpha Imperium is a very organized system of inner groups for the primary areas of gameplay in SWTOR. Their determination and willingness to adapt from high level PVE to PVP, until they gain some more members, shows a real commitment. In this day and age, it seems many are ready to give up so easy…don’t tell that to Alpha Imperium. They are not only ready for the challenges, I definitely see them being a guild to watch. So if you are looking for a guild that has a great core group of members and has the structure to enable the guild to grow but also help each member succeed…I strongly suggest checking out Alpha Imperium.

A huge thanks to their current interim GH Heavymellow for all his help with this week’s article. I also want to wish all the members of Alpha Imperium all the best as they continue to grow in-game and in everything they do.

Would you like to have your SWTOR guild highlighted on Guild Checkpoint? So if are you in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what your guild. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!


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