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Jul 032012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Legacy Perks 1.3

By Maer

Remember when Bioware explained the way Legacy Perks would work?  Those who had high enough Legacy levels would be able to unlock certain perks that could be traded among their characters. Those who didn’t want to spend time leveling Legacy could purchase the perks. Well, we have our new Legacy Perks courtesy of 1.3.  Some of them are simply awesome. Except the earlier, cool ways to get them are out and a new, not so cool method is in.

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You not only have to have a certain Legacy level, you also have to pay an exorbitant amount of credits. Yep, it’s no longer an either/or situation.  You get to do both. And you get to repeat it, not once, but for each and every character you want the perk on. Because the perks are not shared or able to be traded to your other characters. They remain with the charcter who buys them. This makes these “character” perks, not “Legacy” perks from where I sit.

Here I’d expected to be able to get things to share with my alts. I’ve been working on my Legacy level and while it’s not as high as some, it is a respectable 25. Considering I only have one level 50 and my next highest is 36, that’s not too terribly awful.

But in order to get any of these perks, I have to put out a good chunk of credits. And therein lies the rub. I expected to be able to use Legacy levels to unlock items, with a purchase amount. I mean I never expected them to be free. But I never expected the millions that some of these perks cost. I simply don’t have those kinds of credits.

I must say I do get tired of having to grind dailies to be able to afford things. I don’t enjoy doing them anymore and look on them as a necessary evil. Especially Belsavis. Sure, I also sell things on the GTN and that is going much better since our move to a populated server. Still those dailies are the fastest way to get credits. My crafting and gathering just don’t net me as much as they did in other games. So, while I’m comfortable, I’m not super rich and have to save up to get anything special.

Needless to say, I have not bought one perk, yet. Make no mistake, there are some I want, but with the enormous amount of credits I spent augmenting every bit of gear I have, I need to rebuild. Again.

And let’s be honest here, it’s my choice. I could totally have a lot more money if I buckled down and did those dailies ad nauseum. But this is a game, not a job. Spending two plus hours on dailies is not very appealing. Not on a day-after-day basis. So, it’ll probably be a long while before any of my girls are sporting perks.

However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. I’m looking forward to repair droids and bonus experience. Speeders at level 10 and rocket boots? Most definitely! The companion perks also look pretty sweet, both for leveling affection and for crafting.

For now, all these cool things will have to remain in dreamland. At least until I can save all those millions and millions they will cost. Or unless Bioware relents and makes them more affordable. Yeah, I know. Talk about dreaming!

Anyway, that’s my two credits. What’s yours?



  4 Responses to “My Two Credits: Legacy Perks 1.3”

  1. I agree that the costs for character-based perks are high. I had forgotten the quote that Legacy-related bonuses would be an either unlocked at a certain level or purchasable as an alternative until listening to the last podcast. I’m sitting at Legacy level 46 and I don’t have anything to show for it but the continuing credit sink.

    It is a real damper on how cool some of the perks are to regularly need to do daily quests to keep up with them all. I’m enjoying the perks and have a comfortable amount of credits left, but only because I selectively do some dailies almost every day. I do see some benefit from perks in speeding up the process: I bought the Rocket Boost early on and it has sped up my daily routine enough to pay itself off, in my mind.

  2. agreed, the legacy stuff gets too pricey too fast.. they should’ve at least cheapened things up for the first few months just to get things rolling because many of us had such low populations we weren’t able to make money on the GTN and if you weren’t 50 and running dailies then there is just no way to afford these “perks”

  3. I am disappointed that the new “perks” are for each character. I can see paying the high price tag on each of these if these “perks” were across your legacy. I hope BioWare revisits this.

  4. yeah, the hi price would be fine if it covered my entire legacy.. agreed I hope they revisit it also.

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