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Jul 052012

HoloNet Links #53

Yesterday, those of us in the “States,” celebrated July 4th our nation’s Independence Day.  Hard to believe that summer is almost half over. Although with the crazy heat, I will be welcoming some fall temps. Right now, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the A/C and play some SWTOR. Sure you could go outside and enjoy the weather, and spend time with family and friends, but who wants that? I’m kidding.

 A teacher uses SWTOR, New Rewards, Charity Relay & much more after the Jump…


Everything should be in moderation, so when you are done outside or think you are getting a bit “baked” from the sun, come on inside and turn the A/C up, pour a glass of your favorite ice cold beverage and play some SWTOR. It is a great time to check out the new Ranked Warzones, get extra commendations by using Group Finder and locate the perfect style of gear with the new Adaptive Gear in the game.



  • Free in-game rewards for Character Transfers

According to an article on the official SWTOR site, players who qualify or who have transferred qualify for in-game rewards. These rewards include a new pet and 25 Black Hole commendations to use to purchase high level gear. Now to be sure if you qualify, read the article at this link. Oh, and those on the destination servers you will receive the rewards also, as long as your account meets the requirements listed in the article. Free transfers and now loot, this is a good thing!



  •  New Speeder in SWTOR?

Before we get into the other news and links, on Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Facebook page was released the concept art (posted below) of a new speeder. The Kurtob Alliance Speeder is reported to be coming soon! How can we get on? We will just have to wait and see. What do you think of this new speeder design? Let us know in the comments below.




  • Teacher reaches an autistic student through SWTOR

Massively does a lot of great articles and reviews on games. This article by Justin Olivetti has to be my favorite. It is not your typical gaming write-up. The article is about a student who has autism and how he finally opened up to his teacher. The boy didn’t have much interaction with those outside his computer world, especially those in the SWTOR game. As you can read in the article, the teacher was able to get an opening with the boy by mentioning gaming strategy as he was playing. That opened him up. After he was done playing they both talked about the game almost non-stop, but the best part was he then opened up to her other lessons and seems to be willing to continue to work towards the next session. According to the article, BioWare found out about the teacher and the student and sent both of them signed posters by the developers.

To many they only see games as a waste of time or purely entertainment medium, however to some folks with various limitations or differences these “games” are their social activities. The games are places they can escape and somewhat be on a more equal playing field. I commend not only the writer for the article, but the teacher for trying a different approach. By embracing and using the game the boy loved as a communication device it will hopefully lead to more communication and learning for this student.


  • Jabba’s pleasure barge is helping to raise money for Charity

The sail barge of Jabba the Hutt is making a return voyage during the Course of the Force relay. This Star Wars themed relay is all about bringing awareness and raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. According to the article in the Huntington Beach Independent, the relay starts in Santa Monica and will finish 4 days later in San Diego. If you wanted to be a part of the relay it costs $500 to go the quarter mile distance between “lightsaber” relay exchanges. The price is steep, but it is all going to a great charity and believe it or not, according to the article nearly every spot has been sold out. Chalk one up for Star Wars fans helping make a difference. For the complete story, check out Michael Miller’s article.


For more on Course of the Force be sure to check out their website. The relay runs from July 7th-11th. If you still want even more check out the following video from the Youtube channel Nerdist. Watch Chris Hardwick’s nerdtastic adventure from touring Lucasfilm to delivering the lightsaber for the relay.



Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

Another week has come and gone…there has been a lot going on here at Corellian Run Radio. We had our monthly Writers’ Roundtable podcast, articles about new things in 1.3 and we also welcomed a new writer to the CRR crew. Geldarion made his writing debut with a new PVP article, Tactical Strike. I hope you all will take a moment and check out his article and leave a warm welcome. Be sure to also comment on the rest of our staff’s articles. We really love your feedback and discussions 🙂

06/29 Operation: Information – Augmenting Gear by Ghoztt

07/02 Guild Checkpoint featuring Alpha Imperium by Jason Taylor

07/02 Episode 62: June’s Writers’ Roundtable – podcast

07/03 My Two Credits: Legacy Perks 1.3 by Maer

07/04 Tactical Strike: Shoot, Move, and Communicate by Geldarion



  • CoroNet 0001 the source for news on Jung Ma server

The Followers of Palawa have been a huge “Force” in the RP world in SWTOR and now they have taken it a step further. They have come together to start a new website called CoroNet 0001. It is the one stop shopping for your news, podcasts, events, and guild listings on the Jung Ma server. In their FAQ section, the group explains more about what the site is and what some of their plans are. Yes, they are more a Republic point of view site, but never fear they will list any Imperial guilds, events or news. This is another great example of how the player base comes together and figures out how to grow the server community. If you are on the Jung Ma server and want it announced be sure to let them know through their “inform us” part of the site. BioWare please take notes, this is what the community wants.


That is it for this week’s HoloNet Links. Please leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Is there a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR you would like us to highlight? If so please send them to us here at Corellian Run Radio and it might just be included in a future article. You can email us at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can leave link suggestions in the comments below, or in the Facebook group. Thanks and see you all next week!

  5 Responses to “HoloNet Links”

  1. Nice article. About the Kurtob Alliance speeder, I think that some players had one in the 1.3 PTS. You had to invite a friend to try the game (with the official Friend Invite program) and if they eventually subscribed for at least 1 month, you get that speeder.

  2. I saw someone in one of those speeders on the PTS prior to 1.3 being released i ask about but they never said anything 🙁

  3. @Sam Thanks for the comment. Not sure about seeing one on PTS. I just found this out on SWTOR’s Facebook page today.

    @Valfera According to the comment below the concept art, on SWTOR’s Facebook page the method for how to get this speeder will be made known to the community…soon.

    Let’s hope that soon happens fast 😛

  4. Thanks for the link Sam.

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