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Jul 102012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: TOR Crafting

By Maer

I’ve always loved crafting. When TOR first came out, there was a lot I liked about the system while I was leveling. However, I lost interest once I maxed out all three of my Sorc’s skills: Archeology, Artificing and Treasure Hunting. Now, I’m getting to level Cybertech, Scavenging and Underworld Trading on my Sith Marauder. The enjoyment I usually have for crafting is not only back, it’s stronger than it ever was on the Sorc.

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Maybe it’s because there are better odds on Reverse Engineering now, but I’m enjoying the skill leveling process so much more than I did before. It could also have to do with the fact that now I actually know what I’m doing.

When I was playing only my Sorc, crafting didn’t keep my attention once I hit max level. Spending time trying to get purples was more annoying than rewarding. My friends would spend hours REing to get those coveted purples. I was simply bored with the whole process.

Now, with this Marauder, I’m enjoying getting to those purples. And the lovely part of it is that it’s carrying over onto the Sorc and I’m doing more REing to get purples on her as well. I’m really not sure what changed, but whatever it is, I’m glad it did. I’m spending hours and thousands of credits sending my companions out. I often switch back and forth between my main and alt as I try to keep companions out and busy.

It first started a few weeks ago when I realized that between both characters I could make all the item modifications for moddable gear for the Marauder, who was level 20 at the time. I wasn’t thrilled about it, but thought it was better than buying stuff off GTN or asking a guildie to make them for me. So I started buying the training and before I knew it, I was hooked.

Now I spend time every day happily crafting away, chatting with friends and finding something else to enjoy in TOR. I love it when things surprise me like this. I’m actually looking forward to gathering my schematics and making each of my girls the best crafters I can. And I’m almost max level on my Marauder now, too, which is quite nice. Especially since she is pushing level 46.

Maybe this move to a new, busy server was good for me in more than just being able to see so many other folks logged into the game. The sense of renewal is carrying over in to other areas – like with this new crafting interest. Whatever the reasons, I’m excited about logging in and getting my different projects done. I’m pretty pleased that crafting is now on that project list.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?


  2 Responses to “My Two Credits: Crafting”

  1. I too enjoy crafting, I have a Cybertech that is 400, and Artificer that is 400, a Synthweaver that is 400, and a Armstech that is also 400. The fun for me is not so much getting to 400, but being able to answer that guildie that pops up the question every so often can someone make and i can go YES I can.

  2. I’m finding crafting a lot more enjoyable now too. when leveling I had gave up on doing anything more with Artifice till I hit 50 because I just couldn’t afford to train.. so I just did my gathering skills and filled my bank up with what I could later use when I had more money to focus on it. I’ve been 50 for a couple months now but have just recently started to get back into crafting, maybe because I like to switch things up to keep from burning out on PVP and Dalies and crafting is something “new”. Either way it’s been pretty good and I am finally starting to make some good items that I’ll be able to sell or help a guildie in need with. I really think some of the changes they’ve made have helped and hopefully they can continue to improve on it. 🙂

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