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Jul 172012

Photo-receptor Focus on: Altoholics

By Maer

Please note that’s with a “t”, not a “c”. Altoholics are people who love playing alts. And alts are characters gamers plays in addition to their main character. Their main is just that: the main character they usually play the most. But some players also play their alts and they play them a lot. It’s not unusual for someone to have all eight slots filled with level 50s, just waiting until Bioware expands the number to ten or more. But what draws someone to create and level so many characters?

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I can’t speak for others, but I’m one of those who plays a lot of alts. Even though SWTOR was a slow start for me alt-wise. I didn’t really get into my alts until my Marauder. She’s now level 50 as of this past week. And now it’s time to move to one my others on the Empire side. I’ll get to the Republic characters eventually, too.

First off, the stories are fascinating, so that’s one reason I level alts. Following the character all the way through and finding out what happens is great entertainment. I loved my Sorc story-line on my main and the Marauder story engaged me very quickly and lasted to the end. My Merc has been a lot of fun, but my Operative is still too young for me to have much of a feel for her yet.

I also like crafting and I need alts so that I can experience the different crafting options available to me. I’m managing to cover quite a few of the skills with these four and I’ll fill in the other skills when I create my alts over on the Republic side. It was actually playing my alts that caused my renewed interest in crafting.

Another reason I enjoy playing alts is to experience the different abilities each class has. Whether it’s using Force Storm to channel purple lighting or Force Choking an elite or raining down bullets with Death From Above, the different abilities are a total blast. Sometimes literally. Plus, I like being able to compare how their abilities stack up against each other in damage, as well as the fun of casting it.

Having different races is another reason I create alts. Experimenting with different looks, hair, eyes, etc. is always one of my favorite things. I spend a lot of time creating my girls and I’ve been known to delete them several times in the beginning, until I get them exactly how I want them to look. I like having the variety of races and enjoy my Sith, Chiss, Cyborg and Human girls.

Overall, it’s having the variety that keeps me playing SWTOR and my different characters.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?


  6 Responses to “My Two Credits: Altoholics”

  1. I enjoy alts, for most of the things you highlighted actually, though i have little fun battling the cover system of the Sith infiltrator and Republic smuggler.

    besides that, you’d miss out on too much NOT playing all the different classes

  2. an article about Deirdre this week eh! ^_^

  3. I play many, many alts…I am an Altoholic. However, I don’t see me recovering 😛 I love trying the different classes to studying the different game mechanics, but in SWTOR there is enough difference with your story quests that it keeps playing multiple characters interesting.

  4. As far as I can remember, I always played multiple alts in every mmos I’ve experienced. My reasons are similar:
    -It gives me the opportunity to fully experience the game (class storyline/gameplay/mechanic/gear/etc.).
    -I can become self sufficient with multiple crafting alts.
    -It helps me to become a better instance (flashpoint, heroic, operation) player because by playing every classes, I learn exactly their strengths and weaknesses.
    -It increases a mmo longevity for me because instead of having one character to take care of, I have 4+ instead.
    -I can create specific “dedicated” alts. For example, one alt that I’ll only play with my wife, another one that I’ll only play with some friend, etc.

  5. agreed Jason, there are even enough different ways to play each class to make it interesting. Dark, Light.. etc. 🙂

  6. My main reason to play alts in SWTOR is the story, obviously. The other big reason is the PvP advantage of knowing other classes and their skills. For example, because I have a level 50 Sentinel that I PvP with constantly, when I face a Marauder on my main, I know what he will do, I know when he pops his defensive cooldowns, I can predict where he will go in stealth.

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