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Jul 232012

Highlighted Guild

  • Cold Fusion – Sith Empire

Cold Fusion, the illusive energy resource, promises almost limitless energy thus making it cost next to nothing. Some believe it to be a scientific myth. This week’s guild has some unique qualities that one might believe it to be a myth as well. If I told you there was a guild that had adult rated voice-chat and even similar style in some jokes, you might think it was a immature guild, but that’s not necessarily the case. Now while that kind of chat and jokes are not my thing, this guild handles themselves very well and are organized in their guild activities. Until I had a chance to research and discover more about this guild, I would have thought this sort of guild would be as much a myth as the notion of almost “free” energy.

We will learn how they enjoy SWTOR in their own way after the Jump…




  • Guild Q&A

How did Cold Fusion begin as a guild? What attracted your guild to SWTOR?

Cold Fusion started off as several guilds on the same server (Gilneas-US) in WOW.  When SWTOR was announced, those of us who were SW fans started up a pre-launch guild so that we could ensure that we were all deployed to the same server.   The core members of Cold Fusion have been playing together for 5-6years.  Those of us who started the guild are huge Star Wars fans, and have been for many decades in some cases.



How important is in your guild that you are a “close-knit” group?

It is of tantamount importance that we maintain a close-knit group, as it is what has enabled us to play together as long as we have.  Guild friendships and cooperation has been the key to our longevity, both in SWTOR and in WOW.  Similar goals, in-game, are essential to guild health and success.  Additionally, willingness to help fellow guild mates builds solid bonds whether in the provision of gear (at little to no cost) or in helping them complete a heroic quest or FP.



Fun is a major part of your guild’s motto. What are some ways you all have fun in SWTOR?

We strive to have a good time, even in the direst of circumstances.  For example, when we are wiping on a difficult encounter, we joke around about the events, and sometimes even /roll for blame.  We maintain that this is a game not work, and so it should be fun and relaxing.  Especially when playing with friends.  Sometimes we will gather in the fleet and have a speeder show, where we line up and mount our favorite speeders like a car show.  Another guild favorite is our “chicken fights”, where we pit our companions against each other in duels.  Coincidentally, this has spawned some high-stakes grudge matches where players place bets on the outcome.



Does the guild sponsor or plan guild/server events?

Our guild is somewhat small, but growing.  Aside from our sporadic speeder shows, we sponsor weekly world boss events (World Boss Wednesdays), and periodical +10 Datacron runs.  Additionally, we participate in regular group events with other large guilds on our server (Canderous Ordo-US) that we have built up partnerships with.

 Belsavis World Boss


Along the lines of events, do you think SWTOR should have more events, like the Rakghoul Plague?

Absolutely!  The Rakghoul event was a blast, and our guild was VERY involved, and was among the few guilds on our old server that was scheduling event-boss groups whenever they spawned. We are defiantly looking forward to future SWTOR events.  I personally liked the escalating nature of the event’s progression.



One area that some might find different, you tell everyone upfront you are a NC-17 guild. Can you explain this for everyone? Do you feel it hampers recruiting or is it better to be upfront?

We are defiantly an 18+ guild, with very few exceptions.  We are very laid back, and that reflects in some of our conversations in both g-chat and in mumble.  Our sense of humor as a whole could be easily described as “off color” or “raunchy”.  The reason we say that is because we are only interested in recruiting “mature” individuals.  Meaning that we want people who can take a joke, and dish it out as well as they can take it.

However we also emphasize personal responsibility for our people’s actions, and seek to maintain a positive image on our server as players who know their class and play it to the fullest potential, and yet have a good time when playing (it is a game after all).  Drama queens, loot ninjas, griefers, and any other “jerk” behaviors are not tolerated within our ranks, and our officer corps does not hesitate to remove players who are detrimental to our guilds’ public image.



Now just because your guild tends be a bit “rough” say in chat, does not mean there is no focus on gameplay. What has been the guilds biggest achievement so far?

Our members pride themselves on pushing their class and spec to the maximum of their level, gear, and ability.  On a whim one night we decided to make the jump to Hardmodes, and plowed in to EV:HM.  In about an hour and a half we found ourselves on Soa.  All this was done with no research into Hardmode strategies beforehand.  Our Ops core group is very talented, and adapts very quickly.  Because we got a late start that night, we ran out of time before we could down Soa but he bit the dust on our next Ops night.

We are now progressing well into KP:HM, and are working on EC:SM.  Summer has slowed our progression, because that is when most of us go on our vacations, so with our currently small roster, we have been slow in progressing being short just 1 body.  We are still making strides though, and every night we run OPS we are making notable progress.



What faction and server are associated with Cold Fusion? What led you all to select this faction? Does the guild plan on playing the opposing faction for Legacy perks or the upcoming quest for HK-51?

We opted for Sith Empire for Cold Fusion, because we had played “good guys” all our years in WOW.  Originally we were deployed to Kaas City-US, but transferred to Canderous Ordo-US.  We opted for a PVE server because that is our primary focus as a guild.  Most of us are HUGE Star Wars lore nerds, so the story of the game is the most important aspect to us.

That said, there are several members of us who are heavy into PVP, and some of us are participating in Ranked Warzones.

We also have a “mirror” guild on the Republic side of our server, aptly named “Hot Fission”.  We started that guild even before the announcement of HK-51 so that we could enjoy the ‘Pub side of the SWTOR story together.  Several of us have been taking advantage of the new leveling perks to work on alts in that guild, and to prepare for the release of HK-51.



What is your favorite storyline in the game so far and why? Do you think the story helps or hinders the game?

The story is what makes this game so great, and I would say 99% of our guild would say the same.  I have a hard time choosing a favorite storyline, as I have played most classes to different degrees.  My main is a bounty hunter, and I was engrossed in my character’s story as I was leveling.  My 2nd 50 was an Inquisitor, and I loved that story as well.  I think the element of all the stories that I loved was that each class’ story ties your character to the SWTOR universe.  In all cases, I have found myself more excited about progressing my character’s story than I was about gaining new levels, talents, or abilities.



Does Cold Fusion PVP a lot? Any plans or has the guild participated in the new Ranked Warzone system? If so how has the guild members’ experiences been like?

As a whole, I have to honestly say “no”.  But there are several of us who are very active on our server’s PVP scene.  Those of us who are very PVP active have moved in to Ranked Warzones, and have made friends with several guilds that are more PVP focused and that allows us to regularly group with players who are equally skilled and geared for competitive PVP.  I would love to have a 100% Cold Fusion ranked team, and have been attempting to recruit for such here in the pre-season.  Overall, our guild PVP experiences have been positive.  There are of course some balance issues, but those of us who are active in PVP are seasoned PVP players who are able to overcome any shortcomings of our AC’s.  Additionally, those of us who have been playing together for a while have excellent cooperative skills, and can often predict what the other player is going to do even before it can be communicated verbally.



If the guild had a chance to make one improvement in the game what would it and why?

At this time I think what frustrates us most are some of the balance issues, both between classes, and for Ops groups.   Some boss encounters seem to heavily favor certain group compositions and classes/specs.  One example is the council fight in EV, where our Assassin is always the last to finish her target because she cannot get behind her target.  Other encounters seem to favor ranged or melee, or classes with certain abilities (the puzzle droid in KP).  Being a guild that runs 8man ops, we don’t have a lot of class or spec diversity compared to what is available to a 16man.  Even though that is a pretty broad answer, I think group balance is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed.  My primary example would be when 3 of us (PT-tank, 2 Merc DPS)  got matched with another Merc Healer for Battle of Ilum, where the last boss has a mechanic that require an interrupt and we only had one in the group.  As you know, missing the interrupt results in severe group damage, which the Bounty Hunters are notoriously weak at recovering from. Issues like that are what frustrate us the most as a guild.



Is Cold Fusion currently recruiting? Are there specific needs in the guild as far as roles or classes currently?

Cold Fusion is ALWAYS recruiting!  We are always looking for more members for all aspects of the game, leveling and endgame, PvE and PvP.

However, we do have some criteria and elements that we look for in our endgame recruits.  We seek players for Ops and PvP who know their class, how to gear it, and how to play it to the optimal level for their gear. Because we only run Ops 2 nights a week, our Ops leaders look for people who are on-time and prepared for whatever we are doing.  That means having the appropriate stims, and preferably some knowledge of the boss encounters of that night’s operation.  People who are content with mediocre performance (from themselves or others) will not find a regular place in our progression minded groups.  However, we welcome players who are keen on improving themselves, and we are willing to tutor and develop up-and-coming players in an effort to meet the needs of our Ops groups.

As far as what we currently need, we need players who are flexible and willing to respec on a weekly basis.  With our summer roster constantly being in flux, we often find ourselves short on heals one week, and short on DPS the next.  Additionally, we are down to 2 regular tanks, so any players that have a viable offspec and gear are high priority for Cold Fusion.  Our current active Ops roster is about 10 players, and we would like to be able to either push for a 2nd 8man group, or a single 16man group (we have found 16man operations to be significantly more forgiving than 8’s).



How is the best way for players interested in joining Cold Fusion or finding out more information to contact the guild?

First and foremost would be to visit our guild website. Browsing our site shows our progress as a guild, and our dedication to “progression on a casual schedule” in our class forums.  Not to mention we have humor and off topic forums where we share our interests outside of SWTOR, and communicate with our members who are “afk” for one reason or another.

Second would be in-game.  We have established a global channel for all of our allied guilds and players to use so if you are on Canderous Ordo-US, /cjoin coldconclave to join our global chat channel.  Other options would be any of our officers (below), who I would like to thank for all of their work both in-game and on the forums!

A’starte (GM)










That’s all for this week on Guild Checkpoint. I want to thank Zannis for directing my message to their guild leader and helping the highlight to be made possible. Also thanks to the guild leader, A’starte. He took out time from his vacation to help make this article possible. I also want to thank and wish all the members of Cold Fusion much success in-game and in their everyday life also.

Does your guild have fun creating guild events, or does your guild like conquering the various challenges in the game or maybe your guild enjoys SWTOR in your own unique way? Why not share it with the rest of the game community? All you need to do is submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Your guild could be who we highlight next here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!


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