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Jul 302012

Highlighted Group

  • Kal’Vyshde – RP Corporation

Today marks a new chapter in Guild Checkpoint, as it becomes Community Checkpoint. This article has and will continue to be the place to highlight guilds that make up our great community, but starting today we will be including those people and groups that are running, sponsoring and organizing events on servers throughout SWTOR. This week we look at a group I made mention of in HoloNet Links #55…the underground role-play corporation known as Kal’Vyshde. The group organizes events from raves to MMA style fights.

We learn more about Kal’Vyshde after the Jump…




I came across this Kal’Vyshde (pronounced Kahl-vih-shyd) when I was looking for a video for my HoloNet Link article. As I researched more it led me to their website. I had to find out more so after sending a few messages through their website, I was able to meet Vaanthe and Niatara the group’s founders to ask a few questions for the section about their Rave. However after researching the Kal’Vyshde I felt there was more to learn and have them share with the rest of the community. So with that, let’s check out a clip from one of their rave events and then get to know the group known as Kal’Vyshde.


  • Q&A

Can you tell our readers exactly what Ka’Vyshde is and how it functions in-game? What server can the group be found?
We can be found on the Ebon Hawk server in SWTOR.  The Kal’vyshde is business run by both Niatara and Vaanthe in an ‘in character’ capacity as we are both role players. The whole idea is to provide a venue for events that will include other role players as well as encourage role play.  The slant is an underworld, criminal atmosphere that suits Nar Shaddaa, where we are mainly based.  As we put it in our intro –

“Blood, sweet, tears, glory, the bare necessities of survival. The pulse of life, death’s possibility there for you to taste. Skirt the edge with us, dance on the blade’s twist. One cut, one shot, a punch. Only the fittest will survive…
Dare you dance with us below?
Come and find out at The Kal’Vyshde.”



How did this corporation come together and when did it start? How does the Iridonian War Dance figure into the name?
As said before by Nia, the concept was originally an idea she had on seeing the underground location on Nar Shaddaa about hosting a fight night with betting and spectators.  I used to host fight nights in “Star Wars Galaxies” and wanted to do this again in SWTOR.  We first came together in the “Blood Factory”, whch we ran with others to do the fight nights and a rave.  This was when we were located on the “Lord Adraas” server prior to the merges.  We decided, through what happened in our role play and wanting to keep our criminal angle to things, to do our own thing, and so the Kal’vyshe was born.

The Kal’vyshde name is basically a play on words, translated into Iridonian it means “War Dance” which was sort of our playing off the fact that the ringleaders are Iridonian, and the fact that we do raves and fight nights, so sort of our idea to play on words and literally use “war dance”.



Having talked to you before, I know about your Raves and Fight Nights are there other events that the group sponsors?
Our main events are the Fight Nights and raves so far, but I actually did a “Miss Nar Shadda Beauty Pageant” on Lord Adraas and plan to do another at the end of the year on Ebon Hawk when the time comes up again for the pageant to be held.  As with all of our events, this will be a role play event with people competing for the title of Mister and Miss Nar Shaddaa.  We also do get other ideas for events, such as charity auctions, benefit dinners, and other ‘in character’ ideas as could come up.

Dance or fight school you I will

Currently Raves and Fight Nights are it, however we are working on some future expansions including a possibility for an arms expo suggested to us by one of our share holder groups, as well as some conjoined events with other business minded people that are looking for the shared support, but there’s nothing official as of yet.



Speaking of events how did the last Rave go? I understand Vaanthe is the DJ for these events. How can people tune to hear the music? Is there any special software players need to listen?
The last rave, our first one on Ebon Hawk, went wonderfully.  We saw a lot of new and old faces, and the stream had a steady number of about 40-65 listeners through most of the event.  I generally use Note (Republic side) or N’ote (Imperial side) for these events, and people can find the information to tune in on my blog site.
There is a web player there on the page as well as links to use with various web players like Winamp, Itunes, and more.


Does the group have any upcoming events to announce or promote? How can people get into these events to participate and/or watch?
We are going to be having our next event on Thursday, August 9, 2012 at 9 p.m. EST. This will be an MMA style fight utilizing the legacy brawling skills in game as contestants fight one another.  We will be taking signups up until Tuesday, August 6, and anyone can just contact Vaanthe and/or Niatara in game via mail, tells, or on the websites to get involved.   For us to arrange brackets with fighters, it will be much easier to have people sign up before the event.   We do have openings for other positions as well.

To come watch, just come on down and join us.



Obliviously this is a role-play group, how much work did it take to get the backstory for the group? Do you feel that SWTOR offers enough tools for those who wish to pursue RP endeavors like this one?
Well, I like to think that we took our time, with taking Niatara’s great ideas as well as my own and those of the others involved in this, to actually put together a plausible background for the why the Kal’vyshde exists and operates as it does.  For me, I know that I made the effort to fit this into my character’s background and current business interests with regards to role play.  I know that Nia has as well, and we make sure to include all those details from our events to even how we have our shareholders involved in the business from the ‘in character’ perspective.  Things that happen from events can influence other role play even beyond just holding events. I really love that about we do.
I think that SWTOR does offer tools for those that wish to RP, though I can honestly say that I wish we had chat bubbles, which would make events easier to be in at times, especially as an event host.  There are other things that I could say as well, but overall, with the game and great community on Ebon Hawk, we make it work for us and others can too on their own servers.


I think SWTOR does a lot to facilitate role-play, but ultimately, it’s the players that bring events together, both people like me and Vaanthe who are organizers, and the people who choose to attend. Without attendance and people willing to show up, then events don’t have much room to get off the ground.



How hard it is for those new to RP to join in at these events? Is there a “RP for n00bs” book or thread (I might need that lol)? How do you encourage others to try this form of gameplay?
I do not think that it is really hard for those new to RP to become involved.  The only thing that people need to be aware of is the area in which we hold our events.  If you are lower level, under 30, then it can be harder to get to the area for the events, but I know that it can be done.  Get an escort or come with a friend that helps you there.  Otherwise, it is pretty easy for anyone to jump in, I think, and just enter the fight nights or come to watch.   It is the same thing with the raves too, I think. Social events can be a great and easy way to break into role play for those new to it.
I do encourage others to try role play. Even if you do it just casually, it can really add more to the game and the depth of your own experience.  I have found both creativity and great stories to weave with others during my time in SWTOR.

Honestly aside from the location, Vaanthe’s answers to this were right. It’s a level 30 area, but we have escorts and guards and a willingness to help get lower levels where they need to go. Level doesn’t matter here, and it’s a great place for new people to get their boots wet. We really do most of our encouraging via advertisement and word of mouth, its’ how we get a lot of our support.



Where do most of your events take place? Would Kal’Vyshde like to see other “neutral” or even Hutt controlled areas to promote places opposing faction members can meet to face off in contests or just dance?
Most of our events take place in the area that we use as located off the Industrial sectors on Nar Shaddaa. We usually provide maps and directions so people can get to where we hold both the Fight NIghts and our raves.
As for other areas, we mainly use this one as it works, but yes, having more areas would be great.  We used to be located in the ‘Systech’ factory, but unfortunately, Bioware has closed that off.  It is too bad because that was an awesome area to use.

Our events currently take place in neutral territory on Nar Shaddaa. We do this because of the neutrality of the space and the fact that we view criminal underworld as not necessarily one side or the other. Vaanthe’s characters and guild are Imperial, my character and guild are Republic, together we create a neutral event run by neutral parties to promote a more “Hutt” feel, and we chose Nar Shaddaa specifically because of this.



Do you think the game would possibly benefit from a third faction, like the Hutts or a “gray”/neutral group?
Oh, yes, most definitely. I would love to see a third “Hutt” faction or some type of neutral group.  I know that the main thing is around the Empire and Republic for some, but for those of us that play criminals and those types, something like that would be great.

Yes and no. Often I feel that the inability to communicate cross faction as it is, can sometimes be limiting for role-play, adding a third faction would exaggerate that. However, if say, that third faction COULD communicate to either side, I think that would be spectacular for promoting role-play.



Do you have one primary character for this RP group or do your other characters play a part in the events also? Are there any specific policies that Kal’Vyshde wants participants to follow during the events?
I mainly role play Vaanthe, she is my main, in this as she is the owner in this along with Niatara.  However, thank to the raves, I now role play Note, my twilek character that is the DJ at the Kal’vyshde. I would not have expected it, but the parties have proven to be popular, and people enjoy my DJing as well as I get to interact with the character.
We do have a few basic policies – Role play, have fun, and… also turn off your PVP flags.  We have had a minor issue at times with people that come in with the PVP flag on and get attacked by the opposing faction.  By remembering to turn that off, you will help us and you to avoid those problems.  Our fight events have rules for the fights, which can be found in our event threads when we advertise the events.
We do have also have security that help to keep things in order, but as with anything, we handle that from an ‘in character’ perspective as with the role play.  The great thing about the underground is that ‘what happens at Kal’vyshde’ stays there.  Just come, have fun, and remember to role play.

I have one character, Niatara, which is involved in the Kal’vyshde project, and she’s often more than enough of a handful with her involvement to keep me hoping most nights I’m available through the week.
As for rules, they’re very simple. Mainly we want people to have fun, and use our events to bounce RP around. We don’t like griefers, and we prefer people not be PVP flagged because of the potential for that. Otherwise, we expect a level of maturity. We can’t exactly control people’s behavior, but we do expect people to use their heads.



If someone wanted to become a part of Kal’Vyshde, what would be the best way to make contact? How is the best way to find out about upcoming events?
If you are looking to be involved with us, just contact me, Vaanthe, or Niatara.  The best way to find out about events is by looking at our website on Enjin. You can also look for our event posts on all the Ebon Hawk web portals at SWTOR-RP.com, Ebon-Hawk.com, and Ebon-Hawk.net.


Thanks to Vaanthe and Niatara for all their help with this week’s article, especially for Niatara powering through being sick to reply and give her answers. I want to also thank all those part of Kal’Vyshde. If you are on the Ebon Hawk server I urge you to check out their site and be sure to catch their next event!



Do you or a group/guild that you know of strive to sponsor or support in-game events on your server? Let us all hear about it! We want to hear from all of you busy event planners and also from the many guilds in SWTOR. So if you are an event planner or a leader/member of a guild, why not contact me, so we can share with the community about what you are doing. Just submit your guild/group’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Here at Corellian Run Radio, I am looking forward to highlighting more guilds and the many of you working at planning events, contest, etc. Thanks and see you next week!

  2 Responses to “Community Checkpoint”

  1. Thanks for doing this article again! We do look forward to having anyone that is interested always find us on the Ebon hawk server for RP.

  2. @Vaanthe It was my pleasure to meet you all and to highlight Kal’Vyshde. All the best to everyone there 🙂

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