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Jul 312012

Our Writers’ Roundtable is a lively discussion of the latest happenings by some of the writers here at Corellian Run Radio.   This is a format that we try with one episode each month.   We hope you enjoy it!



This segment we talk about recent CRR articles, Character Transfer Rewards,  Free Trial, Friend Referral, BioWare Layoffs,  and more.  We have 4 of our current writers, Jason, Maer,  John, and Drew, joining Carla to discuss these hot topics.   This is an action packed episode you won’t want to miss!

  2 Responses to “Episode 66: July Writers’ Roundtable”

  1. Ok, so here I go…

    I have been following SWTOR since 2010, I always love to hear the community podcasts (CCR, MERC, Torwars, ORR, TOROCast, DarthHater you name it…) and have been a good run through those years, but today we were able to see the truth about SWTOR.

    Since december/2011 players leave the game… we came all the way from 1,7M to approximately 750K… we lost good podcasters, we lost good fan sites (askajedi.com, moseileyradio, torocast that are pretty much dead on the water, etc)… but people were unable to face the comming (at a really fast pace) thruth…

    Many people from the community have been saying that the layoffs are normal (even some of you guys… how could you…), that those things happens after a MMO launches, then comes a second round of layoffs and they keep on with their discourse, then devs (The good ones like: David Bass, Vogh, Georg Zoeller, Drew Karp… you name it…) also leave BW and still many people from around the “intrawebz” are unable to SEE the thruth!!

    When I called it BS, they told me I was a TROLL… they labeled me as a “Doom and Gloomer” (e.g. A person who predicts doom and gloom; a pessimist, naysayer… as you guys just did again!!!) so NOW I want to give it back…

    Now WE can see what the F* was going on from the begining, now WE are able to see why those layoff WERE NOT EFFING normal, now WE are able to see why GOOD DEVS were jumping off the boat, and now WE are able to see why there is no more QA Team, CS Team, Writers Team, and why BW have been away from the community for weeks, dare I say months!!

    By november/2012 SWTOR is going FREE TO PLAY, and worse… it’s going F2P EA’s style. It’s not a REAL AAA MMO F2P like GW2, its a “Premium” BS kind of F2P, where you have to pay subscription to run Operations, to run as many FP/WZ as you like, not to lose A LOT of things that you worked your ass off in the past 7 months like Cargo Hold Tabs, Inventory slots, Legacy perks, etc.

    I hope now, all communities and all the fans of the video game industry, can OPEN YOUR EYES to those COMPANIES that FIRE HUNDREDS of people, and realize that IT’S NOT OK, its NOT NORMAL!!! Those people have FAMILIES and that is BULLSH!T!!!!!!!

    I hope we can read between the lines now and FACE THE THRUTH, that EA will NOT support SWTOR as a AAA MMO, that now a few dozens of devs are left to build a CASH SHOP, and release BS content like FP/Ops/WZ for a few years and that is it.

    Carla, you asked for Open World PvP, I am 100% with on that, but the thruth is… we can FORGET about it, there will NOT be a “new” ILUM, or Open World PvP, because there is no way TO LIMIT IT so the F2P players can not participate!!

    The F2P model will LIMIT the amount of FP and WZ you can run weekly (unleat you are VIP? Really? A bad joke…), I am sorry but forget it…

    For MONTHS I have been asking (along with MANY STAR WARS/KOTOR fans) for mini games. Pazaak, Sabacc, Swoop Racing, Bounty System… but BW was to busy developing a CASH SHOP, behind our backs… USING OUR SUB MONEY TO DO SO!!!

    My sub will eventually run out, and I (along with MANY others players) will not be re-subing… SWTOR lacks and will continue to lack A LOT of features for a long, long time.

    Maybe BW can still improve the game further down the road, maybe a year from now, maybe someday I come back when it really is a Star Wars/KOTOR MMO and not a WoW-clone version 1.3 with a fake F2P made by companies that stabs its costumers in the back…

    I will proudly play GW2… I will proudly use GW2’s cash shop… I will not take that Lucas Arts/BW/EA’s bad joke that is SWTOR 1.3… neither 1.4, neither 1.5, neither 1.6… they will not touch my money for quite some time… I hope they can make this game what it should and deserve to be in the future… I bid you good gaming (by Sunny) if you still have stomach to play SWTOR.

    From a sad SWTOR’s fan (that MANY labeled as a Troll…), that shall be all.

  2. @SWTORisFan Thanks for your comment.

    I can understand your passion in what you say. However, I’m not sure we have every detail to make rash judgements good or bad. The limitations are to help control “gold farming.” If you open up everything as completely free, you know there will be players using it as an exploit and wreck the economy, which can be a breaking point in any MMO.

    Am I happy about the game changing to having a Free-to-Play option…honestly, no. That said I am enjoying the game and just because I do enjoy the game, does not mean I have blinders on either. There are plenty of things that need fixed in the game, but as far customer service my experience with them has greatly improved since launch.

    You are right, the layoffs are terrible. Any time people lose a job it is sad, no matter what industry. I don’t think because some try and keep a positive vibe means they are blind or lacking intelligence.

    To be honest, I don’t see any subscription model as we use to know them continuing. Since many successes with titles like LoTRO going to F2P and even games based completely on social media sites are making real money by selling perks or novelty items. Bottom line it comes down to changes in the industry and the economy. There are by far more options than ever that compete for your time and money. Thus more options means a lot more competition. So should a company keep doing the same thing even if it is losing money? Not if they want to even attempt to continue. That means they have to try new things to generate revenue. This is not just the gaming industry this is any business.

    Bottom line, there are many choices out there, more so than ever before. If you find something you enjoy that is great and you should support it, but if you are not happy with it then perhaps it is not for you.

    Again thank you for your comments. It is obvious you are passionate and I do hope all the best for you whether in gaming or real life 🙂

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