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Aug 072012

This week Carla & Deirdre talk about this week’s Community Q & A, Community Roundup, Free to Play, and more.


FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact?  This week’s fact or fiction is all about Free to Play details.


More Episode #67 and Comments after the jump…

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news

  1. Crew Skills Guide – http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=425519
  2. Community Q&A for July 27th – http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-qa-july-27th-2012
  3. Community Roundup for August 1st – http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-round-events-and-forums-august-1st-2012
  4. Free to Play Option Coming this Fall – http://www.swtor.com/info/news/press-release/20120731
  5. Jeff Hickman talks Free to Play – http://www.swtor.com/info/news/blog/20120731
  6. Personal Playtime


  1. Next Patch August 7th : http://www.swtor.com/blog/scheduled-maintenance-august-7th-2012

A glance at this week’s articles on CRR:

  1. Operation: Information – Stat Theorycrafting Lite (DPS/Healer Edition) – http://corellianrun.com/2012/08/03/operation-information-stat-theorycrafting-lite-dpshealer-edition/
  2. HoloNet Links #57: http://corellianrun.com/2012/08/02/holonet-links-57/
  3. Tactical Strike – Free to Play Conjectures – http://corellianrun.com/2012/08/01/tactical-strike-free-to-play-conjectures/
  4. My Two Credits: Guilds – http://corellianrun.com/2012/07/31/my-two-credits-guilds/
  5. Community Checkpoint – Kal歎yshde -RP Corporation – http://corellianrun.com/2012/07/30/community-checkpoint/
  6. Corellian Run Radio is looking for a Video Star –  Do you currently make videos of your SWTOR gameplay? We are currently looking to possibly add a few video article slots for those gamers out there making class guide videos, PVP tips/guides, and guides for Flashpoints/Operations. We would need all videos to be “family” friendly in language and to keep spoilers to a bare minimum in Flashpoints and Operations…Yes, there are still folks that have not been through all of them yet. Along the lines of PVP, we are also looking to talk to a Ranked PVP team about putting together some video segments. If any of these video opportunities or all are your thing, please email me at jason@corellianrun.com

Sith or Jedi:    Test of the Old Garage Sale Bat

You’re at a garage sale and a very cranky old lady offers to buy a $99 item for $5 and curses you when you won’t go that low. A few moments later she see’s an exceptionally lewd Mickey Mouse parody toy. She under prices it and offers you a dollar saying that her grandson loves Mickey and she wants to give it to him at his fifth birthday the next weekend. Do you:

  1. Kindly explain to her that this is an adult novelty piece.
  2. Tell her it’s $10 and say nothing else.
  3. Sell it to her for $1, saying nothing, and laugh inside knowing that it will cause her extraordinary embarrassment at her grandsons birthday party.

Community Buzz:

Free to Play – Good or Bad?

Deluxe Digital Edition purchasers don’t despair!  http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=4966501#edit4966501

No Forum posting privileges for F2P subscribers?  http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=4946889#edit4946889

Earn Cartel coins now – http://www.swtor.com/support/helpcenter/6475

More than just cosmetics – http://www.swtor.com/support/helpcenter/6522


Want your guild highlighted?   Drop us an email at:   corellianrun@gmail.com

Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  13 Responses to “Episode 67: Free To Play & More!”

  1. This is the first time I have left a comment for your podcast. I normally love your podcast, but honestly the comments from Deirdre about homeless people needing to get a job was one of the most ignorant and belittling things I have ever heard. I am a Army Vet and help the homeless as part of the job I do. If people could get a job they would not be homeless. To think that people are just lazy and want to be out on the street is stupid and uniformed. Many times mental issues have come into play in these peoples lives and they have no safety net like a family or friends to fall back on. Once someone is homeless in this country their chances of getting gainful employment dramatically fall.

    These are all facts than anyone with a ounce of common sense could find by doing just a modicum of research on the subject.

    Its simply a uninformed assumption you made and you made it on a podcast with many listeners.

    This has nothing to do with political ideology or anything these are simply the facts behind what causes homelessness.

    If Deirdre had to walk a mile in the shoes of someone that was homeless I am sure she would have a different tune. But as the old saying goes. “out of sight out of mind”

    I still like the podcast and keep up the good work.

  2. Well, the issue with sprint could be technically difficult since it’s just boosting a base ability, while Heroic Moment do require companion to use, so it’s basically resolved initially anyway, since in Warzones the companion use is disabled.

    On a second thought, they could make it as a passive ability that is disabled in warzones 😉

    Awesome show!

  3. Hey Jay-

    My deepest apologies for offending you. My comment wasn’t meant as a blanket statement, but I can understand why you would take it out of context.

    Please be assured that I am sensitive to the plight of the homeless as I am directly related to two people who have been homeless. My aunt whos is bi polar/manic depressive and my brother who was a twenty year old lazy brat who found it easier to ask for handouts on the Venice boardwalk instead of working. I find what my brother was doing insulting to those who are truly in need and I have very little respect for those that take advantage of a system when they don’t need to because they are lazy. Again, this is not a blanket statement and I hope you don’t misinterpret the point I’m making.

    Please continue listening, and thank you for addressing this issue so that I could clarify my stance. Again, my deepest apologies for offending you.

  4. Thanks Deirdre for clarification. It is a sensitive topic for me since I deal with it each and every day. If I came off as harsh I would like to apologize for that as well.

    I like the show and listen to it while I do dailies and PvP.

    I hope you all at CCR keep up the great work you do. Thank you so much for your support of the SWTOR community.

  5. great show as always! ^_^ I think I drove by the sale yesterday, I live in Burbank, was there a fire truck there?

  6. Hey there Wicket, there wasn’t a fire truck as far as I know, but there could have been one while I was recording and I didn’t see.

  7. D, I think the main reason they didnt boost the sprint speed is because of the PVP imbalances and instead of figuring out how to cancel the effect in warzones they just decided to add those priority transport, another weird design choice by Bioware.

    About the Forums, I can totally understand why they dont want millions of people flooding the forums, I dont know what reasons the players could have, but for Bioware its just a matter of manpower and resources, the mods and community team wont be able to handle that ammount of people posting, so having the forums open for everyone might not be feasible, they are already undermanned already.

    You know, one of the best arguements I hear in favor of the Freemium model is that when you purchase access to certain piece of content you permanently unlock it, on the other hand, with the subscption you are simply renting your game, I dont know if this will be possible or not but If I could just purchase the content I like I would do that instad of keep reting the game for $15 a month

    Good Episode

  8. Any chance of uploading this podcast to the old format, that is to say using the format of the previous ones found on the right hand side of the site? The new format isn’t working on my work computer, and I can’t listen on my lunch break. =( Thanks!

  9. We didn’t change the format. Please try again. I just reloaded the podcast in the podcast directory on the right side. I hope that helps! Thank you for listening!

  10. hmm, maybe not then Deirdre. I remember driving by and saw a fire truck and some classic cars so I thought maybe that was y’all when you mentioned it in the show. 🙂 looked like the fire truck was just there for any kids to play around.

  11. Working great now, thanks so much Carla! Love each and every show! You guys brighten my day!

  12. Great! Thank you so much for listening!

  13. I rather keep Pay the $15 / month, And when i have the money i will pay the $15. But their will be times when the money is tight, and Bills in my house hold comes first. I’m glad that i will atleast can continue to play SWTOR, even if it is at a lower grade. So i will be bounsing back and forth, as money prmits.

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