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Sep 042012

This week Carla is joined by special guest, Adaram!   They talk all about this week’s two articles at Massively, Community Roundup, Dev Tracker, and more.


FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact?  This week’s fact or fiction is all about Terror from Beyond.


More Episode #71 and Comments after the jump…

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news


  1. EA COO Confident in BioWare – http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/08/22/ea-coo-maintains-confidence-in-bioware/
  2. Hyperspace Beacon – http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/08/21/hyperspace-beacon-swtors-grand-acquisitions-race-fell-on-its-f/
  3. Developer Update – Terror From Beyond – http://www.swtor.com/blog/developer-update-%E2%80%93-terror-beyond
  4. Community Round up (8/29) – http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-round-august-29th-2012
  5. Dev Tracker (8/31) – http://www.swtor.com/blog/dev-tracker-summary-august-31st-2012
  6. The World Unsubscribed? – http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2012-08-31-has-the-world-unsubscribed


A glance at this week’s articles on CRR:

 Sith or Jedi:  Test of The Car Accident

You are running late for doctor’s appointment and on your way to the appointment you witness a car accident ahead of you on the road. A few cars ahead of you stop to see if they can assist in some way. Do you

  1. Stop and wait for the police to give details of what you saw once you made sure everyone was ok.
  2. Pull over long enough to make sure someone was staying that witnessed the accident and that they called 911 before continuing on your way.
  3. You see others stopped to give witness, so you don’t bother stopping.
 Community Buzz:
PVP or the lack thereof

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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!

  12 Responses to “Episode 71: PVP – Hot or Not?”

  1. I dont twitter but i have the answer. its corso riggs sumg. companion.
    Love the show and i feel your pain about having recruit gear and trying to PVP against the war hero. Plus you cant do FP’s or fight bosses in your PVP gear which sucks. i dont really know the difference in the two. So I have to keep changing my outfit depending on what i want to do, PVP or Reg in game. Also i think that GF should have it ranked to Gear so that you wont have to deal with people complaining that you dont have this certain gear and they dont want to do the FP with you. Ive been removed from boss fights and FPs because i only had Recruit gear on. its Frustrating and in GW2 i dont have to deal with that, its open world. I love and hate the rank up or down, sometimes i feel i should be at my level i earned it, and then again i think it makes it fair and better to play the game.

  2. I am sorry you have to share my pain! Have you tried doing the Corellia dailies specifically the weekly for Torvix to get the Black Hole Commendations? The more you get of them, the better gear you can get.

    Thank you for your comments!

  3. Well, that guy Larry is on the gamebreaker show that has been extremely negative about Swtor, and some people on that show dont even play the game, just from reading the title of his article in massively I can see it’s setting up the tone to be negative about the game again.

    I thought the event was ok, maybe the rewards and mechanics were not the same as the Rakghoul plague, but do we really want a repackaged version of the same event? Not to mention that the Rakghoul plague had plenty of issues and flaws, I mention a few on my thread “Grand Acquistions Race Vs Rakghoul Plague” on the swtor forums, you might wanna check it out if you’re interested in reading something that’s not swtor bashing.

    I did the event in several alts and didn’t have any issues, when there were other players trying to complete an objective I would just invite them so we complete it together, made it much faster. In social media and other podcasts I’ve seen that some people were kind of clueless about the whole event and that was strange because many fancy themselves as “MMO Vets”, maybe players now are less tolerant and more impatient.

  4. You make a good point. Are gamers less tolerant and more impatient? I would have to say yes. I think we have been spoiled by some of the games we play. For example, many gamers would not even consider playing a sandbox game that has no quests or things to lead them around from zone to zone. I would LOVE to see a sandbox game be produced that has the graphic quality of SWTOR or Skyrim. The only sandbox games I have seen lately is Wurm and Minecraft (not even going to touch what I think of the graphics in those two games).

    Thank you for providing the title to your thread and for taking a minute to comment here.

  5. Thank you for taking a minute to read it. I always listen to the show even before swtor came out, I was compelled to write a thread of my own because I saw people beign negative about the new event when in reality the first event had issues of it’s own.

    If I bother to listen to a podcast about a game is of course because I like the podcast and the game, I really don’t understand the people that listen/watch shows about swtor and read articles just to leave comments like “I can’t wait for this ship to sink”, it boggles my mind, same could be said for some self declared fans that do nothing but bashing the game.

  6. I think the reason some people appear to be negative when they truly don’t want to be is because they have such a love for this game and they see so many leaving. That can be very depressing. I love this game! BioWare is working hard to make our game better and better. Let’s just hope it’s gets here fast (I won’t say soon… LOL).

  7. PVP has significant problems, but expertise isn’t the worst.

    Let’s look at the numbers.

    Recruit 896 18.20 0
    Battlemaster 1164 22.23 +4.03
    War Hero 1291 23.95 +1.73

    You can actually get closer to 1400 now thanks to the new War Hero relic and expertise crystals, but still thanks to the DR curve that’s still only about a 1% difference.

    The difference from Full Recruit to Full warhero is 7% increased damage (so about 10-15% edge).

    From a strict mechanical perspective while these small differences matter, differences in rotation, reaction, luck, and playstyle can easily overpower it.
    Now let’s look at a different number
    Recruit: free
    Battlemaster: 15 hours
    War Hero: 300 hours.

    This is a rough estimate for how much time it takes to get each set. The players with full war hero have hundreds of hours of experience playing pvp. Playing *that character* in *that spec*. Their time to survive might be a second or two longer then you in a duel, and that might be the edge if you’re even. Their gear might allow them more graces and more mistakes then yours. The simple fact is, a person in war hero is better at PVP then you are.

    The reason sub 50 pvp ‘feels’ better is because in the time it takes to get full war hero, you could level three or four characters. The best sub-50 pvpers, those who are playing alts, don’t stay there for long, and they make up only a tiny fraction of the sub-50 pvp. The vast majority of sub 50 pvpers are just bad at the game. Even if it’s an ALT they might have a maximum 40 hours with that build or that character – mostly against PVE and solo content which they’re plowing through easily thanks to legacy perks.

    I want you to take a step back and realize that Expertise is *not the villain* here. It is designed as an ego mechanic. “Oh he didn’t beat me because he has spent months perfecting his playstyle.” “He didn’t beat me because he out thought my ever play, or his team had better strategy and coordination.” “He beat me because HIS GEAR IS TWICE (10% better) AS GOOD AS MINE!!!!”

    Richard Garfield, creator of Magic the Gathering talks about the importance of luck in game design. He argues, the appearance of luck is an important ego protector. He didn’t beat me because he played better or I suck at the game. He beat me because of “mana screw” or winning a die roll.
    For more on this topic you can see a presentation here:

    Expertise is like luck. It’s not the same (it actually reduces luck and makes it harder for new players to enter, but that’s countered by the fact it encourages players to GRIND hours of play in pvp for very very very tiny rewards)

    You need to take your ego out of the equation. “But I never died sub-50, and I died twice in a row…”

    You’re a healer
    You charge into battle
    You get focused fired upon.

    “I was in a solo fight and just lost.”
    Yeah, that’s class balance. You didn’t notice this sub-50 because most classes take a long time to differentiate between the specs. It takes a long time for the secondary and tertiary stats to matter. A sub 40 Operative DPS is a mediocre but passable Op Healer, and vise versa.

    You’re playing HEALERS. That means you find the tank and go with him and you have him as your butt buddy. You find the DPS and you stay behind them so they can protect you. And if your TEAM doesn’t have dps who are willing to protect you and tanks who are willing to guard you
    your team sucks. This isn’t even getting into the strategic distinctions between offensive and defensive healers, or playing hybrid builds.

    Go find a premade. You’ll enjoy it more. Make sure you’re in vent, mumble, or team speak so you can work together. You won’t always win, you will run into other teams that are better then you. But for your PVP Daily? It beats losing 6 games in a row. One hour a day and in a couple weeks you’ll have full BM and you’ll wonder what ever you were complaining about.

  8. HAHAHA! Patrick I love your term “butt buddy!” Honestly, we do that on my team as much as possible.

    The point I was trying to make is that gear shouldn’t matter as significantly as it does. We were told maximum of 10%. But… I noted something very interesting yesterday. If I don’t try to wear my recruit gear and wear my Rakata/Campaign gear, my survivability is much greater. I actually had 2 people on me many times and was able to survive long enough to have my dps or tanks take them out. I also died a lot, but that was ok. It’s not the dying I mind, it is the fact that I want to contribute. If I am dead, I can’t contribute. If I died saving a tank or dps, that is a good death.

    Very good response! Thank you for taking time to post it!

  9. Sadly, as Carla said, PVP in SWTOR is not friendly for the casual player. I’m not going to theorize on how many hours it’s gonna take you to get the gear because different people play at a different pace and have different performances. But a full Battlemaster set requires 12475 warzone commendations, and a full War Hero set costs 85750 warzone commendations, which is insanely grindy and a slap in the face for many players that went through RNG Hell to get Battlemaster back in the day of the BM Boxes and Tokens.

    Expertise is a triple edged sword, because a 10% advantage means he will his attacks will hit you for 10% extra damage, your attacks will do 10% less and his heals will be more effective than yours, not to mention that betweem Recruit, BM, and WH there are other stats besides expertise that improve with each tier, and weather people try to minimize it or not, it’s an advantage, anyone that don’t belive it’s an advantage are free to throw away their WH gear and play with recruit gear.

    And in a group enviroment, when one side is undergeared, like in Adaram’s example they are gonna get facerolled by a team with Battlemasters and War Hero, and it makes for a frustrating experience, with many games today having horizontal progressions, players will get turned off when they see SWTOR’s PVP is Grind-to-Win, which in my opinion is just as bad as Pay-to-Win.

    And what happens when they introduce Conqueror gear or Warlord gear and make all the effort of getting War Hero irrelevant? are we gonna have to constantly grind for gear to stay competitive, no thanks. If that’s the future of TOR I think I’ll limit myself to Story Content and get my PVP fix from… somewhere else.

  10. I am kicking myself because I didn’t PVP more early on before all the changes. The grind for comms is entirely too long now. BRING BACK OPEN WORLD PVP, BIOWARE!!!!!!

  11. Interview with Gabe just came out yesterday in which he said they failed to do the 20% (up from 10%) PVP gear gap ‘for many development reasons’ and they are still aiming for it.
    I also says EA were pushing F2P before launch but I find the idea of Bioware being the money grabbing ones implausible.


  12. Aww, some redditors are really great people! And it can be a good place for news… it’s just that we’ve had a lot of trolls leaking into the subreddit because they think bashing the game is funny. Run with some Jeddit/Sithit folks, you’ll see we’re not all bad! We’re Shadowland brothers and sisters! We should be friends!

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