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Sep 182012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: The “Other” Side

By Maer

By now most of us have had a chance to play the opposite faction from our mains. For some the loyalty to their main side is extremely important. I can’t say I feel as strongly as some, but I must admit, I do prefer my Empire characters. Fortunately, I do have two Light Side characters on the Imperial side, so I don’t automatically hit that Dark Side choice. Well, not anymore, at least. So how do I think the two sides stack up against each other, so far?

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I’m enjoying the story lines and of course, I had to have a Jedi. My first choice was the Consular, since I love my Sorc, so much. But she didn’t really do it for me. Something about throwing rocks just didn’t thrill me, so I made a Knight. Now, she’s a lot of fun to play and I’m enjoying her as much as my Marauder, my only other level 50.

It’s a minor adjustment, though, getting used to the slight differences between the two sides. For instances, I think the Imperials have far better behaved and more polite Medical Droids. Imperial droids wish me to have a nice day. The Republic droids tell me to get back to work. My fingers itch to take out my light saber and dismantle those uppity droids every time. My Sithness has carried over, I fear. But really, someone needs to teach those droids a lesson.

The fleets are slightly different, too. I’m sorry Republic people, but the Imperial fleet is much prettier. I don’t know whether it’s just the colors I prefer or what, but I find the Republic fleet to be dreary. The advertisements that give some color to the fleet are weird. While I’m grateful for the color, they seem odd to me. I don’t leave my characters on fleet on the Republic side like I do my Imp girls.

The bases and such, so far, are also a bit dreary and feel different from the Imperial bases. I’ve only gotten as far as Taris, though, so I expect things will be better when I move on to more exciting and prettier planets. Taris has always been my least favorite planet. Although I must admit, the Republic side is better than the Imperial one for Taris, but not by much.

I have only gotten a short way into the story lines, since my Knight is only 18 and the Consular is 17. So far the stories are good, but the Knight seems to have more action. Maybe they aren’t quite as exciting as the ones on the Imperial side, but that could be my bias for enjoying my Darth titles. Once I have my Jedi Master title, I may feel differently.

For now, though I’m enjoying having new things to do in the game, while I wait for the new content to go live.

I will have to turn off the sound because my Padawan is annoying. No worries, I almost always tire of the companions’ chatter and turn that off early on.

I’m going to be playing all four classes on the Republic side and finish up my girls on the Imp side, so I’ve done all eight. “Completionist” is my middle name. But Imperial is where my heart is (if my girls can be said to have one).

So how do you feel about playing the opposite faction? Are you one of those who feels like a traitor? Or do you play both sides with equal glee? Or are you somewhere in the middle, as I am?

That’s my two credits, What’s yours?


  4 Responses to “My Two Credits: The “Other” Side”

  1. I have the same goal of enjoying all of the stories. Currently, I only have four alts; one for each of the starting planets. I agree that the Imps have the cooler designs and styles, but I really appreciate that the two factions have such differing environments and “looks.” The beauty is trying out different role playing styles and here, playing a Jedi Consular healer in the subdued, earth-tone ‘Pub world, I find quite relaxing. Especially as my healer is a total sweetheart! All of the class stories I am pursuing are engaging and have had nice little twists. Kudos to BioWare! Just to add a little spice to the mix, I am playing a Light Side and Dark Side character for each faction. I particularly enjoy being a Light Side Imperial Agent and a Dark Side Republic Trooper. That’s my two credits’ worth!

  2. I am definitely a republic guy. My Bounty Hunter was enough on the edge to not be empire. My warrior is trying to reform the empire from the inside out.

  3. While it is necessary to play the opposite faction (according to BioWare) to get HK-51, I have the roughest time doing so. For me, playing Republic just feels…. ICKY! LOL

    Seriously, the dark side has cookies…. 😉

  4. I want to experience all of the class stories, so I plan to play the four class stories on each side. My guild is predominantly a Republic guild, though we do have a sister guild on the Empire side. I prefer playing on the Republic side as one of the “good guys,” and my two level 50 characters are on the Republic side. I have a level 37 sorcerer and some level 18 Empire toons, so I’ve seen a fair amount of the Empire side of things. The main thing I’ve noticed is that the wearable gear is much cooler looking on the Empire side. My main is a male consular, and I think consulars have the most butt ugly end game gear in the entire game.

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