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Sep 192012

By Geldarion


Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we will talk about the types of players you might see in PvP.

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Just like all social interactions, there are “types” of people that tend to frequent MMOs and gaming in general. Of those people, there are specific types that enjoy PvP. Let’s talk about some of these.

NOTE: Please don’t take offense if you see yourself in this list. I am going to do some equal-opportunity mocking.

The Care-bear

Care-bears are also known as the “QQ-ers.” They have two weapons: blind distraction and crying on the forums. The first weapon involves running heedlessly into battle, without caring who or what awaits. This often results in getting focus-fired since he is the only idiot who decided on this particular strategy. The second weapon is when the Care-bear runs crying to Bioware that “the mean Operatives hurt me.” It doesn’t matter if the class they fought was actually at a disadvantage, since the Care-bear “always” loses to this class.

How to be a Care-bear: Exaggerate and whine.

How to NOT be a Care-bear: Don’t use generalizations when describing a situation. If you have a problem, then talk specifics.

The Hard-Core

The Hard-Cores break down into two categories: Pro and Wannabe

Pro Hard-Core

Pro Hard-Core players are in the Valor Rank 70-100 range. It is rare to find a Pro Hard-Core below that, unless they are on an alt. Pro Hard-Cores will either be almost completely silent in PUG solo-queue Warzones or they will be in charge, giving orders that should be followed, because doing so would bring victory. Pro Hard-Cores have one weapon and two big weaknesses. The weapon is a very little-used trick, and it is dirty. Skill. The weaknesses are confidence and forgetfulness. Pro Hard-Cores are generally very confident in their skills, which comes across as egotism. They have a low tolerance for ineptitude, which often comes across as meanness. They forget that they too were once inept.

How to be a Pro Hard-Core: Learn your class, learn other classes, practice, and don’t get defensive when advice is offered.

How to NOT be a Pro Hard-Core: See “How to be a Wannabe Hard-Core” below.

Wannabe Hard-Core

The Wannabe Hard-Core is almost exactly like the Pro Hard-Core with a few subtle differences. The Wannabe Hard-Core is usually the same Valor Rank as Pro Hard-Cores, they often don’t communicate in Warzones or order people around, and they also have the same two weaknesses, confidence and forgetfulness. Wannabe Hard-Cores are confident in their skills and forgetful that they don’t have any.

How to be a Wannabe Hard-Core: Keep playing Warzones, even though you don’t like it as much as WoW, you hate the people, and you think the rewards suck. Don’t take advice well. Never, EVER admit you were wrong.

How to NOT be a Wannabe Hard-Core: See “How to be a Pro Hard-Core” above.

The Leveler

The Leveler is a player that really only plays alts, so they are generally only found in the 10-49 bracket. The Leveler gets to level 50, logs off, and starts a new alt. The Leveler really enjoys PvP the most in the 40s. There are two weapons in the Leveler’s arsenal: transience and apathy. Because of the fact that the Leveler will be done with their character once they reach level 50, they don’t feel the need to make friends on the way up. That name will be gone, and with it, their reputation. Secondly, the fact is, they just don’t care. They really don’t want to win Huttball 6-0 in the first 3 minutes. If it goes the full 15 minutes (13 in Patch 1.4), they will get more experience, which is all they really care about.

How to be a Leveler: Only have one slot full on your server. Delete your character when you hit 50. Start a new advanced class and story. Don’t worry what people think, they can just get to 50 and play with people who care.

How to NOT be a Leveler: Recognize that you have certain responsibilities to your team and try to fulfill them. Realize that your actions affect more people than just you.

The Quitter

The Quitter is the most despicable of all players. They are the people that quit when the other team scores the first goal in Huttball. They are the people that stand clustered together at the only turret you have in Alderaan when the other team manages to get two turrets right off the bat, waiting for the end. The Quitter has two tools, one of which he borrows from the Leveler: apathy and anonymity. The Quitter doesn’t care that your game experience somewhat depends on him. He doesn’t suffer from quitting and getting in a game with people who win right away. And you can’t do anything about it, because he is safe behind his computer screen. In his mom’s basement.

How to be a Quitter: Repeat to yourself, “These fools suck, we obviously can’t come back from 0-1 with 10 minutes left, and I have better things to do than stick it out with my compatriots.”

How to NOT be a Quitter: Try.

The For-Fun

The For-Fun player is in the game um….For Fun. The For-Fun wants to just enjoy himself and wants you to enjoy yourself too. This is different than a player that plays the game because it is fun; we all do that. This virtual hippie will start each Warzone with his racial social skill, making everyone dance. He emotes at you, signalling the other team that you are in the Warzone, which gets you marked almost immediately. Their hedonism is their weapon; when asked about why they just did /getdown at the stealthed player capping the turret they were guarding, they reply, “It’s all good, man. This is just a chill game with some laid-back people. We should all live in harmony. No strife, man. No strife.”

How to be a For-Fun: Throw ambition to the wind, sing a camp song, and don’t bathe.

How to NOT be a For-Fun: See “How to NOT be a Leveler” and “How to NOT be a Quitter” above

The Troll

This is the second-most despicable type of player, just behind the Quitter. It is also the second-most fun to have on your team sometimes, just behind the Pro Hard-Core. The Troll fills chat with pointless jabber, making fun of people, insulting the leadership style of the leader, and generally making it hard to concentrate. The most talented of them are actually quite funny, and can even troll while playing well. They have one weapon, but it has two blades: entertainment and annoyance. Like I said, they are funny. Some of my favorite quotes have been from trolls. On the other hand, they are distracting and (in certain situations) annoying. They fill chat with drivel, which can make communication a series of furious clicks trying to scroll back to see what was said by people that were dying on the battlefield.

How to be a Troll: Completely ignore the battle and just spam chat with movie titles that have “Jawa” replacing a major word in the title.

How to NOT be a Troll: Pay attention to the task at hand, and communicate only what is necessary, WHEN it is necessary.

The Newbie

The Newbie (often mistakenly called “Noob,” see Wannabe Hard-Core above) is a type of player that is ready and willing to learn the ropes. This player doesn’t know anything about the Warzones, and doesn’t know what is expected of them in the various game modes. It isn’t that they are bad at their class; in fact, a lot of great PvE players fall into this category. This is the only type of player I DON’T mock. We were all new once. I point people who are new to threads on the forums like The New Player’s Guide To PvP, which gives a rundown on all the Warzones. I direct them to this column, which if I do say so myself, has a lot of information about PvP and specific topics like Communication and Situational Awareness. And finally, I always treat them with respect and answer as many questions as possible. Newbies that are trained and treated well, given time, could become Pro Hard-Cores.

How to be a Newbie: Start playing PvP for the first time.

How to NOT be a Newbie: Ask questions, practice, and take advice into consideration.


Many Flavors, One Soup

In reality, we are all really mixtures of the above types of players. I feel like I am a mixture of the Pro Hard-Core, the For-Fun, and the Leveler. I approach PvP always seeking to make myself better, researching strategies, and learning about other classes. I love leveling up, and I enjoy PvPing along the way. I also realize that the whole thing comes down to “if it isn’t fun, don’t do it.” So I hope you enjoyed my perceptions of types of players and realize that almost all of this was in jest. Please let us know if you think of more amusing anecdotes or types of players in the comments below, or if you want, let us know how you think these player types might combine to make you.


Use this information well, soldier. Fight for victory and die with honor. Till our next briefing, DISMISSED!

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