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Sep 212012

By Ghoztt

I had an opportunity to test out the new Terror From Beyond Operation and I am looking forward to seeing it go live. My previous speculation post had a couple of good guesses of what we might see, but I was pleasantly surprised on some of the encounters. The entire operation was visually stunning and the challenge set forth in story mode is just where it should be. It’ll be great for those who are wanting to see the story as it is not nearly as hard as Explosive Conflict. The seasoned veterans, on the other hand, may want to skip right into hard mode.The quest to begin the operation starts from a protocol droid on the fleet in the supply quarter. For the Empire side, the droid’s name is AD-304 so keep an eye out for him. The Republic side droid will probably be named something similar and will be in the southern most section of that fleet.

The droid will send you to meet an Imperial (or Republic officer who will introduce you to the Gree Ambassador. The officer will be found on the operations ship. As you exit the elevator, head towards the Denova shuttle but, instead of going straight, turn leftt and you’ll see the door leading to the Asation dropship.


There are a total of five boss encounters you will face in this operation. Some are surprisingly easy while others rather difficult if you get too overconfident. All, however, have their own level of fun to varying degrees and I think it’ll be enjoyable to work through them.  This is a quick overview of the fights on story mode, but I should be publishing full boss strategies with video as soon as possible.

  • The Writhing Horror – We went in with a mostly pugged group and one shot this boss. It’s pretty much a tank and spank with adds that need to be killed between burrow phases of the main boss. There’s pools that spawn that will help you kill the adds if they are tanked within it.  Kill the little adds first, then the big one, then get back on the boss. Rinse and repeat.

  • The Dread Guard – Even though there are three bosses, only two of them need to be tanked. This fight is a matter of killing the bosses in the correct order, staying out of the bad stuff unless you have the debuff, and running away from a boss once you are marked. Sound confusing? It is, at first, but the mechanics are picked up pretty quickly and videos are coming soon!

  • Operator IX – This is the puzzle boss encounter and it’s very fun. I think it’s mainly due to a speed boost that you get during the fight, but there is a lot of running around to be done. This fight is pretty easy overall, you just have to be good at matching colors. I hope that those who are color blind don’t struggle too much with it. When the encounter starts, each dps will pair up with a tank or healer and pick a matching color with their partner. Throughout the fight, those colors will come up in the center of the room and those that match have to stand in the appropriate spot (tanks/healer in the center and dps clicking on their panel). There are adds that need to be tanked while the rest of the dps burn down data cores. Once all the data cores are down, phase two begins which is mostly a tank and spank fight with a bit color matching mixed in.

  • Kephess the Undying – He’s back and he’s bigger than ever!  This time he’s alone, but he is still pretty tough, with plenty of tricks up his sleeves.   On story mode, though, it’s not too bad. Just pay attention to debuffs and don’t stand where he lands. Don’t stand in bad stuff and burn him down at the last 10% or so.

  • The Terror From Beyond – Unfortunately, I was only able to see this fight’s first phase first hand where you have to burn down tentacles and avoid adds. Phase two looks like a ton of fun as it takes place within the hypergate. There’s a lot of spring boarding from platform to platform while killing tentacles and and sparks. They have to die first before you can tackle his body, very reminiscent to a certain dragon that shall not be named.  Hopefully, I can give a better first hand report once I get in there to test.

Final Thoughts

The planet is visually stunning, especially the section leading up to the puzzle boss. The fight difficluties are at a good level for more casual players to be able to enjoy the story mode. From what I have been hearing, the challenge of the hard mode version is still enough to give operation groups something to work on for a couple of months. I look forward to seeing more! See you in 1.4! Ready check done? Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

PS: For your amusement, I did this little video of the different moods being put into the next patch. I hope you laughed as much as we did!

  2 Responses to “Operation: Information – Terror From Beyond Preview”

  1. I don’t want any spoilers so I haven’t looked at your pass 2 articles, but in your opinion is there enough content in Terror from Beyond to keep raiders occupied for several weeks?

  2. Hey Gad! I understand not wanting to see spoilers. I actually mention in the article that it should keep the more progressive ops groups busy for a couple of months, at least in hard mode. Even more casual groups will find a fun challenge without it being prohibitively difficult in story mode. The hardest of the hard core may not find it too hard but hopefully nightmare EC isn’t too far off!

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