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Sep 242012

This week Carla & Deirdre talk all about this week’s Server Consolidation, Community Roundup, Dev Tracker, and more.


FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact?  This week’s fact or fiction is all about this week’s Live Stream news.


More Episode #74 and Comments after the jump…

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news


A glance at this week’s articles on CRR:


Sith or Jedi:  Test of the Big Sale

There is a big sale in a local mall and while you are not a huge “sale” person, you figure that with money being tight, you could use a deal or two for some holiday presents. While you are there, you find the perfect something for a loved one and it’s very affordable at 75% off retail price, it’s also the last one on the shelf. You pick it up and you’re walking around the sale trying to procure more items to make your adventure complete even though the store is mostly “picked over”.

As you stop at a group of things that you thin would work as gifts, you set your one perfect item down to free your hands up to look through the bin. As you’re looking, a sweet little old lady comes up from behind and gently takes your perfect item which had been set next to you.

She quietly says to her equally old companion, in her sweet grandmotherly voice, that it would be the perfect something for her daughter who has had the emotional ups and downs all year and that this item would bring a smile to the daughters face. You look over and see that the look on the little old ladies face is simply glowing when she talks about giving the item to her daughter for a holiday present.  Do you:

  1. Smile to yourself and walk away knowing that you can find another present elsewhere and that saying nothing at all will make someone’s holiday a little bit brighter.
  2. Smile and tell her kindly that it’s yours but you will help her find another one. When you can’t find another item like it, you let her have yours, wishing her a happy holiday as you walk away to find something else.
  3. Tell the kind old woman that it’s the last one in the store and that since you found it, you get first dibs, but if she wants it bad enough, she can give you retail price for it after you buy it.


Community Buzz:

Server Consolidation
Forced Name change – http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=533664
Guild @ <server> – http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=533820


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Thank you, EVERYONE, for listening!



  11 Responses to “Episode 74: Server Consolidations and You”

  1. Hey ladies, great show as always! 🙂

    About shadows:

    Think of it that way. They’re aiming for the optimization of the game engine. Now, shadows are what takes a lot of computing power from the graphics card. It’s a necessery step, yes – small, but necessery, to carve a way to better overall gameplay experience, such as World pvp with 40+ people around. Hero Engine wasnt optimised for it, and they’re trying to do that step by step. At least that’s what i’m guessing.

    As for the putting that info on the news, i guess they’re trying to see the reactions of people, if that thing is worth mentioning at all.

    Your complaining about priorities is unjustified, because it takes COMPLETELY different people to optimize the game engine, and completely other team to do the content.

  2. Great show!

    On the server consolidations, I wondered why they didn’t move the destinations servers first to the new mega servers and then the add on then other origin servers they were shutting down. I’m sure some would disagree, but all these people were offered items and pets to move sooner. Okay, for instance, I created several alts on various servers…most of which were to allow my niece and nephews a chance to use my account to try the game. When the server consolidations happened, I had all of my characters end up on the same server. I only had to change two names and of those only one was not originally from the Shadowlands server.
    I think the consolidations were needed to start testing the new server tech as we get closer to Free-to-Play and to bring the player base back together instead of spread out over soo many servers…but I think there were some other options they should have considered.

  3. Thank you for your comments, Voyak! We both realize that optimizing the shadows is different. We also realize it is part of the process. The point I was trying to make (and apparently failed at! LOL), was that if someone is going back and adjusting (or optimizing) shadows now, they are fine the way they are if you are sacrificing labor that could be working on something else. Also, we are trying to stress just how important more content, LOTS MORE CONTENT, is right now.

    Thank you again for listening and commenting! You are keeping us on our toes! LOL *hug*

  4. Hey Carla!

    Yeah, i know what You mean, but notice that they said they’ve completely re-wrote the shadows, and this is the ground work for the next things to optimize. So while Hero Engine is very capable tool in sustaining scripts that aid storytelling, etc. they’re now trying to get it to work with things that players want. Drawing more than 20 players is a bit of a pain for this engine. I do cheer for them and hope that they’ll launch that Illum world event at the beginning of the next Year, everything will be in place to launch open world pvp and maybe even some warzones with higher number of players 🙂

    That said, i know… WE NEED MOAAAR CONTENT 😀

    I would gladly help the “Content team” myself, but unfortunately they’re not looking for animators right now :/


    Cheers! 🙂

  5. Great show as usual! 🙂

    I had a nice and weird moment when the server consolidations happened. When I previously moved to Tomb of Freedon Nadd I had to change my Jedi Shadow’s name from Sheryl to Shery’l, so when I logged back in after the consolidations I had a level 1 Consular named Sheryl which I originally had.

    Shame I don’t have time to level that one. 🙂

  6. Ladies,

    I have counter point to the comments on leaving War Zones. I understand what you are saying about people that are leaving because they are losing.
    The issue is though that If you queue for both War Zones and Flashpoints then you will be removed from the War Zone when the Flashpoint pops. Bioware needs to address this before they penalize you for being pulled out of the War Zone. Bioware lets you queue for both and they have set the priority towards the Flashpoint. You are removed from the War Zone queue when the Flash point pops but you stay in the Flashpoint queue through out the War Zone.
    As a DPS when I get the pop for a Flash point I am going, even if I am winning in the War Zone. It takes long enough to get a Flash Point. I have tried to sit tight and get that last score or the last 10-20% before the 90 second Flashpoint timer accept screen expires, but I am taking the flashpoint rather then waiting another 30+ minutes for another chance.
    I am really glad that I can play War Zones while I wait for a Flashpoint. I would not want to have to sit around and wait or come up with something to do while I wait.
    My suggestion is that you keep the win or loss from the time you exited or abandoned the War Zone. Of course, I would want my medals and coms if I am given the win or lose; but maybe that is the cost for having to leave early.

  7. Awww that was a great story! I am very surprised a level 1 got to keep such a great name. Thank you for sharing the story! 🙂

  8. You read the Q&A wrong for your fact or fiction. The #1 would be true, Terror From Beyond Story Mode and Hard Mode will be out before Nightmare mode for either EC or TFB. The Q&A question was about which nightmare mode would be out first between EC and TFB. It was only about nightmare mode, nothing else.

  9. Yeh, the way you read it #1 and #3 were both true.

  10. That’s what I get for trying to be tricky! LOL All I can say is…. oops. HAHA

  11. Darn it! I tried to be so tricky I tricked myself! LOL

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