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Sep 252012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: Mega Servers

By Maer

The latest server mergers are done and it seems to have gone smoothly for the most part. We didn’t have to spend long hours recreating guilds and such, which made things much, much easier. The biggest issues surrounded character and guild names. And boy, have I heard grief about that from quite a few people. To be fair, Bioware tried to do the best they could with a situation that wasn’t likely to please everyone. They made some excellent choices, but also some that are less palatable.

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Hopefully, this is our last move for a while. The best thing they did was in moving the guilds over intact. We didn’t have to empty our guild bank and recreate it or re-invite guild members. For that, I’m extremely grateful because we spent close to sixty hours getting everyone re-invited the last time. So, kudos to Bioware on that! Of course, I had no idea we actually were moving at all since we were a destination server (or so I thought). Makes me wonder why they didn’t do that last time.

However, there were some frustrating issues that resulted with this move, especially with the guild name duplications.

Bioware should have realized people get very possessive about their character names. I admit I’m partial to my name and would not have been pleased if my name had been gone. Especially since I thought I was on a destination server and I had no idea my name was at risk. I had a few minutes of panic when I found out I might lose my name, but I was happy when I logged in and all my girls were safe, sound and not renamed.

Actually, I wish Bioware had been a bit clearer on what was going to happen. I had no idea we were being moved. Maybe I missed that piece of info, but it was sure a surprise to me. I thought our server was being expanded and other servers were being moved onto it.

Some of my friends were not as lucky as I was and had to change their names. Fortunately, these were mostly for alts that were rarely played and only a few were upset about it.

Of course, the really big issue is that of the duplicate guild names. The “@Server Name” appended to the end has to be frustrating to those guilds and they have my sympathies. I can imagine that guilds who have paid for their websites and lost their guild name have to be pretty upset. I certainly wouldn’t like owning a site that no longer conforms to my guild’s name.

I’d like to know what the guilds who are dealing with this situation are doing, so please post your experiences below.

One thing that Bioware could have used was an idea by our very own Deirdre. She recommended using a specific graphic that each guild could design. If it could be placed in front of the guild name that could alleviate some confusion. At least with guild members who would recognize their own logo. It might still be confusing to other members, but better than losing an entire guild identity by having the name changed.

I’m sure there are other ideas out there that would solve the name problems, so please feel free to share. I certainly don’t have any, but I know people who are really good at solving these kinds of issues. That makes me wonder if Bioware is exploring all avenues when it decides to do something big like server mergers.

Anyway, more new players is always a good thing and hopefully the name issues will get resolved soon.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?


  2 Responses to “My Two Credits: Mega Servers”

  1. It was bogus that guilds on destination servers had a forced name change race with incoming members. We lost both the names to our Republic/Empire guilds and opted to keep the @The Harbinger tag over changing it to something else as we are one of those guilds that already has a website up and running. I see the distress of character name changes and feel ‘lucky’ that I didn’t have to change mine. Duplicate legacy names is a start though, at least that can remain intact. The next server merge, however, will have a lot more drama.

  2. I am sorry to hear that you had to rename your guild or keep the @ beside your guild name. I just think that is awful for you guys! Wouldn’t a nice icon be better than @ ?

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