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  • Transcendence – Galactic Republic

There are many playstyles that make-up gamers, so it only stands to reason there are several types of guilds ranging from casual to hardcore. While some guilds completely roleplay in character there are others just out to have a party like time. There are guilds into PVE endgame progression and those who are fully focused on PVP. Not to mention the many who blur the lines between the many types of guilds. This week’s guild, Transcendence, leans to the full-tilt PVP side of SWTOR. We will find out their beginnings, why they favor PVP and also learn how they are doing as they attempt to venture into Operations.

War Hero armor ready? Time to meet Transcendence after the Jump…






  • Guild Q&A

How did your guild get started?

We started with a coin flip in my apartment.  One of my best friends, Neil, suggested we use the name “Epiphany,” while I preferred Transcendence.   With that, we decided to start our guild, with our own vision and mission.  Regardless of the name, the mission was the same; enjoy online games with a Player vs. Player (PVP) focus.


Is SWTOR the first game for your guild?

Yes, though we are open for expanding to multiple games and genres.   Whether it’s a first person shoot, a RPG, MMO, whatever, the message and meaning of our guild is still the same.


What was the motivation to start your own guild?

We were tired of joining guilds just to start working our way out the social ladder.  Typically, we’d join a guild, no one talk to us, give us resources, reach out to see if we need anything.  Moreover, people expected you to know the game in and out and were unwilling to help others in their guild until they’d “proven” themselves.

We set to change this, focusing on a specific goal (top 10 PvP guild), reaching out to our members, whether level 1 or 50, gathering resources, and knowledge to further our goal.




Do you think some “elitist” attitudes can hurt a gaming community?

Yes it can.  Some people have many hours, spreadsheets, and data to observe and manipulate the game.  They stop at nothing to be the best (much like real life).  As long as they aren’t destructive or negative to other parts of the community, I don’t think they’re bad.

But this is real life and most of those groups/guilds flame other people for not being or desiring to be at the top.  That’s where we step in.  We want to have some elite players that want nothing more than to be number one, but never do we want to sacrifice our relationships, environment and play style to get there.  That’s where our officers and members help guide each other to make sure we are congruent in this philosophy.



How does Transcendence differ in the gaming environment found in your guild?

We offer resources, guidance, with little to no expectations.  Everyone can fit in with this guild.  If you want to be an elite PvP player, sign up for Saturday night ranked warzones.  If someone wants to start a PvE operations team, we allow for creative innovation.


What server and type of server can Transcendence be found?

We are only on the Prophecy of the Five.  Since we are a PvP guild, it makes sense to stick to one server and focus our strength and resources on one server.


What made the guild decide on this type of server and faction?

We tired Empire and hated it.  While there are great guilds, players, and so forth, it seemed players embodied the Imperial personality.  The Empire (Sith) were all about gaining power with no recourse for others.  Sometimes people embody this philosophy even though it is a game.

With that being said, we have aligned ourselves with a great non-elitist Empire guild, Apollyon (http://www.apollyon.us).  Since story is such an important part of this game, we wanted a safe and friendly place for our alts and vice versa.  Therefore, we aligned with a great Empire guild.  We are gearing up for future events, open world PvP’ing against each other, ranked warzone groups, etc. We also have an Alliance with HVND, a fellow Republic guild. Below is a pic featuring some members from the guild HVND.




Your guild is very focused on PVP. How does Transcendence help guild members become better PVP gamers?

Friday nights (and any other really) is specifically set aside for “gearing up.”  We required 1,200 expertise (the PvP stat) or full Battle Master gear to compete in our Saturday night group.  However, Friday is set aside so we can help mentor people to get gear, but also understand our guild strategies per map.  It’s been very successful at getting people’s gear/strategy prepared for the more competitive Saturday night ranked events.



What PVP goals does the guild have?

One, to be a top 10 PvP guild based on the current ranking system.  While there’s limited data in the preseason, we are gauging this on our individual ranking (rated stat).  Most people know the top 10 or so PvP guilds on our server, and there’s a lot of competition.



Since Transcendence is into PVP, what are some areas the guild feels needs addressed in SWTOR?

We really want open world PvP.  While there’s Illum, there’s really limited incentive to go there.  We are trying to make player based content by doing siege the castle on Quesh or 2v2 tournaments at the Outlaws Den.  We still need some type of incentive other than valor.



What things are they doing right?

The polishing they put on their content.  While there are bugs, a lot of bugs, I feel the overall game quality when something is released is great.  There are some games that I’ve played where nothing works right, customer service never responds, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  At least Bioware makes a good attempt at getting things right the first time (my opinion of course).



How have the new changes in Patch 1.4 impacted the PVP?

1.4 drastically changed resolve or “stun locks.”  I feel it’s much better for skilled players because you can time stuns in order to lock down specific players such as a healer or a super DPS character.  People are frustrated with the system, yet these are the same players without a guild, voice communication, or a basic understanding of the resolve system.



Even though the guild is focused PVP, does the guild also take part in Operations?

We are starting too.  We’ve yet to do Operations on an eight man guild scale, but we’ve done them together a few times.  Starting about two weeks ago, we started running PvE content on Wednesday nights.


How has the guild done in SWTOR Operations?

Good so far considering we are mostly in PvP gear.  Thankfully the game has a story mode which one doesn’t need to be max gear in order to experience the content.  In fact, most of the PvP gear is sufficient to run normal operations.  As we progress, gear will continue to be a necessity not an option.


Has the guild had a chance to go through Terror From Beyond yet?

No, but I can’t wait to get there.  I’ve been extremely impressed on the quality and structure of operations and image this will be impressive to undertake.




What is your main character’s class/advance class?

My main character is Del’tia, Republic, level 50, Jedi Consular Shadow.  I absolutely love this class because of its versatility.  You’re not stuck doing one thing like my War Hero Sentinel.  You can control the battlefield and change the game.  Plus, I really enjoyed the story.



What are a couple PVP tips you can share with our readers?

First, enable the resolve bar in your user interface.  This is the most important part of PvP.  Second, model your playstyle after the best players.  If you see someone in the same class out preforming you ask them questions.  Ask experienced and geared guildies how they fair, about specs, gear, etc.  Knowledge is power and gaining more and more will only help you.  Third, take your time.

There’s a steep PvP tax when you hit 50, get destroyed over and over for about two weeks until you have a full battle master set.  Lastly, understand the game before you hit 50.  If you’re 40 valor or higher, you can store 3,500 ranked warzone commendations and 2,000 unranked.  When you hit 50, you’ll be able to buy some major upgrades before  you run one warzone and this will help you’re frustration factor.



What would you say is one of the biggest aspect overlooked, for a player at being more effective in PVP?

Keybinds is a good start.  People stick to the standard 1-0, space bar jump, etc.  I completely redesigned my keybinds which directly affects my effectiveness.   For instance, space bar is target nearest player.  I rarely need to jump, but I always need to switch targets, why not have this as the number one most hit key?  Keybinds separate winners and losers in my opinion.  It takes a lot of effort to hit 9 verses Q for a major damage/healing ability.




I noticed in your forums, your guild is having a contest in October. Can you tell us about the contest and what sorts of prizes are involved?

We are trying to stimulate our website activity.  We are asking players to have five post within one month to be entered into a random drawing.  First place is a 60-day time card, second place is a physical security key, and third is 100,000 in-game credits.  Knowledge is power, we want to spread this message and have some fun while at it.




Is Transcendence currently recruiting new members?

Yes, we are always looking for friendly, mature, and PvP focused players.  We are currently recruiting all levels and all classes.  However, we are not recruiting for recruiting sake.  Just expanding ones roster does nothing for the overall mission if those players aren’t focused on the end goal.  Therefore, if people are interested in ranked PvP end-game, we welcome applications via our website.


 Why did you join Transcendence? What is one thing that you enjoy about being a part of this guild?

 I joined for a few reasons. 1. I love having a good group of people to pve/pvp with 2. Being able to communicate with a group makes the game more fun plus you win more. The thing I enjoy the most is the chance to share my experiences, and grow with a group of guys and gals that enjoy this game as much as I do. – GrafAvenger


What is the best way for players to contact you or your officers?

In-game or email is probably the best two ways to reach us.  I give my email out, Jacob.hausman@gmail.comor PST us in game, Del’tia, Bioshock, or Azkren.  We are always in the Republic fleet, just show Transcendence and someone will help you (unless 2 AM or something). You also can contact us through the following social media outlets or our website:

Transcendence website

Transcendence Facebook page

Transcendence Google+ page


Does the guild welcome players to group up for Warzones etc. if they would like to see how the guild operates?

This is core to our mission.  When I log on to play, I immediately see who’s online (regardless of gear, rank, valor) and ask if they want to group or any groups already in action.  Reaching out to our members is the most important part of our growth.



I want to give a huge shout out to Del’tia for his help responding to all my emails. He and his officers really did a great job making this article possible, especially since I was gone on vacation this past weekend. I urge anyone that loves PVP or just enjoys having a good time head over to Prophecy of the Five server and get in touch with this guild!

Does your guild have a specific focus when playing SWTOR or maybe something that sets your guild apart from the rest? Hardcore or Casual, PVP or PVE or RP let us all hear about your guild! So if you are in a guild or a leader in a guild, why not contact me and see if we can tell the community about what you folks are doing. Just submit your guild’s website and some basic information in an email to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Look forward to highlighting more guilds here at Corellian Run Radio. Thanks and see you next week!



  2 Responses to “Community Checkpoint”

  1. Thanks so much for all the hard work putting together this article Jason. You captured the essence of our community and guild. Thank you!

  2. @Jacob Thanks for the comment! It is nice to get compliments, but honestly you and your, as well as all the other guilds I have had the privilege to get to interview and learn about are what I love about my “work.” The community that makes up this game is one of the best and is what keeps me excited about writing and this game 🙂

    Again all the best to you and the rest of Transcendence…please let us know how the guild is progressing in ranking and also how the Operation runs go!

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