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Oct 162012

Photo-Receptor Focus on: Terror from Beyond

By Maer

Yay! I got to see the new Operation, Terror from Beyond, with my new sixteen-man raid team. First impressions are very favorable and best of all? I got to see color! There’s a very cool effect partway in that I thought was very clever.

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We didn’t clear it yet, since mostly we are still learning to work together. While this new Ops is challenging, it’s not nearly as tough as Denova was when it first came out. I really liked the design of the TFB architecture and the Tron-like feeling of being inside the computer.

The color effects on the different teams for Operator IX were very cool and served a practical purpose, as well. This was my favorite boss so far. Maybe because I actually did something in addition to healing. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore healing, but getting to do something else in raid is always kind of exciting. This was a fun boss and the bright colors helped a lot. The mechanic was different and I dutifully ran around doing whatever my raid leader told me to do, purple lightning crackling from my fingers. I do love when I get to do that in Ops. Purple lightning for the win!

Which, if you think about it is kinda sad that I get so excited about seeing color at all. Be that as it may, I was pitifully grateful for something other than drab grey, brown, black, silver or white.

The other bosses were also cool, but mostly it was the look of this new Ops that had me pretty happy. I liked the overall design, even while noting that the color was rather uniform in a lot of areas. Which made it even more pleasing when we hit the Color Boss. Not surprising, as that seems to be Bioware’s MO. Give the brilliant designers one small box of crayons. Aha! But someone snuck some in from another kid’s box because we did get some color relief on Operator IX.

Of course, being in a new raid group is interesting, too. I loved my old raid group, but, sadly, most of them left for another new game. I really do wish Bioware would realize/admit/fix the fact that it’s losing people and do more to retain its player base. However, I digress.

I was quite lucky to find a new Ops group rather quickly. The advantage of being in a large guild is that we have several static groups in most of our games. And this group is a sixteen, which changes the dynamics of even old raids. Not that I’m anxious to revisit the old ones. I got heartily sick of them, except Denova. Still, the larger version is loads of fun and I’m playing with some awesome people.

Overall, the new content was a welcome change and I hope Bioware continues to get more and more new content to us.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?



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