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Nov 082012

HoloNet Links #71

This week HoloNet Links is taking time to look at folks in the SWTOR Community that have been using their gifts or creativity in positive ways. We will be looking at examples of fan fiction, user created videos and different forms of artwork found on the net and on the official forum. HoloNet Links is doing a little community appreciation by putting the spotlight on a few of these people and also letting those of you with similar talents know that there are places for you to post and share your work. We will also have plenty of links about SWTOR news, dev notes and of course a look back at the past week on Corellian Run Radio.

SWTOR Community Appreciation & much more after the Jump…




SWTOR Community


  • Dev Notes

CourtneyWoods Developer Update: Free-to-Play Option | 11.07.2012, 03:07 PM

Hello everyone,
Please discuss the Developer Update: Free-to-Play Option blog in this thread!

JovethGonzalez I just want to point out one thing: this blog was written a few weeks ago, so if it reads that way…well, that’s why!


Damion Schubert has a write on the Free-to-Play option that is coming to SWTOR. Yes, as Joveth points out in the post/thread above it was written a few weeks ago. Now knowing that, take a look at the article and give them your constructive critiques on the Free-to-Play option along with the Cartel Marketplace. Be sure to login to the Public Test Server to see the latest updates to the Cartel Market to give you better context to your constructive posts.



AllisonBerryman Force bubble way OP | 11.07.2012, 10:29 AM

Thanks for posting your thoughts about the stun bubble and its Resolve value. We do plan on making some changes to the bubble in the future, but we’re still looking at some different options for addressing concerns about it. We’ll continue taking your feedback into account and will let you know more when we can.

For all you PVPers, what are your thoughts on the stun bubble? According to Allison they are looking for your feedback, so what are some of your constructive ideas for options or changes to the “bubble?” Make sure you let them know in the thread link above. Remember when posting your feedback to be constructive, but be completely honest and give the development team your ideas. Also leave us your ideas for this and other PVP issues in the comment section below.



AllisonBerryman Level 50 Legacy | 11.07.2012, 10:30 AM

I talked to Lead Designer Damion Schubert about Legacy Level 50 and potential rewards, and here’s what he said:
We are currently looking at things we can add to the Legacy page – in particular, Legacy will need some juicing up after the Cartel Market goes live – but I wouldn’t expect any changes until after the Free-to-Play update at least.

Now this is some news that I have been waiting to hear about concerning Legacy the when Free-to-Play option goes live. I completely agree with Damion, the Legacy system will need some “juicing up,” to use his words. This is happy news for those of us sticking with the subscription model and/or have been paying to play and earned our Legacy. It should still have value and as the Cartel Market is now on the PTS, the Legacy system seems to have taken a back-seat. Personally, Legacy system, especially those subscribing, should have some greater rewards. If it does not have any real value and/or you can purchase any Legacy perk, why keep it in game? I’m not above seeing some perks being offered for Cartel coin purchase, but make Legacy mean something. Those are just my opinions what do you think? Please tell us in the comment section below.




  • SWTOR Developer Dispatch on HK-51

In the Dev Tracker, Courtney Woods tells us that a new Developer Dispatch is posted. In this post it is all about HK-51 and the new area on Belsavis, Section X. Below is the video that was posted along with the short write up. Senior Development Director, Bruce Maclean and Associate Designer, Matt Pucevich, tells us a bit more about the new area on Belsavis along with some more details on HK-51, oh and one other small thing…Nightmare Mode for Explosive Conflict. Yes, the mode many of you endgame operation gamers have been waiting for is on its way. Check out the video and let us know in our comment section, which part of the new Patch 1.5 has you the most excited.


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • SWTOR Fan created Guild Banners

This is the first thread in the community we are highlighting. AshlaBoga started the thread to showcase guild artwork, specifically banners for their guilds. As you can see from some examples below and in the thread there are some really talented community members that are proud of their guilds. Does your guild have a unique banner or maybe members that have some artistic talent, why not have them post their work to this thread?

A banner created by the thread creator AshlaBoga


A banner posted by Arixiwi for the guild First Knowledge

  • SWTOR Fan Fiction

As a bit of a writer myself, I love fan fiction stories and of course those related to Star Wars have a special spot in my heart. This community member has been featured on here before but besides her latest addition coming relatively recently Mandalorian Girl just is a really great writer. She has a great perspective of writing that puts me right there in the scene and able to feel the emotions being conveyed in her words. We pick up in this post with part 2 of A Surprising Detour. It is so good and with twists that have the main character starting to have questions, even doubts as to what to believe. Mandalorian Girl has really done a great piece of writing.

Here is a small excerpt from A Surprising Detour pt 2:

I took a bite of the meal placed before me. “I thought Aiden had no family. Why would he not mention you?”

“Would you mention me, my dear? How do you think the Jedi would treat him if they knew? I can say with all certainty that they would never trust him if they found out his true roots.”



  • SWTOR Fan Art

As the title suggests this is about members of the community displaying their fan art, specifically in this first thread are images made to look like movie posters. Now some of these titles are done with some humor in mind, but that does not take anything away from the artistic job of community member Ixum. He is the one who started the thread and has several examples he has posted. Do you have an idea for a movie poster? Why not put it together and post it on this thread and showcase your talent to the community?

Here are examples of Ixum’s work.



The next bit of fan art is a bit different than we have displayed in this article. This specific community member, Ekas, has created clay figurines that are representing the likeness of a couple of his in-game characters. I worked with clay many years ago, in high school and can appreciate the effort he has put into these figurines. The image to the right, he posted to represent his Jedi Guardian.

It is great to see any art, but always great to see someone take a digital medium like a game and then take that into the real world and re-create in 3D with a different medium, like in this case clay. Head over to this thread to see what else Ekas has created and leave him a positive comment about his figurines.



  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

As we have our Community Appreciation, we want to thank you, the community members that visit our site and take time to read our articles and regularly listen to our weekly podcast. Without you listening, checking out our articles and giving us your feedback we wouldn’t be doing this…so from all of us, thank you!

Be sure to stay up to date with your favorite Corellian Run Radio articles and of course our podcast. As you read through our writers’ articles and listen to the podcast, be sure to take a moment and submit your feedback and suggestions in the comment sections. We love to hear from you. Thanks and enjoy the links below.

11/02 Operation: Information – Operator IX Hard Mode Strategy Guide by Ghoztt

11/02 Operation: Information – Kephess the Undying Hard Mode Strategy Guide by Ghoztt

11/05 Community Checkpoint featuring The Ghosts by Jason Taylor

11/05 Episode 80: Cartel Market Goodies On The PTS – podcast

11/07 Tactical Strike: Advanced Class Spotlight – Commandos & Mercenaries by Geldarion

Corellian Run Radio’s Youtube channel featuring our SWTOR 101 videos by Gaddock Teeg

Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group



  • SWTOR Fan made videos

Finally we get to the video section of community created artwork. During my time writing for Corellian Run Radio I have seen many great videos created from the members of our community…from the first ones that edited parts of the three game trailers to the in-game footage unedited but put to music, or those videos that are completely scripted and painstakingly edited to get that just one correct shot, gesture etc to fit the “story” being created in the video. I have two embedded below and a link to a third one. Each has a different aspect that embodies the various types of videos being created.

The first is a great parody, mixing the intro of the TV show the A-Team and members of the guild Peacekeepers. I came across the video in this forum post under Fan Art section.



Next is another guild produced video I found on this forum thread. This one is from the guild Jed’jidai and is a completely scripted video utilizing many members of their guild and several, upon several hours of filming and editing. This is one of the top videos I have seen out there, and there are many great ones, but you be the judge and see what you think.



Now the last video is another one that is completely scripted and has many hours of filming and editing to get the finish product. It also comes to us from a community member that speaks Hungarian. The editing and special effects used for transitions are really creative and I love the story. I give major props to the community member, paradia for creating this video. Now some of you are saying if it is so good why it is not embedded here, well you have to turn on the close captioning feature to see the translation and in the beginning there are a few non PG words used, so the link will start at the 1:45 point of the video. Despite the couple of word choices used, the video is really well put together and has a story progression better than some full length films. Check out the link and be sure to give them some feedback on the forum thread. The Youtube SWTOR fan created video link, be sure to have the closed caption button turned on before starting.




  • Want to have your server event or guild highlighted on CRR website?

Do you have a server event or guild you would like to have mentioned or highlighted? Please send us an email at corellianrun@gmail.com or email me at jason@corellianrun.com.  In the emails, please include the details for the event and/or guild, any possible links where people can sign up or get out more information. We would love to highlight your event or guild on Community Checkpoint!



That is it for this week’s HoloNet Links article. We welcome your thoughts, opinions or suggestions in our comment section below.

Please let us know if you have a particular link, story, video, or topic related to SWTOR we would love to hear about it! You can send those to us here at Corellian Run Radio and we can place it in a future article. Just email us the links and/or the details for the event at corellianrun@gmail.com, or you can also leave any link suggestions in the comments below, or in Corellian Run Radio’s Facebook group. Thanks and see you all next week!



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